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Ron's sitch in time.

Chapter 1

In a bedroom of a modest middle class house sat Ron Stoppable. He was talking to his pet and best friend Rufus. "I'm on cloud nine buddy. I mean Kim and I have been going out for three months. After that dance everything has fallen into place. Also I think this is going to last. I've lasted longer than any of the others that have dated her. Including Josh Monkey." Said Ron as he enjoyed the fact that he butchered the pretty boy's name. Rufus let out a noise of agreement before plowing into a tray of nachos. "Nothing can go wrong today. Absolultly nothing."


Down the block from Ron's house was Kim Possible's house. She had the house to herself today. Because her parents were off to line dancing and the Tweebs were at a friend's house building something. All that could be heard in the house was the faint noise of squeaking. The sound of bedsprings to be exact. Kim was in the middle of having sex with Josh Mankey. "Josh, mmmmmmm give it to me harder, HARDER!" She screamed as the blond boy plowed into her.

Kim knew it was wrong to cheat on Ron like this but it just felt too good. Josh had started talking to her again about a month ago. He started hanging out with her again on Saturdays when Ron was at temple. Josh told her that he was sorry for dumping her. She was too mesmerized by his looks to care. One thing lead to another, and they started a strictly physical relationship. I should have saved myself for Ron. I know I should feel worse about this but I don't. I'll fix it by breaking up with him. Ron'll understand. I know he will. I love Josh. Ron's just like a brother. I'll stop stringing him along. Her thoughts as well as the sex act was interrupted by the familiar sound of the communicator going off. Kim quickly jumped off of Josh and got dressed. She was out of her room and in the hallway before she picked up. "What's the sitch Wade?" She asked as the image of the thirteen year old tech genius came on the screen.

"there are a lot of power surges spiking from Drakken's lair. It seems like he's putting the finishing touches on whatever machine he's built this time." Said Wade as he took a sip of his soda.

"How long until a ride gets here?" Asked Kim as she thought. Damn and I was this close to finishing.

"About ten minutes. I'm calling Ron now so he'll be at your house in five." Said Wade as he disconnected the feed.

"Shit! Josh you need to get out of her like three minutes ago!" She yelled to her room. Afterwards she heard a stumble then a crash telling her that he made it out her window.

After getting on her mission clothes she heard the doorbell. "It's open Ron." Her boy friend came in and gave her a kiss.

"Hey KP. You ready to take on ole blue boy and his green lackey?" Said Ron with an ear to ear grin.

"Head in the game Ron. Oh and after the mission we need to talk about something that'll both make us happy." Said Kim. Ron will take the break up well. I just know it.

"Sure KP. Oh looks like the ride is here." Said Ron as he walked out of her house with her hand and hand.

In a castle on top of a hill, laughter could be heard coming out from one of the highest towers. "At last! My Time Portal Paradox Generator is complete!" Said Drew Lipsky either wise known as Dr. Drakken in a boastful manner.

"OK what does this doohickey do and when will it explode?" Said Shego in a bored manner.

"What it does? What IT DOES? That's simple, It creates a small bubble of time around you. When you travel into the past you can keep a connection to the present. And you can be sent to any part of another person's past as long as you come into contact with an item of theirs." Said Dr. Drakken in a matter of fact tone.

"Soooooo right, say if I grab a hold of one of Kim Possible's hairs I can travel to her past and kill her?" Said Shego while she rubbed her hands together. I'll take her out but good. Mmmm I'm just giddy all over with that thought.

"Yeah. But I can also travel to the past of the most evil person I know and learn from them. In fact in my hand is a journal of Jack the Ripper." Said Drakken as he held a leather embossed tome. After spending three hundred bucks on this thing. It better take me back to meet him.

"Didn't you get that off of EBAY? I checked that out. It's a diary from 1945. Ha ha." Laughed the green skinned beauty as the alarm went off.

Drakken growled at that comment. He fumed while making random noises. Damn it. And I gave that guy good feedback too.

"Kim Possible!" Yelled Drakken in surprise.

"Don't tell me you are still surprised by her showing up. You are dumber than advertised." Said Shego as she stood in a defensive manner. Today isn't so bad. First I'll kick Kimmie's ass then I'll give Junior a call. Sure he's a bit dumb but he's great in the sack. Thought Shego with a smirk as she approached the redheaded teen.

"Bring it on greeny." Said Kim as she launched into a series of punches and kicks. "Ron take out the machine." I am going to kick this bitch's ass hard. I was having the best sex of my life and I get a damn mission call.

"I'm on it." Said the redhead's sidekick as he started to press random buttons on the machine. "Kim is it bad when it gets all swirly?" This does not bode well. At least Rufus is at home. I don't know what would happen to me if he died on one of these missions. Thought Ron as he began to feel a strong pull towards the machine.

The TPPG kicked into gear and the vortex started to suck the blond teenager within. "KIM! help!"

Kim turned around in time to notice her best friend being sucked into the vortex. "Ron! No!" Yelled Kim as she ran to her friend. Shego jumped in front of her and punched her right in the nose sending blood spraying in several directions. Kim while blinded threw a punch at the green villianess. As the strike landed it sent Shego reeling towards the vortex. Ron was flailing his arms and somehow got a hold of one of Shego's gloves. He Pulled it off right before being sucked in.

Shego collapsed to the ground while grabbing her head. Images of the past were being rewritten at a rapid pace. Suddenly memories of the blond teen flooded her mind. Images of the two sitting on the couch talking. The two of them kissing. And the two of them making love. "Oh god Ron! What have I done?" Asked Shego before she passed out.

Author's note. After this chapter, I'm going to work on lengthening them a bit for a better flow of the story. I had a bad case of trying to get a post a day. But now I'm going to get this story told in a proper length.