Steps to Sex

Chapter six: Date night

It was saturday afternoon, and Tooru hadn't any idea as to where Yuujirou could have run off to. That morning he had woken up early because he was too excited for their date night that he couldn't sleep any longer, and at that time Yuujirou was already gone. It was going on one o'clock and still no Yuujirou. Tooru couldn't begin to imagine why; could he had gotten cold feet again? Maybe this was Yuujirou's way of dumping him? Tooru shook his head. No way could that be it, he was just jumping to the worst possible conclusions. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door...

"Tooru..." said the boy as Tooru opened the door. It was just another boy from the dorms. "Um, there's a phone call for you..."

The blue haired Princess was a bit taken aback. It was random for a family member to call that time of day on a saturday but then again, maybe something was going wrong at home. There he was again jumping to the worst possible conclusions. All of this uncertainty was making him nervous.

He picked up the phone.

"Hello...?" he said nervously.

"Hi sexy..." said the voice. Tooru instantly recognized it; that was definitely no family member...

"Yuujirou...? What in the world...?"

"I was just calling you to let you know that I'm coming to get you at six tonight, so dress nice!"

"What...!? Yuujirou, where in the world are you? I've been worried all day."

"Oops, I guess I should have left you a note. I'm sorry Tooru. But seriously now, it's our date night and I wanted to make it special... a night to remember. So dress in that suit you have, please."

"Umm... alright then..." Tooru was a bit dumbfounded at the whole situation. Yuujirou said goodbye and hung up the phone. At the sound of the dial-tone, Tooru began to giggle for it finally sunk in. Yuujirou... that romantic...

It was getting close to six and Tooru was fixing his tie in the mirror. It was a bit awkward to actually dress up as a male for once, in such a fancy suit. He was even almost ready to put on bloomers before he caught himself. His heart began to race faster with each passing second; he was getting really excited because for one thing he hadn't seen Yuujirou all day and two, he didn't know what his blonde Princess had planned. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. Tooru jumped slightly out of surprise, fixed his tie once again and then opened the door.

There stood Yuujirou, clad in a gorgeous navy blue suit. He looked Tooru up and down and then smiled.

"You look, so handsome..." he said, and then proceded to pin a lovely white flower on the pocket of Tooru's jacket.

"Yuujirou..." said Tooru sheepishly "You didn't have to do that..."

"What did I say about this being a special night? You're always going to remember this..." he held out his arm as for Tooru to lace his arm with it. "Shall we begin our evening...?"

Tooru smiled gratefully and took Yuujirou's arm.


Arm in arm, the two boys walked down the corridor, out the building and began their voyage to the fancy restaurant that Yuujirou had made reservations at. When they got there Tooru was simply amazed. He asked Yuujirou if he even had enough money to pay for it all but the blonde simply replied that he had been saving for something special for a long time, and this was certainly special enough to spend it on. Tooru felt absolutely spoiled. After all of the time he spent in princess clothing, he had not once felt more like royalty than on that night.

Dinner went smoothly, and the intimacy level just continued to grow over the evening. They boys then left the restaurant and went towards the movie theater. When they got there, Yuujirou handed Tooru a bag.

"Your clothes... so you don't have to wear your suit at the movie."

Tooru smiled. Yuujirou really had thought about everything hadn't he? He took the clothes and changed in the bathroom. Yuujioru (who had fully changed himself into his casual wear) then escorted Tooru into the theater. They sat down in the seats at the back and got comfortable for the two hour movie ride.

"What are we seeing anyway...?" asked Tooru.

"You'll see..." said Yuujirou with a smile. The lights then dimmed and the movie began. Tooru was surprised to say the least for it was the comedy that he'd been dieing to see for weeks.

During the movie and after a huge giggle fit, Yuujirou leaned over and whispered in Tooru's ear.

"Are you enjoying yourself...?"

Tooru faced his boyfriend and said quietly:

"Yuujirou, this is the best night of my life. I've never had so much fun before."

Yuujirou smiled. He leaned in and kissed his blue haired Princess deeply. He retracted his lips slowly...

"Yuujirou..." whispered Tooru, eyes still closed.

"Shh..." said the blonde in his ear " the movie now, there's more fun on the way."

He kissed Tooru on the cheek and the turned back and faced the screen. Tooru smiled and faced the screen as well whilst taking Yuujirou's hand into his...

