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"It's a miracle," the doctor declared after 'extensive' testing. "A doggone miracle. Her brain was healing, but...something must have happened, something to jolt this process back to life..." Richard whistled innocently. "Of course, you're English may never be perfect again, Miss Anders, but it's going to be pretty darn close."

"I...thank you," Kori told him, the words sounding familiar but not was strange. "May I go home now?"

"Of course. Mr. Anders, as her guardian, there are a few things you have to sign..."

Galfore was nearly crying with joy. He didn't know what had happened either, really, or his overprotective side might have come back. Kori decided it was best for him to remain blissfully ignorant, at least until he walked in on the two of them, which was inevitable. She beamed at Richard and helped him out of his chair.

"Whaddya say we go grab something to eat and celebrate?"

"Oh yes! Suni will most definitely enjoy the new place. What is it? The new Thai restaurant," Galfore added enthusiastically. Richard frowned for a minute, but then shrugged.

"Sure..." He leaned in to Kori. "Can we maybe get away later?"

"Yes. least, as soon as Suni has finished telling me about the week that I have missed, which could take a week itself." Richard mock-groaned before pulling her into a brief hug.

"Okay then. Swing by later, alright? Have fun." He pecked her on the lips, waved goodbye to Galfore, and left.

"Korina, where would you like to go? It is your special day."

She smiled, picking up one of her tiny cousins with ease. "Where would everyone else wish to go? I only want for something that is not hospital food!"

She was okay, Richard did love her, and life was perfect. Well, mostly...

"Eurrrgh!" They were sitting on a picnic table outside a restaurant, which was quite exciting for the cousins. One of the three girls threw a handful of her dessert at a passing bird, shrieking happily. Of course, it didn't hit the bird, but a waitress near them wasn't so lucky. The Anders family was kicked off the premises immediately.

"Well, at least we have finished eating..." Kori put in optimistically. Galfore wiped off the food from his youngest daughter's face, sighing.

"Of course. Let us go home, we have had enough excitement for one day." Finally, her minute to get away...

Kori detangled herself from her family and walked to her boyfriend's, enjoying the fresh air after her long episode in the hospital. She leaned against a tree, taking a deep breath. Her cell phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hey Kor."

"Good morning, Richard." She heard him chuckle softly. Kori smiled. She could almost imagine Richard prancing around his entire house, getting on Bruce's nerves, trying to wipe a goofy grin off his face while he got told off. He'd seemed so happy after she began talking to him again, after they'd gotten back together. "I am on my way, currently."

"Don't worry about it. Tell me where you are, I'll come and pick you up. I wanna go somewhere special today."

"At the park."

Kori waited for a few minutes for Richard to get there and then hopped on his motorcycle. "How are you?"

"I am doing wonderfully. And yourself?" He pecked her on the cheek.

"Never been better. Do you want to close your eyes or do I have to blindfold you?"


"I'm kidding. C'mon, how about meeting everybody at the movies?"

Kori giggled. "As long as there are no documentaries to watch."

"Heh, yeah. Got it."

She wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her head on his back. She'd missed these exhilarating motorcycle rides with him. It ended all to soon when he parked in the theater's parking lot. Richard chivalrously helped her off pulling her close to him as they walked up to get their tickets. Kori sure didn't mind, but she waited, exasperated, while her friends finished their round of jibes and ribs.

"Gosh, I've missed making fun of you guys," Roy said, wiping a tear out of his eye after Wally's turn at the two.

Richard rolled his eyes at them. "Now that you're done, we're gonna be--oh, hey Babs."

Kori bit her lip as the said redhead made her appearance. "What's up, everybody? Glad to see you're okay again, Kori," she added stiffly.

"I thank you." Babs wrinkled her nose at Kori's accent, but quickly changed it to a strained smile.

"Hey, we're all going inside to get food. Can you two wait out here until Jenny comes? She's caught up at her job," Richard asked. Kori resisted the urge to glare at him while everyone shuffled indoors awkwardly.

"So..." Kori began.




"Why?" Kori asked.


"Why did you...why did you wish to split Richard and myself apart?"

Babs frowned. "It wasn't all my fault you know, he said it was coming anyway!" she argued. Kori stared at her disbelivingly. "He did, I'm not kidding. You know you two were rocky, and heck, if being around me for a week was enough to break you up, don't you see that there was a hole there?"


"Okay, maybe I did push you guys over the edge. But I liked Dick, Kori. Don't tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing." Kori raised an eyebrow.

"Then why would you cheat on him? You broke his heart."

Babs scowled. "I don't need this."

"He wishes for us to talk it out."

"Well, seeing as I'm not his girlfriend, I don't have to listen to him, now do I?"

"But you are his friend. And as his friend or his girlfriend, whichever you wish to be, it would not do if we did not get along. He should not be forced to pick sides." Babs was quiet for a second. "If you truly think he and I will not work out, then you merely need to wait your turn, yes?"

"I don't like to see him with someone who doesn't deserve to be with him."

