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"Ahh. . .I'm starving!"

"Well I told you we should have spent the night at that hotel back there."

". . .Sh-Shut up."

Me and my wonderful best friend were sprawled out at the train station, doing what else, but waiting for the train. Ok, I was sprawled out. She was sitting there straight up. How she could keep her manners going when it was 106 degrees was beyond me.

I was laying on the bench completely opposite as her. My legs were against the back of the bench, and my head was hanging off the edge. My hoodie jacket, gloves, and shirt were stuffed in my messenger bag, which was laying next to me.

No, I wasn't just in jeans and a bra. I'm not a slut.

My "bra" was actually a spaghetti strap shirt, which I wore instead of a bra for these certain occasions. I sigh and place a hand on my stomach, which was suppressing more and more growls. "Don't you have ANYTHING in Ms. Snuffles?" I ask with an amused tone. She glares playfully at me and puts her big pink purse in her lap before opening it up.

After several minutes of waiting for a result from her purse candy-hunt, she closes it up and stares back into space. "Well?" I ask. "Nothing." She says dully, making me plop my head back into hanging position. I start kicking my legs back in forth, which surprisingly managed to get some wind hitting against my bare legs.

I had rolled my jeans up to my thighs earlier.

"Where are we going?" Hannah asks. I look at her appalled, wondering why she didn't ask 3 days ago when we left. Ignoring the look, she maintains her curious one. I sigh and say, "Xenotime." She nods and looks back into space. Suddenly her face lights up. Curious, I sit up and look halfway back to the direction she was looking, only to see a miracle darting down the tracks.

Hallelujah, a train!

I jump up(stumbling as I do, I'm quite clumsy sometimes) as the train comes to a stop. "Let's go!" Hannah shouts, jumping up and running to the train. I grab my bag and run after her. "Finally! FOOD!" I shout as we get to the train doors. Hannah and I get on and I stop from bumping into Hannah when she suddenly stops. Looking up to yell at her, I shut my mouth and glare when I see some thugs, one pointing a gun at Hannah's forehead.

I think we should have waited for the next train. . .

I then start to fume. I was STARVING here! I had a loaded gun in my pocket, knives inside my jeans, and alchemy in my hands, and they were in the way.

Put 2 and 2 together.

"You made a mistake coming to this train girlies."

OH, now I don't have name too?! I'm drawing the line!

Noticing that I was looking down and shaking, the one holding the gun motioned to me using the weapon he was holding, and asks Hannah, "What's with this chick?" Hannah looks at me and her eyes widen, "Um. . ."


I shout just as I punched the guy with the gun in the face. He flies across the train and the other thugs gasp. "That's it!" One shouts, running to me with a knife. I jump up and kick him in the face. "YOU'RE THE ONES WHO MADE THE MISTAKE HERE!!!" I shout as I "fly" back to the ground.

Another runs up to me and I do a roundhouse kick on him while shouting, "FIRST YOU KEEP ME FROM FOOD, AND THEN YOU CALL ME strongGIRLIE/strong?!?!" I jump up, and direction my foot to the gun holder's stomach as I come down. "I DON'T WORK THAT WAY!!!" I shout as I land on him, making him cough.

Hannah just stood in the background with a sweat drop.

I land, breathing hard, and Hannah runs to the guys to tie them up. "I think you overdid it. . ." Hannah says. Ignoring her, I suddenly perk up when I smell food. I smile and go to the smell, leaving Hannah to deal with the thugs, and the baffled passengers.


"Mm!" I make the noise as I stuff my mouth with a sandwich. Hannah sweat drops as she takes a bite of her sandwich. "Ahhhh." I say with a smile, before continuing on my sandwich. "Why are we heading to Xenotime exactly?" Hannah asks, looking up at me from her food. I pause and glance at my sandwich.

I remembered the day she first started tagging along with me.

She had asked where I travel exactly, and I told her all over. When she asked why, I didn't exactly tell her the truth. I told her it was for photography, and journalism.

She doesn't need to know the truth.

"I heard there's a man there who's saving the town after it went down hill."

She nods, believing it, and starts eating again. I look out the window and say, "I wonder when we'll get there." Hannah shrugs, and I hear someone say, "To Xenotime?" I look over and see a boy about my age standing in the isle next to our booth. "Um. . .Yeah?" I say. "It'll be a few hours." He says kindly, before asking, "Can I sit here? My friends kicked me out of our private booth, and there are no empty booths."