As the credits rolled and the crowd of people huddled out of the theater, the couple stayed in their seats, still holding hands. The theater was completely empty when Tooru leaned over and said:

"Umm, I think the movie is over now, ha, ha!"

Tooru took note of Yuujirou's serious face and a slight jitter in the blonde's hand. Yuujirou faced the blue haired boy with a smile.

"Well it's time for the last stop of the night..." he said "...the dorm."

"Ha, ha... okay then..."

With that, the two boys began their walk home. During the walk, Tooru noticed that Yuujirou was becoming a bit distant when he tried to engage him in conversation. The blue haired boy knew what the last stop was going to include, and he figured that Yuujirou was really nervous... and the more he thought about what was heading his way, he started to get more nervous as well...

Finally the boys arrived at the dorm room and were standing outside the door. Tooru turned and faced Yuujirou.

"Well Yuujirou... I had a really great time tonight."

"Really...? You didn't think that it was too cheesy or something?"

"Yuujirou it was a perfect night..." he took the blonde's hand "So Yuujirou... are you... ready?"

Tooru felt Yuujirou's hand tightening his grip on his own. The blonde then leaned in and placed a firm kiss on the blue haired boy's lips. It felt like such a commanding kiss, Tooru couldn't help but melt into it. He wrapped his arms around Yuujirou's neck and deepened the kiss. When they broke apart, Tooru noticed a change in Yuujirou's expression. He was smiling with an amused look.

"I'm ready..." he said, and with that he opened the door "...after you." The boys walked in.

Hiding behind the wall in the hallway was Akira and Mikoto, looking in on the scene.

"I hope they appreciate what we did with that room..." said Mikoto, blushing slightly for he knew what was going to happen in there.

"I'm sure Yuujirou does, it was his idea... and if I know Tooru, it will only smooth things along even better..." said Akira with a smile. "Let's go... decorating really takes a lot out of me..."

With that, the two boys dissapeared in the corridor.

Tooru was amazed when he entered the room. Mouth agape, he stood there looking at beautiful candles spread throuought the room, and the rose petals layed out on the bed.

"So, do you think I'm the big cheese now?" said Yuujirou jokingly.

"No... I think you're the biggest romantic I've ever met... and I've never been more happy to be with somebody in my entire life. Yuujirou... I love you so much." Tooru wrapped his arms around Yuujirou's waist and snuggled ever so close. Yuujirou's heart began to beat faster at the words and actions. He held Tooru near and stroked his hair slowly... softly...

"Tooru..." Yuujirou's voice was a mere whisper that only Tooru could hear because they were so close together "...I've never met a more wonderful person than you. I didn't think it was possible to actually meet somebody so beautiful inside and outside. I'm... the luckiest person in the world. I love you Tooru... I love you so much..."

Tooru pounced on Yuujirou's lips with his own. It was a hot kiss full of passion, as if they were trying to channel all of their feelings and emotion in the action to really show the other how they felt. They made it into the same position on the bed, Tooru sitting and Yuujirou on his lap, legs on either side. When they broke the kiss finally, their breath had become relatively heavy. They each could feel the heat coming from each other's breaths as they intermingled with one another.

"Yuujirou..." said Tooru breathlessly "...I want to be one with you tonight..."

The blonde snatched Tooru's lips up in turn, using his tongue, nibbling at the blue haired boy's bottom lip. He broke the kiss once again.

The passion died slightly, but the intimacy rose tremendously as Yuujirou slowly took the bottom of Tooru's shirt into his hands, lifted it up effortlessly over Tooru's head and tossed it to the side. Not breaking eye contact for a second, Yuujirou gently placed his hand on Tooru's chest, and as he felt the fervent heart beat of his boyfriend, he glided his palm over the soft creamy skin of his Princess.

"Mmmm..." said Tooru at the sensation. He in turn took Yuujirou's shirt off and tossed it to the side. He began to touch and kiss at the bare chest and stomach. Yuujirou let out slight gasps at each touch. They were both so sensitive, and as they continued with their intimate actions they both began to tremble slightly.

Yuujirou had gently layed Tooru down on the bed, and he layed on top, their faces millimeters apart.

"Are you scared...?" asked Yuujirou in an extremely delicate tone.

"A bit... are you...?" responded Tooru quietly and breathlessly.


