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Duck's Christmas Wish - It's Christmas time, and the Loonatics are celebrating it together. But, when Duck learns that the other Loonatics' parents will be visiting, he becomes jealous. He soon stumbles across a shooting star, and a girl who seems willing to help Duck make his wish come true. When Duck mysteriously vanishes, the Loonatics go off in search of him, and they soon run into a few old 'freinds.'

A Valentine Memory - Ace, Lexi, Tech and Cassidy go on a double date together on Valentine's Day, and they relate the events of last year's Valentine's Day.

Time Race Part One: Present - The villains team up to steal a priceless statue that is actually a time machine. The Loonatics have some very unexpected guests, themselves.

Time Race Part Two: Past - The Loonatics must travel into their pasts to stop the villians from destroying the present.

Time Race Part Three: Future - The final battle begins. Will the Loonatics finally win?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions - Tech is offered the job of his dream. But, he will have to give up everything else to get it. And when one of Cassidy's 'freinds' steps in and gets a little too close to Tech, Cassidy gets a little jealous. Tech must make his decision fast, before he loses Cassidy forever! (inspired by HSM2)

Giddy up, Loonatics! 2: Return to Acme West - The Loonatics are called back to Acme West, this time for a mission. It's not the people visiting the resort that need help, it's the wild horses living in the surrounding forest! The Loonatics soon run into a familiar face, and when she tries to explain, Rev is the only one who will listen. When all goes haywire, the others must learn to trust her, before they're stuck in the forest forever!

Return To Sari - Cassidy's father is killed, and all evidence points to Andrew. Cassidy mysteriously vanishes, leaving Tech heartbroken. Only he knows where she is, and he refuses to tell the others. He soon goes off in search of her, but his plan to keep Cassidy and Maria safe backfires. Cassidy learns a secret behind the bracelet her father gave her. A secret that could either kill her or save Sari from her brother. Will Cassidy be able to live up to her Sarian name and her mother's reputation?

Lost In Darkness - Tech and Cassidy have gone through almost everything together but they have one last obstacle to overcome - darkness in Tech's past. Guilt and grief clouds Tech's judgement every step of the way, causing him to stumble. Cassidy and Duck may be the only ones to help Tech out of the darkness.

Ones That I Might Add:

Space Jam 2 - The Monstars are back, and they want a rematch! They kidnap the Loonatics and force then to play basketball. But it's not just the Loonatics they've kidnapped, but the villians, as well! Now, the Loonatics and the villians must put aside their differences and team up to take the Monstars down!

Girl's Night Out - Lexi and Cassidy go to a concert, but find a lot more 'trouble' than they thought!

Ice Princess - Cassidy gets a second chance as a figure skater. It soon turns into a all-or-nothing battle between Cassidy and 'The Clones." She must prove herself to be the star Tech and the others believe she is. But, what if her hero isn't there to catch her if she falls?

(NAME PENDING) - A miracle happens for the Loonatics. But, their happiness is short-lived when they learn that a group of Starzians are out to avenge Cassidy's brother. It's not Tech or Cassidy they're after, it's their baby girl!

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