Terms of Endearment: Your Majesty

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Your Majesty

Eight years after the Double Eclipse, she finds that the pain of his indifference has long grown numb. She supposes that was what it was supposed to be like for her as Queen. She had advisors and councilors, and she still had him as her body guard, but she has long since stopped pining for his friendship. Her maid-in-waiting comes in and helps her remove the extravagant gown she'd worn for the coronation, and she dismisses the woman as soon as she's delivered from the heavy layered cake.

Queen Dorothy of the House of Gale… that's who she is now. She can no longer expect friendship from anyone, except maybe her sister, with whom she still shares a close bond. She sighs heavily. At least it doesn't hurt anymore.

"Certainly, Your Majesty."

The raven-headed inventor, who had been one of her mother's closest advisors, gathers up his papers, still keeping his eyes averted from hers after all this time. She doesn't have the luxury of friends now. Neither does he. She accepts it now more gracefully than she had at first, clinging to her sister's friendship like a lifeline.

"Good to see Your Majesty."

At least he can say it with some warmth. Now the liaison from the Viewer peoples, her former companion is genuinely glad to see her. He sees the lingering sadness, and smiles at her. She returns the smile, grateful that she might still have a friend from the old days left.

Your Majesty…Your Majesty…Your Majesty

Her life isn't what she wanted it to be. She still wishes she could just be the DG who needed her Tin Man, wishes that she could let her hair down and run wild through the Outer Zone with him, wishes that she could sleep under the stars and trees on his duster. She still misses her advisor's warm brown eyes that beamed when he smiled, misses his misfiring synapses because at least they kept him amiable, misses his tattered clothes that looked better on him than any of his fancy attire hanging in his wardrobe. She still appreciates the Viewer's honesty and warmth, still appreciates that at least he doesn't care so much about her title, still appreciates his amber eyes that light up for her. Her life isn't what she wanted it to be…but she still goes on.

Author's Notes: I know I kinda flew through the last five chapters of this one, but the plot bunny for it was insistent. Maybe now I can go back to my other projects, lol! If anyone can find the Dune references (there are two) in 'Your Highness' and the Firefly reference in 'Your Majesty,' I'll dedicate the next chapter of "Brighter Days" to them. Which, if you haven't started reading "Brighter Days" yet, check it out! It's a lot lighter than this piece. There's a link for it on my profile page. //points up// Just click on my nome de plume.