Tooru touched Yuujirou's face with his hand and rubbed his cheek a little.

"Please Yuujirou... keep going..."

Yuujirou kissed Tooru delicately on the lips and continued to trail them down gently towards his neck... his chest... his stomach... Yuujirou placed his finger in the waist of Tooru's pants.

"Yu-Yuujirou...!" gasped Tooru. He lifted his head and looked down at the blonde, his cheeks flushed, eyes full of an emotion that both of them were discovering for the first time. The blue haired boy gave a nod of approval and so Yuujirou slowly peeled away at Tooru's pants and underwear. When he was done, he looked down at the radient body laying underneath him. His skin just glowed from the dim light of the candles, and in Yuujirou's eyes, he looked like a god. It was Yuujirou's first time actually seeing Tooru in such a way, the first time he actually saw all of him in this way...

Tooru placed his hands on Yuujirou's hips, tugging at his pants. Yuujirou helped the blue haired boy by taking them off as well. At that point, they were the furthest they had ever gone. They were completely naked infront of each other, both in mind and body. There was no pride to get in the way, no more fear. It was just the both of them... in the moment, bathing in each other's passion...

Tooru looked up at the blonde god who loomed over him. The candle light put a blazing heat on Yuujirou's aura. Tooru's heart was beating so fast; he had never seen a more beautiful creature. He lifted his arms and wrapped them around his love, pulling him down on top of him and kissing him passionately. The boys then felt the flesh of their manhoods brushing together. They let out a gasp simultaniously and looked into each other's eyes, breathing heavily... Yuujirou began a gentle thrusting motion, creating hot friction between the two, trying to get used to the new sensation and experimenting with what felt good... and this definitely felt good.

"Ah... Tooru..."

"Haa... ah, Yuujirou..."

They continued that action for a little longer, moving a bit faster, a bit rougher. It was evident: they were both completely erect now. They stopped their thrusting and were breathing really hard. Yuujirou looked into Tooru's eyes, and kissed him deeply with passion. Their tongues danced with each other as the temperature between them continued to rise and rise. Tooru moaned into the kiss. Yuujirou being daring in the moment trailed his hand to Tooru's crotch and lightly began to stroke him. Yuujirou broke the kiss and spoke softly:

"D-does this feel good... Tooru...?"

"Ah... haa... yes..."

Yuujirou realized that he loved seeing Tooru's face like that: slightly smirking with a gorgeous blush painted over his cheeks. The blonde couldn't help but smile. He began to stroke a little more quickly. Tooru sluggishly pushed Yuujirou up a little bit so he could sit; Yuujirou hadn't stopped the stroking but he wondered what Tooru was up to, switching the position like that. Tooru then reached out, took Yuujirou's manhood into his hand and began stroking in time with the blonde.

"T-Tooru... that... ah...!"

Tooru smiled, still breathing heavily and blushing himself from the pleasure that Yuujirou was giving him yet he was happy that he could make Yuujirou have the same expression. A few minutes more and the boys knew that something was going to come over them fast if they didn't stop what they were doing, they were supposed to go all the way for all. They stopped their stroking, looked at each other and began to get a bit nervous as to what was going to happen next. Yuujirou looked away and began to blush harder.

"I guess... it's time, Toor-"

Yuujirou got cut off suddenly by Tooru grasping his hand. The blue haired boy got close to Yuujirou, so close their faces were only centimeters apart, and he wrapped his free arm around Yuujirou's neck. He then held himself up on his knees and slowly lowered Yuujirou's hand to his own buttocks.

"T-Tooru...!" exclaimed Yuujirou surprised at the bold action. He looked into Tooru's eyes and could see a bit of embarrasment in his face. It was going to be his first time being touched in that area, and Yuujirou being too shy himself to initiate it, Tooru had to make that first move.

"Y-Yuujirou I think you..." Tooru gulped and tried to find the proper words "...have to loosen me up now... or something..." the blue haired boy spoke quietly and sheepishly. Yuujirou then felt a breeze of confidence come towards him. Tooru was ready for this so it was time to be a man! However the blonde still was as gentle as he could possibly be. Tooru clung close to Yuujirou and prepared himself, he spread his legs open a bit more and tried to relax. Yuujirou licked his finger and then inserted it, making a small circle motion with each millimeter as to softly open Tooru up bit by bit... there was no need to rush or be rough with any of this, Yuujirou thought, Tooru was his one and only Princess and deserved to be treated delicately like one. Yuujirou's finger was now all the way inside. Tooru let out a slight wimper.

