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SxZ: Hey there guys! Well I had mentioned a lemon fanfiction in my first Princess Princess fanfiction called Fleece and and so I came up with a plot and I'm finally writing it. This is a sequal to "Fleece" because there are some references made to it in this fic here. Anyway, I really hope that you all enjoy this fanfiction as much as I'll enjoy writing it! Happy reading:)

Steps to Sex

Chapter One: Dodging and Plotting

It was a normal day like any other at the beloved all boys academy, where Princesses brightened each day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing, and far off in a distant lunch room, a surprising whisper was made.

"So have you guys like... consomated... yet?" whispered Akira to Tooru during a lengthy conversation about relationships, to which the blue haired boy sprayed his grape juice all over the green haired boy's face.

"Akira...!" choked Tooru.

"Was that inappropriate of me...? I appologize... about that and for about waisting your juice on my face..."

"No, it isn't that..." started Tooru "...it's just a complicated situation right now and we haven't really got the chance to talk about it at all..."

"Why is it so complicated...?"

"Well it's just... Mikoto, doesn't really know about our relationship yet..."

In turn, Akira sprayed all of his orange juice into Tooru's face.

"Jeez, Akira...!!"

"Seriously Tooru...? You mean to tell me that after all of the time you three spend together, you haven't told Mikoto that you and Yuujirou are going out?"

"Seriously Akira, can you blame us? I mean Mikoto is just so sensitive to strange news, and he gets so easily stressed out, especially now since it's exams... plus princess work on top of that... the poor guy is a wreck without telling him that his two best friends are dating..."

"Do you realize that this is only going to keep getting more complicated...?"

"Of course I do... but Yuujirou and I are just trying to find the right time to tell him..."

"Well then alright..."

It had been about 3 months since Tooru and Yuujirou had started going steady and so far they had been able to hide it from the rest of the school. It wasn't really like they were trying to hide themselves or anything, it's just that they didn't really want anybody to get in their business. Akira knew about the relationship and that was enough. They also really did want to tell Mikoto but it was as Tooru said, they just couldn't find the right moment yet...

The school day was finished then, and also the Princesses had no duties to do that day so the boys took this opportuniy for some well needed rest. Mikoto had just gone on his own way, and Tooru and Yuujirou were left in their room by themselves.

"So, since it's only you and I now, does that mean you can wear that fleece of yours? Ha, ha..."

Tooru blushed as it made him remember how he ended up confessing to him in the first place. He gave Yuujirou a sweet smile and then leaned in for a kiss. Yuujirou smiled into the kiss for he loved the sweet ones he always received from his beloved; he could never get enough. Right then the door went bursting open and the two boys broke the kiss abruptly.

"Tooru, have you seen my... oh, uh what are you guys doing?" asked Mikoto for it was he who had opened the door.

"Nope, you don't have a penny in your nose..." said Tooru to Yuujirou for he was still close to his face "...I don't even know why you would think that could have happened to you... oh hey Mikoto...!" said Tooru finally turning around from his slim cover.

"Yes, Tooru I think that I left my set of bloomers in here from last time, we need them for tomorrow remember?"

"Oh yeah, go ahead, they're in the closet over there I think."

Mikoto suspiciously creeped over to the closet and grabbed the bloomers that he had left behind. He then came over back to the door, where the two other boys stood and looked both of them in the eye.

"Are you two alright..." he asked.

"Peachy..." said Yuujirou.

"Okay then... I'll see you two tomorrow..." and with that Mikoto left.

"sigh, oh come on Yuujirou, don't you think we should tell him already? I mean, this is just getting ridiculous! It's because we've been so busy trying to hide all of this that we haven't even been able to talk about... I mean uh..."

Yuujirou's eyes went slightly wide as he began to blush.

"Whoa, is that what this is about...?! Well I uh..."

"Then of course whenever it comes up anyway, we avoid both of those topics..."

Yuujirou let out a sigh and then sat down on his bed.

"Come here Tooru..." he said while patting the space beside him "...I suppose if we have to talk about it eventually, we might as well talk about it now. I think it's causing the both of us stress..."

Tooru gulped because he knew that it was coming. The inevitable talk about weather or not they were ready to go further into their relationship. Tooru slowly walked over to the bed and sat down beside Yuujirou.

"So..." started the blonde boy "...how are we going to break it to Mikoto?"

Tooru's face dropped. There Yuujirou was dodging the question yet again, but it was clear that this as well was a situation worth discussing.

"Well, I think that we should just sit him down and tell him calmly about it, I mean..."

"...or we could set it up so he sees us making out one day... wouldn't that be hilarious? Ha, ha..."

"Honestly Yuujirou, you don't get enough of teasing him do you? Do you ever wonder why he's so stressed out all the time?"

"You do realize that you tease him a lot too right?"

Tooru paused and thought for a moment.

"You want to do it my way don't you...?" said Yuujirou amused.

Tooru gave a slight nod of defeat. He just couldn't resist, especially helping Yuujirou in his humor, they always did make a good team after all.

"...and we can get Akira to help us as well!" continued Yuujirou.

Tooru giggled a bit; sure Mikoto would probably pass out but at least after this whole fiasco he would know, and then Yuujirou would have no excuse but to face the conversation he had been avoiding for the longest time...

To be continued...