"Sure." Hannah says with a smile. I could instantly tell she thought he was cute. I didn't blame her though. He had shiny black hair and nice blue eyes.

He smiles and sits down beside me(the one beside Hannah had our bags in it), and says, "Thanks. And. . .Who's bag is who's?" He looked at our bags, mainly Hannah's, with amusement. I smirk as I take a bite of my food, and Hannah blushes. "Um. . ." Before she could continue, I say, "Yeah, why don't you show him Ms. Snuffles?"

She glares at me as the boy laughs. "So the messenger's yours?" He asks me. I simply nod. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't tell you my name, did I?" He asks with a smile. He seemed a little too polite to me. Hannah shakes her head, and waits for him to talk. "My name's Daisuke."(A/N: . For the ones who know the guy in the picture. . .I couldn't think of anything, ok?!)

"I'm Hannah and that's Riley."

"Nice to meet you two." Daisuke says. "Nice to meet you." Hannah says with a smile. I take a huge bite of half of my sandwich and chew happily. "R-Riley!" Hannah shouts with a disgusted look. "What? I'm hungry!" I say with a full mouth. Daisuke laughs, "You must be the one that beat up those thugs."

Glancing at him as I chew, I nod. Hannah scoffs at me and shakes her head. "Where are you headed?" I ask bluntly, resting my elbow on the window sill. Hannah shoots me a glare and I add, "If you don't mind me asking."

I'm not the greatest socialist in the world.

He chuckles and says, "I don't mind. I'm heading to Xenotime as well. I'm going there to see my grandfather." I nod and Hannah says, "That's sweet. Visiting for the holidays?"

The holidays?

Oh yeah, it's going to be Christmas soon. . .

What? I don't keep up with that stuff!

"Um, no, actually. I'm going to live with him." He says. "Oh, sorry!" Hannah says. I look back out the window and sigh. This was going to be a long hour.


I groan as I open my eyes slowly, and with difficulty. Looking around, I see all the passengers, mind a few, were asleep. The train was really dark because of the time, and no one was making a sound.

It was kinda creepy.

And cool.

I smirk to myself and stretch my stiff limbs. Wiping the sleep out of my eyes, I look down at my watch. It was 10 at night. I didn't think we'd be on the train so late.

I stand up and step out of our booth, careful not to disturb Hannah or Daisuke. I start walking down the isles, causing some of the few people awake to look up at me. I just shoot them a smile and keep walking. I get out onto the walk-way thingy of our train compartment, and lean against the railing.

I move my hair, which was blowing in my face like crazy, back into a tight ponytail. I let out a relaxed sigh and plop onto the floor of the walk-way. . .thing. I lean against the wall of the train and close my eyes. The wind felt really good against my face. "Hey. . .You're that chick that was sitting next to Daisuke." I hear someone say.

Opening my eyes, I see a boy about my age standing the walk-way across from mine. He was standing straight and pointing at me, which made my brow twitch.

The boy had shaggy blonde-brown hair that was shoulder length, but pulled into a low ponytail. I couldn't tell his eye color, but I knew they were dark. He was kind of stick skinny, and really tall.

"Yeah, I am. I'm Riley." I say, not bothering to stand up. He stops pointing, finally, and lightly waves at me. "Nice to meet you." He says. I close my eyes again and for the next few minutes, we had a light conversation. It was pretty soothing actually.

Eventually, I stand up and as I swipe at my knees, I say, "I had a nice talk with you Chad, but I should go now." Chad nods and says, "Yeah, me too." We both go into our train compartments, and I head to my booth.

Just as the train starts to stop, I get halfway to my booth. Once I get to the booth, the engineer says through the speaker, "Everyone, wake up. We're here in Xenotime." I tune the rest out as I wake Daisuke up, since Hannah woke up by the announcement. He jumps when he wakes up, and I smirk.

"We're here."

He nods and says, "I should go see my friends now. Bye!" He leaves while waving at us and Hannah says simply, "He was cute." I shake my head at her and grab my bag. "Let's go." I say as I leave the train. Hannah blinks at the direction I went and runs after me quickly.

