Pretty Bird

Prologue: Uncaged

by angellwings

Ted Grant grinned and shook his head at the pair sparring on the mat in front of him. Dinah had added her own flare to the technique and form he taught her, and she was using it to take down guys bigger than her like they were smurfs. AC hit the ground with a grunt.

"You know if this fight had happened in the water..."

"Cut the crap, Chicken of the Sea. I beat you fair and square." She told him with a smirk as she helped him up.

"Watch that mouth of yours, Toucan Sam, it'll get you in trouble one day." Victor said as he approached the mat, "I believe it's my turn."

"No powers, Tin Man. This fight is completely civilian." Dinah told him in warning.

"Oh don't worry, I can take you with out the fists of steel." He grinned.

"Alright you two. Keep it clean." Ted said as they began to circle each other.

"Oh, I'm not the one you have to worry about, Uncle Ted." Dinah said playfully.

"You're just begging for a beating aren't you little girl?" Victor asked in return with an arched eyebrow.

"Okay, less talk more violence." Bart cheered from the sidelines.

"I wouldn't be too eager for them to finish, Bart." Oliver told him, "You're next."

Bart quickly paled at the idea. A good fifteen minute spar ensued between Dinah and Victor before he landed on the mat for the last time.

"Better luck next time, Tin Can." Dinah boasted before turning toward Bart, "Okay, kid, it's you and me now."

Bart looked at Ted fearfully, "You want me to die, don't you?"

"No, Rookie, I want you to learn." He told the young man with a chuckle.

Bart sighed and stepped onto the mat, and seconds later he was sent sliding across it.

Dinah made a motion as if she were dusting off her hands, "Well, that was easy. Next?"

"Don't get too cocky you've still got me to deal with." Oliver announced.

"You actually think you can take me rich boy?" She asked with a arched eyebrow.

"Don't forget I survived being stranded on a deserted island...I HAD to fend for myself." He reminded her coolly.

She grinned and crossed her arms over her chest, "So did Lex Luthor."

The other four men in the room grimaced and looked away from the pair.

"It's on now, Pretty Bird." He said with a glare as he took a stance in front of her.

"I'm shaking in my fishnets, Green Bean." She smirked.

He moved to kick her across the chest, and she quickly caught his foot and delivered a kick of her own. Oliver stumbled back ward and quickly regained his footing, but he left Dinah enough time to deliver a spin kick directly to his chest. He regained his balance and caught her foot which turned her own move against her and sent her crashing to the mat. She jumped up immediately after falling, and refocused her gaze on Arrow. She swiped her leg across his calves and sent him falling backward onto the mat, but he gripped onto her arms as he was falling and brought her down with him. She landed on top of him with a grunt.

"Nice move, klutzoid." She muttered from her position on top of his chest.

He grinned wickedly at her, "I kept you from getting the upper hand didn't I?"

And suddenly they both realized how close their proximity to each other was. Something hung in the air between them. She gulped before finally scoffing and pushing herself up off of him forcefully. Ted studied the pair with intrigue. There was something between them. A love/hate sort of chemistry. He didn't know if he liked it.

"I think we'll just call that match a tie." Ted said with a half hearted grin, "You were too full of yourself, Dinah, you know that causes weakness."

She sighed and nodded solemnly, "Yes sir."

He smiled softly at her, and then looked at the rest of this Justice League, "Considering everything, I think this weeks session went very well. I'll see all of you next week."

Dinah gave the man a quick hug, "Bye Uncle Ted."

"Bye, kiddo. Be safe, alright?" He told her.

She smiled, "I always am."

"You better be." He said with a chuckle as he headed toward the warehouse's exit.

This is where they lived now. In a Star City warehouse that some subsidiary company of Queen Industries rented out. They each had a bed room on the smaller upper level, and there was a section on the larger lower level for each of them to train. After taking out all but three of the 33.1 facilities they had taken a much needed break, and now that Lex was claiming to be a "changed" man he had shut down the last three. Oliver had hired her Uncle Ted to keep all of them in shape while they were on hiatus, but over the last couple of weeks they had been monitoring Lex again. He had started another project, and from what Oliver had told them he was beginning to doubt whether the other three facilities really were shut down.

She walked into her room and pulled off the wig and the uniform. She walked into the bathroom take a shower, and almost jumped at the sight of her dark hair in the bathroom mirror. She still wasn't used to it. Oliver insisted she change her look again, and she'd gone with black because that was actually her natural hair color. She preferred to be a blonde, but if she was going to die her hair AGAIN then she wanted something that wouldn't have to be touched up. She quickly hopped in the shower and donned her favorite black lounge wear pants and a white spaghetti strap tank top.

She planned to go to bed early tonight. The guys had decided to have an Indiana Jones marathon the night before which had been for some reason followed up by a Back to the Future marathon. They wouldn't let her go to bed until about four in the morning. So now after the workout she was just plain beat, and she had almost made it to her bed when a long loud echoing knock sounded on her metal door. She opened it and expected to see Bart grinning at her with a DVD case in hand, but was surprised to find Oliver standing outside of her door.

"Yes?" She asked him curiously.

"I have to go to Metropolis." He told her blankly.

"And this concerns me how?"

"I want you to go with me."

She stared at him in confusion, "I'm sorry?"

"I need at least ONE of the team to come with me, and since you know people in Smallville and Metropolis I thought you might want to come...BUT if you'd rather stay here and watch Anchorman as many times as Bart can play it then.."

"Please tell me he did not buy Anchorman?" She asked in horror.

He nodded, "He most definitely did."

"Fine, you've got a deal. I'll go." She told him with a sigh.

"Perfect, but do me a favor and try to keep it from Lois. I don't really want her to know I'm in town. I'm fairly certain she'd have my head." He said before he left the room. The door shut and mere seconds later there was another knock, and this time Bart really was at the door.

"Care for some Ron Burgundy, Di?" He asked her eagerly as he waved the DVD case in front of her.

Theres the Prologue! Enjoy!

The first chapter will be posted after "Persona"