"Are you alright Tooru...?" asked Yuujirou softly.

"Yes... Yuujirou, you can keep going just like that." answered Tooru breathlessly.

As gently and slowly as he had done with his first finger, Yuujirou inserted another. It was a bit easier this time around for Tooru had started to get slightly wet. Making sure that Tooru was okay, Yuujirou then repeated the action again and inserted a thrid and final finger. Tooru was starting to feel really good. He was expecting it to hurt a lot more, but Yuujirou was so gentle, the pain was but a dull throb. Yuujirou unknowingly brushed past his sensitive spot.

"Ah... aahh..." Tooru moaned suddenly.

"W-what did I do...!?" Yuujirou asked. He was scared for a moment until Tooru leaned back and faced him.

"Y-You found my good spot..." he said, smiling with eyes half open and breathing heavily. He reached down and began to stroke Yuujirou a bit more. The blonde began to moan; in the short absence, he had forgotten how good it felt.

"Yuujirou... I-I think I'm ready for this..." he was specifically making a reference to Yuujirou's manhood.

"Are you sure...? I mean, we can keep..."

Tooru kissed him softly.

"No... I'm ready. There always has to be a first time. When we get past this step, it'll be pure bliss from here on out."

Yuujirou took the words to heart, removed his fingers slowly and gently lay Tooru back down on the bed. He laced his fingers with one of Tooru's hands, and prepared himself at Tooru's entrance with the other. The blue haired boy gave his boyfriend silent approval, it was finally time to become one with one another.

Slowly and gently Yuujirou gradually made his way inside, breathing deeply himself because the sensation was just marvelous even at the slow pace of entrance. Tooru remained relaxed. He had prepared himself for the pain a while ago, but since Yuujirou was being so wonderfully gentle, he knew he could give up his body for him and leave Yuujirou in complete control without a worry.

"Nn..." Tooru gasped slightly. Yuujirou was definitely bigger than three slender fingers and it was starting to get a bit sore. Breathing heavily, Tooru said "Just... get it in there fast, like ripping off a band-aid..."

Yuujirou looked a bit scared. He was being as gentle as he possibly could be and yet he was still causing his beloved pain. Tooru gripped his hand firmly.

"I'm going to be okay Yuujirou, you're not going to break me..." he smiled weakly.

Yuujirou held Tooru's hand harder. He knew he had to do this.

"On three... one, two... three...!"

"Ahhh...!" Tooru screamed slightly from the wave of hurt. He knew he had to endure it so he relaxed and breathed through the pain. Yuujirou had a concerned look on his face.

"Are you alright Tooru...? Do you want to stop...?" Yuujirou was extremely flustered. Tooru reached up and delicately touched Yuujirou's cheek.

"I want to climax together..." he said in a sweet voice. Yuujirou began to develop slight tears in his eyes. He then leaned down and kissed Tooru on the forehead.

"I love you..." he said. With yet another silent approveal, Yuujirou slowly began to move.

It was hot, the tight space around Yuujirou's manhood made him want to let it all out right then and there, but he wanted to respect Tooru's wish. Tooru had locked his arms around Yuujirou's neck and they had begun to sweat. The pain Tooru had felt before had disapeared. All he could think of was him and Yuujirou in this moment together, and that was what brought him his true pleasure over pain.

It wasn't long until Tooru began to cry out Yuujirou's name in ecstacy, and the blonde did the exact same. They had managed to climax at the same time... and it was beautiful.

Yuujirou collapsed on top of Tooru and the blue haired boy held his blonde Princess tightly. They tried to catch their breaths. Tooru looked down at Yuujirou and noticed that he had began to drift off to sleep. It was their first time doing anything like that at all so it was natural that he be wiped out. Tooru stroked Yuujirou's hair... it was so soft...

Before Tooru got caught up in dream land, he thought about the whole night. He felt as if he was going to explode from the happiness, just holding this amazing person in his arms, and just thinking about all what they had done. He thought about their love making and the fact that it was so awkward and sloppy, and went by so fast, but to Tooru, it was the most perfect thing they could have done together... it took a few steps but the final result was the most precious thing he had ever experienced in his life...

The End

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