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Anyways, some refreshers...Yeah, Another High School Story: Kori Anders and Richard Grayson hate each other, from the very start when they accidentally kiss at the beginning of the year, when Kori is new. The reasoning for this is that Richard believes Kori is just like his old girlfriend, Babs Gordon, who cheated on him with his best friend, Xavier Redd, the year before. They meet each other through a series of pranks, which eventually become playful in nature. Xavier asks Kori to a dance at Wayne Manor, Richard's home, and there he gets drunk, taking Kori into a bedroom, where Richard saves her. Afterwards, their feelings are confused, especially with Kitten Moth, Kori's "friend", who's constantly after Richard. Richard's friends, particularly Vic, the cybernetic genius, hack into the school's computers to make Kori and Richard share a cabin for the school ski trip, which lasts three days. Richard tries to make Kori not go, but she starts a food fight which leads them to the office of Principal Slade Wilson, which does not go well. During that time, they meet Xavier's cousin, Steven Redd, and Richard gets very overprotective. Kori also learns about Babs here. Kitten pushes Richard off a cliff on accident, and Kori saves his life. After that, they agree to be friends. But when they go home, Kori finds that her parents have died in an airplane crash. She runs to Richard's house, because his parents have also passed away, and their friendship grows into something more, which is official by the end of the story. However, Koma, Kori's sister, wants the fortune which their dead mother left Kori, because Koma thinks it is unfair, and is willing to hurt Kori to get to it. Kori knocks Koma out, and together she and Richard hide her treasure in Wayne Manor so Koma leaves without it, and Kori moves into Wayne Manor so that her uncle Galfore and his family can move into her house.

Everyone Loves A High School Story: Kory, Richard, and all their friends go and spend time by the beach for the summer, but meet up with Xavier and Babs and some of their friends. Steven is there too, which only increases the tension between Richard and Kori. Through a bunch of fights and dates-gone-wrong, Richard breaks up with Kori because he thinks he won't hurt her anymore that way. Kori moves back with Galfore, although they are tight on space. Vic and Karen, two of their friends, also break up, but the rest of the couples remain together. Richard begins to date Babs, but they break up after Kori develops a horrible fever and he realizes he cares too much for Kori. But when he asks her to date him again, she refuses. She also begins to doubt Richard's friends, sure they only cared at all about her because she was Richard's girlfriend. And the story picks up here...

Surprise! A Third High School Story: Kori and Richard both think their lives couldn't get worse during senior year, but they meet up again. And why does Kori have a feeling that she's never alone...and not in the good way?

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"Can you tell me a good-night story?" Suneta asked hopefully. Kori sighed.

"Suni, it is nearly ten o'clock, and we have school tomorrow. Please go to sleep," Kori moaned. Suneta tugged at the sleeve of Kori's pajamas.

"Please Kori?"

"Suni." Kori sat up in her twin-sized bed, right next to the younger girl's. "Galfore will be angry."

Suneta frowned. "You are no fun anymore, Kori. Why don't you ever do things like this anymore?" she pouted. Kori's heart would have sunk, but it couldn't go any lower. Not since the summer. "Please, Kori?"

Kori pulled Suneta up on to her bed. "Fine. I'll tell you a story. What do you want it to be about?"

"A princess," Suneta mumbled, snuggling into Kori's embrace. Kori rolled her eyes, expecting this.

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess in a faraway land. She lived in a big castle with beautiful gardens, and huge rooms, and...and one day she met a handsome prince..." Kori sighed wistfully. Usually, Suni was asleep by this time, but not today.

"Did they get married?" she asked, yawning.

"Of course. They always do...in fairytales." Suni agreed, nodding off as she did so. Gently, Kori lifted her up and laid her in the other bed, tucking her in. "Goodnight. Sleep tight." She went back and snuggled into her own bed, unable to fall asleep.

Two months. She couldn't believe it had already been that long since she'd last spoken with Richard. Actually spoken with him, not the dreams or daydreams of him. Not even in the hallways did they ever turn and look at each other. And her two classes with him were nightmares. Good thing one of them was science, she could space out the entire class and Mr. Plasmus wouldn't care. He slept the whole time. And he sat away from her, too, was a relief. She couldn't handle much more around him.

