Title: Completing Tradition

Ship: Jackson/Lilly/Joe, Oliver/Miley/Nick with a side of Jake/Miley

Fandom: Hanna Montana

Rating: T

Summary: It all started with an old tradition and ended up in one big teenage dramatic mess. Love, Angst, Kisses and who ends up with the skater chick? Jackson wasn't supposed to be there. Miley practically forced her into keeping the pact. Lilly got in over her head. Her first kiss wasn't supposed to be with him. But just maybe . . it all works out.

Disclaimer: I don't own Disney, Hanna Montana, or their actors that bring the characters to life. I own my words, my story and my thoughts. so if you take them be warned by bite is worse then my bark.

Author's Note: Not a Jonas Brothers expert here so if I get the boys mixed up I apologize ahead of time. Any info would be nice. I like to keep things as cannon as possible. If I miss a few details let me know. And if you could tell me when Lilly was acting like . . the guy in the Jonas Bro's episode .Could you tell me which guy she was hugging on and what her and Miley's boys names were? And what description fit who when they were first introduced to Robby Ray? Thanks ahead of time. Joe - 17, Nick - 14, Kevin - 19.

They walked around the beach. It was the same old thing just on a different day. Lilly stopped and looked at the water splashing closely to her feet and kicked the sand as Miley stuffed her hands in her pocket and watched the water. Oliver scratched his head as he came to a halt behind his two best friends.

"This is so monotonous." Lilly inputted as she kicked the sand again.

"I feel ya sis." Miley replied with a sigh as she looked at Lilly a moment.

"You know it's not so bad." Oliver retaliated as he sat on the ground. "I mean it could be worse."

"Your a simple man." Lilly stated as she sat down. "I think it's getting a tad annoying."

He just shrugged in response. "Guys its the end of yet another year." Miley piped up. "I mean we just lived a whole year of this."

"Well at least you have a life besides this." Oliver muttered as he bit his lip and looked at the brunette.

"You got to escape routine." Lilly laid back and looked up at the sky. "I hate you."

"Oh come on. We can't start off the new year like this." She smiled as she looked at them. "Lets make a pact."

"Oh .."


"She's on another one of her grand schemes."

"Look this is a good one I swear."

"You said that about the last one you had."

"It took me a month to wash that gunk out of my hair." Lilly refreshed her best friends memory.

"No it's nothing like that at all."

"Sure it isn't."

"Oken will you trust me for once."

"Well why try and decline you know we'll be doomed either way."


"Miles what's your grand idea?" She twirled her blonde hair with anticipation and worry. What if it was another one of her cooky ideas that would just lead to chaotic disaster? When wasn't it? But agreeing now would save her the annoyance of Miley harping on it till they ended up agreeing to it or threaten to drop them forever.

"New Years we will be spending it in New York right."

"Yeah Hannah's got her gig up there."

"Exactly that's going to be our first big adventure of the year and we're going to start this year out big." She used her hands for effect as she motioned in grand circles.

"Go on." It sounded plausible and sane enough for Oliver. He bit his lip maybe this would be the year .. the year of him and her. Of him growing the strength and the confidence to release his biggest secret.

""Well we each got to kiss a stranger on midnight on New Years."