"And you do? Babs, you ended the relationship the first time!"

"That was a mistake! Dick and I have gone over this, and he's perfectly fine with it now."

"I refuse to listen to that, it was what split us up in the beginning. Please, Babs, for Dick?"

Kori could see her contemplating how long this was going to last. "Fine. For Dick. Here's your friend. Let's go in." Kori sighed as Babs walked away.

"Hello, Jenny. How was work?" she asked, forgetting the incident and smiling.

"Hey, Kori. It's so good to hear you talking again! It was fine, just a bit rough, being a newbie and all. How are you? Dizzy at all? Feeling faint?"

"I am fine, but dearly wishing for movie popcorn..."

The two walked in, with Kori keeping up the conversation so Jenny could get used to her new way of speaking. Babs was watching previews next to Richard when they arrived, with an empty space on his other side. Jenny left to sit with Wally. "Hello."

"Hey, Kor." Richard grinned at her, patting the seat next to him. "I made Gar move. He's stuck next to some rocker chick...scares the crap out of him."

"I thought I had heard him scream on the way in..."

Richard laughed, scooting her as close as possible with the arm of the chair in the way. "Then again, maybe I shouldn't've...we only need on chair..." He brought her in for a kiss, but Kori was uncomfortably aware of Babs glaring at them.

"Richard...the movie..."

"I'm not interested in the movie..."

And soon enough, Kori wasn't, either.

If he could be any happier, he'd probably blow up.

"Richard, where are we going?"

"Just thought someone would want to see you all better again." Kori tensed. "Not Babs. Didn't work out with her, did it?"

"Oh no, it went wonderfully. I think we have truly begun an understand--"


"She wishes for you back."

Richard sighed, rubbing Kori's back and letting her cuddle deeper into his embrace. "And you know I'm not going to leave you again. For anyone. Let's go, before it gets dark." He hopped on his motorcycle and Kori got on behind him. "Now can I blindfold you? I've been waiting to do that forever..."

"Very well..." He turned around and slipped his sunglasses on her. "Richard, this is not a blindfold!"

"Close enough. I don't have one on me. Maybe we can stop by Wayne Manor later before I take you to dinner and get one. But leave those on for now, you look hot in them."

Kori blushed and buried her face in his back while Richard laughed at her, finally exiting the parking lot. They drove for a few minutes in silence, until they stopped in front of the graveyard. "My parents...I have not visited them in..."

"Too long." Richard helped her down again. "You okay?"

"Yes." She shuffled in. When was the last time he'd come here with her? So long ago...she wove her hand into his and gripped it firmly.

"I'm not going anywhere, Kori, you don't have to break my arm," he joked softly. She released it a tiny bit, shrugging apologetically. Richard pulled her into his embrace. "Come on."

They stopped in front of the Anders's grave. Kori rested her forehead on her boyfriend's shoulder. "Richard?"


"Did you truly mean what you said? That you would not...that nothing would ever come between us anymore?"

"Of course not, Kori." He cupped her chin, forcing her to look at him. "Why would you think anything different?"

"I do not know. I...I tend to be negative when I am here," she explained, smiling sadly.

Richard hugged her tightly. "Hey. I love you, you know that." She sighed, still disbelieving. He chuckled at her. "What would I do without you? There isn't a better kisser out there, I bet..." he teased. "And I'm pretty sure no one has that's cute."

"Richard..." she giggled.

"Don't tell me you don't enjoy the compliments."

"I was not going to. I wished to do something else instead, but if you'd rather I argue with you..."

"No, that's fine, really." Kori pressed her lips to his.

He broke apart for a single second. "I promise I'll be here for you, Kori. No matter what happens. Believe me."

"I do..."

"I do..."

They leaned in for the kiss. "Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grayson!"

Most of the people at the gigantic wedding Bruce had planned clapped politely, with the exception of the ten or so people up front who were cheering like mad. Kori and Richard could hear Gar's girly scream and Vic whooping happily over all else, but they were sure everyone else was at a very similar decibal level.

"I love you, Kori," Richard repeated.

"I love you, too," Kori said happily, jumping into his waiting arms so he could carry her to their limo.

"Forget the reception, let's go to Hawaii right now," Richard suggested, kissing her jaw.


"Kidding." They struggled with her huge wedding dress for a second, trying to fit it all through the door. Richard sat down hastily, accidentally stepping on her skirt a few times.

"Richard, that is my lap!"

"Oops." He didn't seem like he would be moving anytime soon. Kori pushed him off, and he landed safely on several folds of her dress. "Feisty much, Kori? Save it for the honeymoon!"


"You are not arguing already, I hope?" Alfred called from the front. Richard paled.

"He didn't hear all of that, did he?"

"I did," Alfred assured them. "But I'll gladly turn up the radio and ignore you." A little black screen came up from behind the driver's seat, but not before they heard Alfred turn up a classical music radio station. Of course.

" I was saying..." Richard started, scooting closer to her.

"I thought you wished to wait until the--"

"Forget about that, Mrs. Grayson..."

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