The next day, Roxy stomped out of the gate of her relatives' house to take a stroll around the neighbourhood another time. It was only the second day, and she was already starting to feel the familiar air of monotony creeping in. She and her dad only had the company of her aunt, as her uncle was overseas, and her cousins happened to be away on a school-sponsored foreign study trip. Her relatives' house was a double storey detached bungalow about the same size as hers, but with a cramped attic, dank and dusty basement, and a sizeable garage that could park two cars. However, it lacked all the necessary avenues of entertainment according to Roxy, such as a desktop computer or gaming console. In addition, her aunt's sound stereo system had strangely malfunctioned the day she arrived, thus leaving her unable to rock out to her band's CD, although her aunt insisted it had worked flawlessly the day before. Hence, Roxy decided she had better resume her neighbourhood exploration before the boredom drove her bonkers. She headed down the same street she plodded along the day before, soaking in the fresh morning air and lukewarm sunshine, her floppy red beret cap perched in a slight slant on her head.

As Roxy walked by the house where the funky stream of music emanated from the day before, the door opened and out marched a teenage girl approximately the same age as her. Roxy observed that she had straight reddish brown hair highlighted with blond streaks, and a lightly freckled face. She wore a black t-shirt with long red sleeves, olive green pants that seemed to be cut off at the ankles, a studded belt, and black converse sneakers with blue shoelaces. In addition, she also had on a black dog collar style choker, and numerous wristbands. Roxy also noticed she had black nail polish, just like hers. Roxy stopped and stared in awe as the girl strode casually down the garden path, nonchalant and seemingly oblivious of Roxy's presence. From her attire, Roxy guessed that she must be a skateboarder, or a rocker just like herself. As the girl neared and turned her head slightly in Roxy's direction, Roxy, at a loss for words, managed a nervous grin and stuttered, "H…hello."

The girl smiled with friendliness and replied," Hi!"

Roxy, feeling more at ease now, said," My name's Roxy. How are you?"

"I'm Anna. Nice to meet you" the girl answered coolly and casually.

"Have you just moved here? By the way, nice cap," Anna added.

"Thanks. Well, actually I'm just visiting my relatives for the time being," said Roxy," I live on Long Island."

"You love Simple Plan too? That's great!" Anna remarked.

"Oh yea they are awesome. In fact, they are my favourite band," Roxy replied after taking a glance at her own t-shirt.

"I also like Lash, Green Day, The Hives, Fall Out Boy, Halo Friendlies, and Lillix," Anna quipped.

"Yea they are awesome, especially Lillix, wish there were more girl bands like that," Roxy replied in earnest.

Roxy, wanting to put at ease the uncertainty that had been plaguing her since the day before, then let loose the question that had been floating around the inner recesses of her mind.

"Anna, are you in a band?"

"Why yes. How did you guess?"

"Well, yesterday, I heard this great music coming from your garage. It was really fabulous. I really loved the guitar chords the most," Roxy remarked with unflinching enthusiasm.

"Thanks," Anna replied with a smile. " By the way, are you in a band too?"

"Yup, but I'm only the drummer. It's the only instrument I've learnt to play so far," Roxy spoke with a small sigh.

"That's cool too. I mostly play the electric guitar, and I'm somewhat a novice at bass. So what's the name of your band?" Anna asked.

"It's called Zen Riot. We felt it would be a really cool name for an unknown upstart band like ours. And by the way, I'm the only girl in the band," Roxy answered.

"Mine's named Pink Slip. We have 3 girls, including me, and 2 guys," Anna quipped. "We usually play on weekdays after school in my garage."

"That's great! How did the name come about?" Roxy quizzed.

"It's simply refers to the pink paper for layoffs, in other words, means they're fired from work," Anna explained.

"Oh I did not really know that, partly coz I've not really done a full time job yet," Roxy said.

"I guess neither have I for as long as I can remember," Anna replied. "Anyways, which house are you staying in for your vacation?"

"Well, it's number 30."

"Nice, it's just down the road. You can drop by at my house anytime. Or I could go to yours. My exams are over too, so school's out for the time being. By the way, do u have any siblings?"

"Well, I only have a sister. And she's totally different from me. She thinks of my drumming as simply noise," Roxy said with mock exhaustion.

"I have a little brother, who drives me nuts with his bratty ways," Anna said. "By the way, are you free now? You can come in and have a seat if you like."

"Sure, thanks," Roxy replied as she walked in past the open gate and followed Anna up the path and into the house.