"Please bring my daddy back…" Quatre said into the air

"Please bring my daddy back…" Quatre said into the air.

Heero shook with anger. The boy had been ripped from his father and chained to the wall right in front of him… and all he could do was sit there and watch. He could hear soft sobs in the corner… even the tears that screamed the boy's emptiness as they fell. Heero pulled on his chains to test their length, then moved over to Quatre, and brought him into a tight embrace. The boy hugged Heero's waist and sobbed into his shoulder as Heero slowly rocked him. Heero pressed his temple to Quatre's and hugged him around the shoulders in hopes of comfort. But the moment didn't last long enough…

The large oak door opened again, and two large men entered the room. Heero clinched Quatre tighter and moved as far back into the corner as he could. One of the men came and unlocked Quatre's chains from the wall, then ripped Quatre from Heero's embrace. Heero tried his hardest to hold on, but was hit hard, and forced to let go. Quatre was dragged out of the room sobbing.


"Let go!" Quatre sobbed. "Leave me alone!"

Quatre was dragged to a room and pushed to the ground in front of his master, where he bit his lip to keep his tears back. His master knelt down in front of him and lifted his chin to look into the boy's tearful eyes.

"Quatre," the master said softly, but firm. "You're a sweet child. But you were raised to sell. How can I sell a disobedient slave?"

Quatre swallowed back a sob. He knew what was coming.

"Answer me, Quatre."

"I don't know master." Quatre's voice didn't make it over a whisper.

"I can't. People don't want a slave that defies their every word." The master removed his hand and stood in front of Quatre. "I think you know that is to come. It's something I'd hate to do, but I cannot afford to take care of a defiant child."

"Take him back," the master said to one of the men in the doorway. " I'll come to get him later."


After Quatre had disappeared from the doorway, Heero took his chains in his hands and gripped them tight. He closed his eyes and drew every bit of strength he had to his arms and down into his hands. Once he had his focus point and full energy he pulled as hard as he could and one of the links snapped, freeing him from the wall. He dropped the chin attached to him in his lap and the other behind him and waited for Quatre to come back. He would get them out of there if it was the last thing he did.


Quatre was brought back to his room and was relived to see Heero there. Quatre was taken back to his wall and chained.

Heero suddenly lunged at one of the men bringing Quatre back and hit him in the back of the neck. Causing the man to fall over unconscious.

"Heero! Stop!" Quatre shouted with a worried tone.

Heero was caught behind by the other guard and hit hard on the back. He went limp and allowed himself to be dragged into the corner and chains were placed around his wrists. The guard picked up his friend and took him out of the cell. Quatre looked at Heero in worry.

"Why did you do that Heero?"

"…freedom…" Heero said with a shallow breath and fell in Quatre's lap. Quatre caught him between his arms and hugged him.

"That will get you killed, Heero," Quatre whispered as a tear fell down his cheek.