Chapter 6- Haze Sealed

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"Now time to go back to the wall where you came." Leo states.

"You can't do this I can you give power." Haze states.

"No be gone Demon."

The energy of the four beams shot the shield Haze was to Demon World.

"Is he gone?" Mikey asks.

"Yes, Mikey, let's go home, Guys." Leo states.

They got home.

They hear the phone rang.

"I got it." Mikey states. "Hello. Hi Kuwabara."

"Who's on the phone, Mikey?" Raph screams from the TV room.

"Kuwabara." Mikey screams back.

"Oh." Raph states.

"What's going on, Big Guy." Mikey asks Kuwabara over the phone.

Kuwabara answers Mikey over the phone. "Nothing much Buddy. Did you guys beat Haze?"

"Yeah, we did." Mikey states. "Why did you guys beat something?"

"Yeah, we just beat Konti." Kuwabara answers over the phone.

"What are you and Kuwabara talking about?" Don asks.

"The Dark Demons and how we defeated them." Mikey answers to Don then back to Kuwabara. "You did! How did you defeat him?"

"Koi, Elders + Urameshi, Kurama and Hiei's powers put him away." Kuwabara answers back over the phone. "How did you defeat Haze?"

"Well, Our Ninja Tribunal Powers + Our weapons." Mikey answers.

"Well, Kurama just said we still have two Dark Demons to face." Kuwabara states over the phone.

"Raph, give it back." Leo screams.

"Oh, this stupid book, Leo, your book how to meditate for idiots." Raph states as he laughs.

"Raph!" Leo screams.

"Hey, guys what's going on out there?" Kuwabara screams over the phone. "Hey call ya back, Mike, Urameshi and the shrimp are fightin'.

"Ok. I have to go too Raph and Leo are fighting too. Bye." Mikey states as Kuwabara said the same thing and he hung up the phone.

"This is Kodak." Don laughs as he and Mikey watch Leo and Raph fight over a book.

Meanwhile another Dark Demon was a foot

"Soon I'll take what's mine but first I'll need some thing to help me." Red Vain states as she was walking away from the Turtles lair.

The End?