It had also been two months since she'd said more than "Hello" to Karen, Vic, Gar, Rachel, Roy, Alan, Wally, Angelina, and Donna. Jenny, understandably, was torn between her best friend and her boyfriend, but Kori urged her to spend all the time with Wally that she could. At lunchtimes, she and Terra were always together, more often than not with Kitten. But she wanted nothing to do with Richard at all, and it hadn't been hard for her to separate from people who didn't care about her anyway.

Staring at the walls of the tiny room, Kori was reminded of the huge, open spaces of Wayne Manor, where she hadn't been a bother at all, where Bruce Wayne and Alfred had been almost like family to her, where she knew and was friends with everyone, where Richard was. Her squeezed her eyes shut in shame. She shouldn't be thinking about them. So what if she'd never felt more at home? It wasn't her home. She wasn't welcome there, and she should have known.

With a groan, Kori buried her face in her pillow, attempting to squash old memories. But she couldn't help it. Those six months were the only times she could remember when she had on a genuine smile all the time. She tried now, but it wasn't the same. It made her look like she was in pain.

That's funny, because she was.

Eventually, Kori drifted off to sweet dreamland, where there were no problems, just her and Richard and the beautiful sunset.

"Dick? Dick..." Richard knew that voice anywhere. He opened his bleary eyes, smiling as he saw the familiar red hair, and green eyes..."Good morning, sleepyhead! My gosh, Dick, I've been trying to wake you up for fifteen minutes! I got up at like, five o'clock so I could come here and ride in your limo to school!" His smile turned upside-down. Kori never called him 'Dick.' He dismissed it.

"Sorry, Kori. Five more minutes, okay?" he groaned.

SLAP! He was fully awake now. "OMG! I can't believe you! That's the third time you called me Kori! And my name is MANDY!" she screeched. Richard recoiled in fear of being scratched by her perfectly manicured nails. The supposedly red hair turned blonde, and her green eyes dulled to hazel as his sleepiness wore off. Richard swore.

"Well, my bad. Why don't you get a guy who cares? Just get away from me," he growled. Mandy gasped.

"Are you...breaking up with me?"

"You're a quick one," Richard muttered dryly. "Now get out before I call security." She screamed and stomped all the way to the door, and Richard felt a curious prick of satisfaction. But there was no time to dwell on it, he was going to be late to school.

The minute school had started for the year, the news had spread like fire (probably from Gar) that Richard Grayson was now single. Kitten wannabes he hadn't noticed before now flocked from places he hadn't known existed. He was followed almost constantly by a giggling troupe of girls who would not leave no matter what he did. And he didn't want them to.

The only thing that ever gave him pleasure anymore was breaking up. He enjoyed seeing them scream and cry at him, yelling about how unfair he was. Kori had never done that. She and he had never broken up properly. But he was making up for it now, with all these stupid girlfriends of his. They should all know how much it hurt. But they still didn't give up. Most of his "relationships" didn't last over a day, but he could still remember faces. And he was seeing the same faces in his posse, but hadn't gotten around to dating the same girl twice yet. He probably wouldn't until the middle of the year.

His friends thought he was becoming quite the playboy, but they never said a thing. Whenever he had a different girl latched on to his elbow at lunch, they only regarded her with a cool civility. Towards the beginning of the year, they'd shake their heads pathetically, as if they thought he was trying to replace Kori.

He hadn't talked to her since he'd tried to reconcile things between them. As far as he knew, she didn't talk to his friends either. Apparently, Jenny had tried to tell her that she'd misspoken, that they really did, but the pink-haired girl had said it was too awkward to mention Richard around Kori. He accepted it. He felt the same way.

"Hey, Dick. How's it going?" Vic asked, attempting to be cheerful. He and Karen still hadn't gotten together again, and his misery was showing, at least to the guys.

Richard smirked. "Would you believe it? Mandy, you remember her? From yesterday? Woke me up to ride to school in the limo." His smile grew wider. "And then she yelled at me for breaking up with her. Like it was my fault."

Vic shifted uncomfortably. "Yeah. Heh." Vic probably wasn't about to say that it was.

So...haha I had a whole lot of fun reading the reviews, because I had this planned the whole time but I didn't know how to respond without giving something away! Just so you know, this is going to get a lot more dramatic.

There were just WAY too many loose ends (and I'm not talking about RxK's relationship) and I figured I'd have to make it a trilogy anyway, so why not just keep Richard and Kori apart? But yeah, expect to see characters you haven't heard from since the first story...