"So are we getting a hotel, or what? I must say, I am a bit hungry." Hannah says, looking at me. I jump onto a waist-high brick "wall" and start to walk down it carefully, considering it was only wide enough for one foot, and it was really dark outside.

Standing with one foot, I pick the other straight up, at waist level, as I kick my arms out like a bird. Switching feet as I walk down it, Hannah follows on the ground. "We can't get a hotel just yet." I say. "Why not?" Hannah asks. "I uh. . .need to get pictures of the doctor dude's place at night. I think it would look cool." I say with a straight face.

She nods, believing me, and says, "Where is his place?" I stop and stare into space blankly. "Uh. . ." She sighs and I glance at her from the side of my eye. She turns and runs off. I put my right foot down, then remember how wide the wall was thanks to feeling like I was falling.

I wave my arms franticly and quickly put my right foot right in front of my left. "H-Hey! Where are you going?" I shout, looking at her retreating back. I huff and plop down onto the wall. "Well that's nice! My best friend bails on me for no reason-"

"What are you going on about?"

I whip my head around and see Hannah with blank, and blunt, deadpanned eyes. In her hand was a note. "Where were you?!" I ask loudly, glaring at her. She looks at me and says, "I was asking where the guy lives." "Oh." I say in a small voice. "And you're welcome!" She says sarcastically, shoving the note into my hands.

I open it and read it. I jump up, back onto the wall, and shout, "Let's go!" She sighs and walks after me.


"We▓re here!" I say with my hands on my hips, a prideful smile on my face. "Finally!" Hannah exclaims. "We have to be quiet. I don't want to wake them." I say before walking to the side of the house, passing window after window.

I jerk to a stop and shoot back a step, causing Hannah to bump into me and almost fall. "What was-" "Shh!" I interrupt her and peak into the window. She follows suit and we both see a blonde haired boy and a suit of armor tied to a chair. An old man, the man I was looking for to be exact, was standing in front of them with a smirk.

"Oh no!"

I glance at Hannah, who said this, and gently push her away from the window as I step away. "I need you to ring the doorbell. Distract the old man however you can. I'll get them and then signal you. Got it?" I say seriously.

Hannah nods and runs around the house, mumbling to herself.

I look back in the window and watch as the man keeps talking. Suddenly he stops and shouts something. After a second, he sighs and shakes his head before walking out of the room. "Perfect Hannah." I say quietly before grabbing the bottom of the window. I pull it open, and wince at the noise it made.

The two tied up look over at me in shock. I climb through the window and throw them a lopsided grin. "Hi." I say casually before walking over to them. I bend down and untie the armor dude, then blondie. "Um, thanks?" Blondie says. "Who are you, miss?" Armor dude asks as they both stand. I mock salute and say, "Riley at your service, now we should probably go before he gets back."

They nod and we quickly leave the house.

Walking around, I could hear Hannah says tearfully, "And I really loved Mr. Scratch-Claws! He was like a son to me. . ." I smirk and wave. She notices this and quickly says, "Oh never mind, found him!" She spins on her heel and quickly walks away.

I wait for the man to go back inside before we walk out of the side of the house. "WHAT??!?!" Hearing this, we shiver an start to run. "Quick! This way!" Blondie shouts before making a sharp turn down an alley. Armor dude, then me, then Hannah run after him. We hide in the alley and I slide to the ground as Hannah leaned against the wall, with her hands on her knees.

Blondie was on all fours, and Armor dude was standing tall looking down at us. "How come you're not tired?" Hannah asks armor dude with surprise. Armor dude pauses and rubs the back of his neck. "He has a lot of energy." Blondie says quickly.

"So who are you?" I ask, looking at them. "I'm Edward Elric, and this is Al, my little brother." Blondie says, smiling at us. "Little brother?" Hannah asks with a raised brow. Ed's face turns dark and he shouts, "WHO YOU CALLIN PUNY?!" Al had to hold him back from beating Hannah up, which I found a bit amusing.

"What's going on out here?" I hear a soft woman's voice ask. I turn my head to the voice and see a light on in a house, streaming outside from an open door. My eyes widen, and I jump up, covering Ed's mouth while whispering harshly, "H-hey, quiet down! You're gonna wake the whole town!"

"Don't tell me what to do!"

"Don't tell me what to do!"

"Stop copying me!"

"Deaf? I said don't tell me what to do!"

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