Possible Missing Scene?

Just after they are seen near the graves about to bury Marian.

Robin now even more distraught than earlier was starting to cry more evidently.

"Marian I love you why did you have to die, I should have saved you!"

Resting his head on her chest he continued to cry with the rest of the gang looking on them feeling awkward and wondering if they should leave now. Suddenly Robin felt a small movement and sat back up wondering what that was, still crying he heard a faint voice.


"Marian! Quick Djaq help me… help her!"

Marian being her usual self did not seem to care how close to death she was and that she was so close to being buried, asked again after the man who's life she had saved.

"The King? Where is he? Is he alright?"

"I'm here Marian don't worry about me" came the immediate reply.

Djaq meanwhile had been frantically helping to comfort the wound and had given her more medicines to aide the amazing recovery.

Marian again seemed to care little about her injury began to talk about the future which she had so nearly missed.

"So, Robin when do we return to Nottingham?"

"Soon, just as soon as you are well enough, but first you must rest here, I'm sure there's many a place you can stay."

"Yes I'll make sure she is safe."

The grateful King gave his response as he headed off to find shelter for her.

Meanwhile leaving Djaq to tend to Marian's near fatal wound, Robin headed over to the rest of the gang, who were immediately smiling at the happiness so evident in Robin's eyes.

"Robin? Where are you going?"

Marian winced at the pain of speaking but didn't want to be away from her love.

"Don't worry I'm just here I need to talk to the others."

Turning to Much and Will he started on a plan to take revenge on Gisbourne, who had so nearly taken is fiancée away from him.

"They still think Marian has died, so surely we can use that to our advantage, I could return to take my revenge on her "death" whilst she remains here to get better."

"How will that help Robin? I need you to stay here with me, I don't want you to leave."

"I know neither do I, and I'm not sure how it will help, but I must return to save England like you have done, so your injury is not in vain."

Walking back over to Marian he kissed her and caressing her face lifted her to carry her back up the sand dunes to safety, he was so relieved to be walking back with her and not having to leave her at the bottom. Nothing was said to they arrived back at the town where Robin and the gang left Marian in the care of Bassam.

Thus when Will and Djaq stay behind they are looking after Marian too. This would result in "Look after her" referring to Marian, and so would mean Marian is really alive.