Disclaimer: I do not own twilight or any of the character in this story, only the plot.

A Close Encounter

(JPOV) Jacob

I can't actually believe that I'm about to do this, I thought to myself, as I rode swiftly through Folks on my bike. This is crazy, but I love her and I don't care, I'm not just going to stand back whilst she marries that leech. I knew I should of just ran I would of gotten there already, stupid things most likely over by now.

I slowed down as the church came into sight and started to think about what Sam had said to me earlier.

"You know Jake, if you do this; she'll either love you for it or hate you for her rest of her life."
"He's right Jake" Emily nodded agreeing with him.

"But I can't…I mean I have to…I love her and I'm not letting this happen!" I slammed down my cereal bowl and headed straight for my bike.

"It's only going to end in tears" I heard Sam shout after me.

Maybe he was right, but it's to late now. I gradually crept up to the curb opposite the church, but still a few meters away so no one would notice me. I cut the engine, and then just sat there. What the hell are you waiting for Jacob; go get your girl, a voice said in my head. Right I going to do this, it's either now or never. I let out a large sigh then stepped off my bike. God I am such a pussy, I told my self as I began to cross the street towards the church.

Something suddenly stopped me dead in my tracks, as I was crossing the road. A smell, it was…it was more of those blood sucking leeches. I looked over at the church and there they were- three of them, two well dressed women and a very hefty looking man, definitely not from around here. No doubt friends of the Cullen's. I stepped back on to the curb and watch as they entered the church. This must be one big celebration if those things were coming to witness this. I waited for a moment then I heard the clapping, I was too late.

I don't know what came over me but I was suddenly filled with anger. If this was what she wanted, then fine, so be it. I jumped back on my bike and rode off, not knowing what the hell I was going to do next or where I was going.