My Trip Through Time

Chapter 22

"How are you? Are you ok really?" whispered Severus still not letting go of his lover in his arms since they had entered Severus' quarters.

"I'm fine now…I wasn't sure how you would be" Harry whispered hoarsely right back.

"I would be stupid if I were to let you go" soothed Severus softly.

"The age gap is big Sev I'm still young what kind of Conversations could we have?" whispered Harry. Severus loved talking; it was something Harry had found out in the past. He could sit talking to Harry for ages every day.

"The same kind I wouldn't change anything for the world" said Severus.

"You really do want me back? It's not just to get the mark off?" whispered Harry, Severus didn't need to see Harry's green eyes to know they were full of fear.

"I gave you a promise of forever I believe didn't I?" asked Severus softly.

"Yes" nodded Harry.

"And it's a promise I intend to keep" said Severus leading them though to his room. Kissing Harry and discarding him of his clothes. They needed this, but before they could start he removed Severus' mark just like he had taken Lucius' off not ten minutes ago. Lucius had gone home to his wife knowing his two best friends needed time to themselves. He had promised to meet up with them tomorrow afternoon.

It was a night Harry would always remember, as Severus paid attention to every single bit of Harry's body. Kissing him with his sinful mouth, making sure he didn't come before Severus wanted him too. Harry was in utter bliss but he couldn't take much more of it, thankfully Severus let him come, swallowing his lover's seed. Putting a pillow under his hips he moved to get the lube, and properly prepared he entered his lover for the first time in decades.

Harry wrapped his legs around Severus and brought him in deeper, they moved together frantically for forty five minutes before Harry coming spiralled Severus out of control and caused him to release himself deep inside his lover marking him as his once again.

No he wouldn't leave Harry - he was the best purest thing that had ever happened to him. He had waited so long for this…Harry was stupid if he thought he would ever end their relationship just because he was older.

That night they must have had sex at least six times, on the Kitchen counter, shower, bath, hallway, on the wall of their room before once again on their bed. It was all too much for Harry who had killed Voldemort just eight hours ago he fell unconscious his body unable to take any more.

"Sleep well love" smiled Severus - he was back it was like a dream to him.


"Hey sleepy head" grinned Harry from where he was watching Severus wake up. He had spent the majority of the night just watching Harry sleeping as if it was the best thing in this world.

"Hey what time is it?" groaned Severus getting up.

"Just passed eleven" said Harry "I thought I'd let you sleep in" handing him a black cup of coffee just the way he liked it. Kissing him softly before pulling away.

"I've never slept that long before in ages" said Severus.

"The school's finished early all the teachers are celebrating Voldemort being gone, only people not getting a break is the Ministry" said Harry.

"Do you still want to travel?" asked Severus softly.

Harry smiled softly, his eyes dancing in the dimly lit room; it was answer enough for Severus without hearing it from Harry.

"You remembered? I'd love to" smiled Harry. Everything had worked out like dream; he wasn't used to things working out for him. He just wondered how long things would continue to work out for him.

"I'll get us transported to Egypt this afternoon after you have seen everyone" said Severus.

"Really?" beamed Harry his face showing so much hope it hurt Severus just to see how much a little holiday meant to his lover.

'Knock' 'knock'

"Yes Miss Granger?" asked Severus.

"Dumbledore's used illegal spells on the Dursley's house and is going to Portkey Harry back home for 'safety' while they round up Death Eaters. He won't be able to get out of the house you must leave for a while" said Hermione urgently.

"That bastard" swore Severus angrily.

"Its fine Severus, we will just be going on holiday much quicker than predicted I'll leave letters for everyone while you get sorted" soothed Harry. "Thank you Mione".

"I'm glad you're back, let me know when you get back we need to catch up" grinned Hermione.

"I will Mione I want to know all about you" said Harry.

"This is a diary I kept I wrote to you in it have it and take care" smiled Hermione softly.

"Thank you" said Harry hugging his friend before he closed the room and made sure the door wouldn't open for anyone not even Dumbledore. Being a Parseltongue did have its advantages and this was one of them.

Harry did indeed write letters to everyone who meant anything to him, which meant, Molly and the rest of the Weasley's excluded Ron. Hermione and of course Lucius.

"Are you finished?" asked Severus standing over him his hands on Harry's shoulders gently massaging them.

"Yeah, I just need to get Hedwig to post them and that's it" said Harry.

"We will do that on our way out everything is packed and in my pocket all we need to do is wait on Tonks bringing us the Portkey" said Severus softly.

"Well just make sure it is Tonks and not Dumbledore because I'll kill the Dursley's if I end up back there" said Harry.

"I will" said Severus soothingly. Kissing him once again he walked out of his quarters and went to the gate, where Tonks was, and made sure it was her by performing Occlumency and also knew the Portkey was what it said it was.


"I best get this to Mr. Potter…he didn't come back with a trunk did he? Hm…he will just have to get clothes from his cousin" muttered Dumbledore.

"He is off age! He has no reason to go back there!" replied Minerva.

"That he may be but he still goes" said Dumbledore. He was so sure he had control over Harry he also had a bottle of Veritaserum on him; he wanted to know what else he had changed while he was there. It was vital that he did, he had the interest of the world at whole or so he convinced himself.

"I'll tell the Ministry Albus!" snapped Minerva when Dumbledore didn't answer.

"Would you rather see the boy dead? There is still Death Eaters out there!" boomed Dumbledore.

"Yes but as you saw he can protect himself!" hissed Minerva.

"Why are you so against him going back?" asked Dumbledore curiously.

"They have always been the worst sort of Muggles! I told you that before you left the boy there!" hissed Minerva.

"I assure you he is and was well protected" said Dumbledore soothingly.

Minerva followed him down to the Dungeons, when the doors opened he found Severus' quarters deserted - and empty. Frowning with a feeling of dread falling over him he noticed McGonagall opening a letter. He went over and snatched it out of her hands before she could read it and read it himself.


Still not learning anything you cannot manipulate people all the time they grow up! I did away from you're influence I will not go back to the Dursley's if you force me I will kill them and call it self defence - now that I've killed Voldemort anyone will believe what I say.

I'm going on a trip with Severus don't know when we will be back


Albus Dumbledore

Albus this is my resignation - I quit I no will no longer teach children potions, it has been verified with the Ministry and you cannot force me back. I hated teaching Potions and you knew this but you kept me here.

Severus Snape

The letter was Severus Snape through and through saying what needed to be said and no more. Dumbledore began panicking where on earth were they? Why did he not realize before? Why did the Portkey not trip his wards? It should have done. He had to get to the ministry fast.

He got there only to find it was true there was nothing he could do to drag those two back. He had lost control over his weapons; the Order had been broken up and was no longer working for him. No one was willingly doing anything for him anymore, the world was at peace and Dumbledore didn't like it at all.

He had to know everyone's business.

So Hermione continued with her university course.

Molly's world was utter bliss getting to know her brothers family and her brothers again.

Severus and Harry went on a round the world trip, collecting odd potion ingredients and staying in lavishing hotels getting to know one another better. They had no idea that their trip would be cut short when Harry finds out he's pregnant - Severus didn't trust foreign countries and only trusted Poppy to do the best by his lover.


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