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Owen continued moving closer to Ianto, the other dancers and banging music dispersing in his mind, the point of focus being the beautiful body moving with such ease in the centre of the dance floor.

His confidence was growing, and before he knew it, he was mere inches from his welsh colleague, and opening his mouth to speak. Pressing up against Ianto, as to be heard over the music, and talking directly in his ear.

"Well, don't you look different, tea boy."

He pulled back, the loss of contact noted by both, and the smirk on his face growing. Ianto, placed his mouth dangerously close to Owen's ear - to be heard over the music, of course - and practically purred out the last part of the sentence.

"Glad you noticed, Doctor Harper."

Owen's cheeks flushed, and he was all too well aware of the movement within his jeans. Ianto continued dancing, confidence radiating from him, and it was he who made the next move.

He pressed his body against Owen's and began moving, snaking one arm around his waist, resting the other hand on his hip.

Owen didn't know what to do with himself. This was nothing like the quiet, reserved Ianto he knew at work. This Ianto was hot, and not to mention grinding against him, making the bulge in his trousers even more evident.

Ianto looked him straight in the eye, and raised an eyebrow. The heat flowing between them enough to set the club alight. This time it was Owen's turn to take control.

He wrapped his arms around the Welshman's lower back, and pressed his lips against Ianto's with force, causing them both to moan into the other's mouth. His hands slid lower still, and began squeezing Ianto's arse , pulling him impossibly close to him, and at the same time searching Ianto's mouth with his tongue.

Amazing what difference an outfit can make.