Title: Album of Breeze

Pairing: Yoru x Ran

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine. Sukisyo and Sukisho are not products that belong to me...

Rating: T

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Yoru's eyes widened in surprise and confusion when Ran soft, wet, pink lips slammed themselves against his, Ran leaving in to Yoru's body and rubbing his manhood up against his. Yoru grabbed on to Ran and moaned, arms circling Ran's petit waist and rubbing themselves up and down his. Back. The flimsy ribbon the held back Ran' hair slipped and his pink hair fluttered in the hot, flushed air. Yoru smirked and ran his lips up Ran's neck, his tongue slowly massaging Ran's shaking muscles. "Y-Yoru…"

"Do you still want to pleasure me?"

Yoru kissed the center of Ran's collarbone. "Please, angel?" Ran nodded his head and put his hands on Yoru's shoulders, slowly pushing him back on the pillow. "Ran smiled down on him. "Yoru, take off your shirt please…"

Yoru hummed seductively and leaned back on to the pillow, moonlight shining down on him as if he was a god. "I think you'll have to do it, angel." Ran turned scarlet at Yoru's smooth flirting and looked from his hand to Yoru's shirt. He shook. "I couldn't possibly…" Yoru reached up and ran his fingers though Ran's hair, pouting sweetly. "Are you breaking your promise….Ran?"

Ran looked at Yoru' eyes glassy and shining in the fragile, white sheets of moonlight. "…N…..no….."

Yoru smirked and pushed his lips up against Ran's rolling over so that he was now pinning ran to the mattress. "Well, I am, love."

And the night commenced.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

Hashiba winced and slowly opened his eyes. "What the hell…."

He gasped in pain. "My muscles ache…what the…."

He looked over and saw a naked Fujimori right next to him, eyes wide in shock, anger, and fear. His face turned red as a ripe cherry and tears formed in his eyes. "Ha-ha-ha…..Hashi…"

Sora cringed and pulled himself under the covers. "Crap!"



I already have another Fanfiction of 100 oneshots, so these will be shorter than they used to be.

A lot more kinky though……XD