I woke up with screams of excitement and enthusiasm ringing in my ear.

"It's your wedding day Bella, come on, get up there's still so much to do and…" Alice's voice trailed of down the stairs. I rolled over hoping maybe this was a dream and that I wasn't really getting… married. It sounded so strange saying that it my head as it does saying it aloud. I wish I could feel half the excitement as Alice does, this should be the happiest day of my life, yet I couldn't stop my mind wondering to Jacob. My best friend and the other person I loved nearly as much as Edward.

As I climbed out of the large bed Edward had got for me, my heart began to race as I stared at the wedding dress Alice had gotten me, it was beautiful. I pictured Edward standing at the head of church all dressed up in a suit looking back at me with his crooked smile. The thought of him made me beam, he was so exceptionally beautiful and would me mine for ever. My heart rate began to slow as I convinced my self once again that I had made the right choice.

"Bella, what are you doing just sitting there?" Alice's soft angelic voice woke me from my thoughts of Edward. I looked up to find her and Esme standing gracefully in the door way dressed elegantly in matching floor length, silk lilac gowns that seemed to shimmer as they caught the light. The dresses seemed to compliment both Alice and Esme's pale complication and womanly curves. All I could think at that moment was how much those dresses would of cost and how I would look standing next to Rosalie in her gown.

"Wow you both look incredible; I must have the best bride's maids in the world"

"Never mind that, let's start getting you ready"

"Ok, but remember I don't want to end up looking like a clown"

"Just trust me Bella".

I sat patiently staring in to the mirror at my hair being brushed and combed by invisible figures. It seemed like minutes later and I was dressed in a long elegant gown, with my hair up in small curls. It was like I was looking at a stranger, I could hardly recognise myself.

"Alice its perfect" I said and hugged her tightly, trying desperately to hold back tears. As we made our way down the stairs to Carlisle's car which Alice had once again out did herself to decorate, I gripped my dress trying hard not to fall, which was inevitable for me.

I sat in the back of the car trying to relax myself as the panic of getting married started to wash over me once again. I looked across at Alice's jubilant face hoping to reassure myself, but failed miserably. I didn't understand why this was affecting me so much, I love Edward and want to do anything to make him happy and be with him for ever. I let my eyes fall shut hoping that by the time I opened them again id have no more doubts.

My eyes flicked opened as I felt the car come to a halt, I quickly plastered a smile across my face as I saw Charlie heading towards us.

"Wow Bells, you look beautiful" Charlie said as he opened up the car door. Esme, Alice and Rosalie quickly headed into the church leaving us alone for a father/daughter moment. It was strange seeing Charlie dressed up in a suit.

"Thanks dad"

"Now are you sure you're ready for this Bella, because if you not we-

"I am ready" that time it actually was true. Being outside the church, holding on to Charlie knowing that I was only moments away from legally binding my self to the love of my life, id never felt so sure about anything. But there was still one thing I needed to know.


"Yes Bells" Charlie looked down at me anxious as we started for the entrance of the church.

"Is…is Jacob in there?" I gestured towards the closed door, where everyone would be waiting to admire me in my dress.

"No Bella...he's not", I suddenly felt disappointed but the feeling quickly faded when the door leading to the church opened and all eyes flashed my way, but the only eyes I noticed was Edward's topaz ones starting back at me. This was it.