A/N: Well hello everyone! It's great to be back with something new to share with you. This story picks up the afternoon after Kakashi came home in "Control." And I must warn you, we've got a lemon lurking later on in the chapter. So settle in, and let's get comfortable. Enjoy!


It was well past noon when Kakashi woke up and looked at the crack in what used to be "Anko's ceiling." He looked over at her, still quietly sleeping next to him in "their bed." He smiled to himself as he looked back at the crack and thought I live here now. This is, wow, I don't know how to describe it. Sure feels right. He stretched his arms over his head then glanced over at the clock on the bedside table. Should get up soon. I need to tell Tsunade I'm back, if that fuck Genma hasn't told her already.

Kakashi had just returned late the night before, from his self-imposed sabbatical to fix his nightmare haunted mind. He headed straight for Anko's apartment and found her in a fit of absolutely terrifying rage. Before he saw her, before she opened the door, he had no idea what he was going to say to her. But when she DID open the door, full of anger, holding the gown he loved so much, he knew exactly what to say. He proposed. She passed out. After a short time, when she came to, she actually invited him to move in with her. He'd accepted immediately, and so it was official. They were officially living together.

Eventually Anko did accept Kakashi's proposal – just a little, but made him promise not to tell anyone that they were engaged until she was ready for, "the other thing," aka the marriage thing. They both didn't care who knew they were moving in together, but engaged? That was a secret they decided to keep to themselves. They both knew that people started to treat you differently when they find out you're not just a "couple" anymore, but have taken a really big step and become, "engaged." They tended to look at you like you're supposed to "settle down," and be more home-bodyish. Kakashi looked over at Anko and knew THAT would NEVER happen. His Anko was not a home-body. She was a deadly ninja with incredible skills – some of which outrivaled his own. And he loved her with his whole heart and soul.

He sighed loudly, almost wanting to wake her up. It'd been so long since he'd held her, kissed her, made love to her. He wanted her to wake up, but with everything she'd been through the night before when he came home as well as the time he'd been away, he decided to let her sleep a little while longer. He sighed loudly again, a big happy contented sigh.

Close to an hour later, Anko woke and rubbed her bleary eyes. She looked over at her alarm clock and said, "Ugh. It's late. I need to get up."

Kakashi said, "Why? You don't have to work today. Remember? Tsunade wanted you to stay the hell away from her."

Anko turned quickly and looked at him, "I almost forgot you were here! I guess I kind of got used to sleeping alone the two months you were gone." She wiggled closer to him, wrapping her arm around his waist as he pulled her against him. "I'm so glad you're back."

Kakashi kissed her head and said, "I'm not leaving either. At least not until I have my next assignment."

Anko looked up at him and said, "Oh yeah, that's RIGHT! You LIVE here now!" She let a little giggle slip out and snuggled happily against him.

"Did you just giggle? That was cute. I don't think I've ever heard you giggle like that before. Usually when you giggle, it's because I've suggested some kind of naughty act, or I kissed your neck in that one place that drives you nuts."

"I guess I'm just in a giggly mood. I have every reason to be."

"Yeah. I guess you do. We both do."

They lay there enjoying their new "co-habitating" status and their new "engaged" status too. The quiet perfect moment they had could have lasted forever and neither one of them would have cared. Neither one of them would have left "their" bedroom at all, if life hadn't gotten in the way, like it always did.

Kakashi sat up and said, "Time to get up. Let's go," and he playfully smacked her on the ass.

"HEY! Just because you live here now doesn't mean you get to order me around. And if you plan on dishing out spankings, you'd better not stop there."

Kakashi stopped in his tracks, turned slowly and looked at her. He said, "Why Anko. Are you trying to make me late?"

"You have nothing to be late FOR Hatake. No one but Genma knows you're back yet."

"Does that mean you'd like me to wait a little longer to see our Hokage and let her know I'm back?"

Anko propped herself up on her elbows and said, "A-yup. It's been two months Kakashi. And since we talked all night last night . . ."

He walked toward "their" bed with a saucy grin.

". . . and didn't get around to having a "proper reunion,"

He climbed on the bed next to her and said, "I think I like where this is going."

Anko wrapped her arms around him and said, "Good because you're not going anywhere yet."

Normally, those who are brand-new to the "living together" status as well the "engaged," status would have tender loving relations with each other. In the case of Anko and Kakashi, this was not to happen.

Instantly their mouths crashed together, and their bodies pressed hungrily against each other. Anko didn't even want to breathe, because it would stop their frenzied kissing. Instead, she grabbed the t-shirt Kakashi was wearing and practically tore it over his head, only then separating her mouth from his so she could remove the shirt all together. She tried to wiggle out of her own pajama top but with Kakashi pinning her to the bed and kissing her wildly, she couldn't move enough to do it. He noticed what she was attempting to do and stopped kissing her momentarily to allow her to remove her top while he got rid of his pajama bottoms and underwear. Anko quickly shinnied out of her bottoms, leaving only a pair of underwear between her and what she needed from him right that second. She smiled up at him wickedly and nodded. Kakashi said, "God I missed this," as he reached up and tore her underwear straight down and away from her.

Anko looked at Kakashi frantically and said, "Now. No more waiting. I can't wait another second. Now."

Kakashi got close to Anko's face and whispered a quick, "I love you," just before he plunged into her. As soon as he did Anko cried out in relief, pushing her head back into her pillow, pulling him into her over and over as tears of joy leaked from the corners of her eyes.

Kakashi looked at her tear streaked face, as she strained to hold on to him. In his concentrated efforts to please the woman he loved, he felt several emotions of his own. He wanted to stop what he was doing and tell her so many things. He wanted to wrap their love making in apologies for all the things he didn't say, everything he didn't tell her before he'd left. But he'd tell her all those things in time. Now, much more urgent needs had to be met for the both of them. He knew he was mere seconds away from his own release, and he tried to hang on screaming "BONBON" in his head, so the woman he loved could experience hers first.

Anko couldn't think. She had no intention of ever thinking again if Kakashi would never leave their bed again. She'd happily lay there with him forever because of the way he loved her. And at that moment, that perfect moment, the moment she opened her eyes and saw his, she felt his love spill over into her and mix with hers to bring out the most fulfilling, relieving orgasm she'd ever experienced.

As she writhed on their bed, Kakashi slowed, but didn't stop. Instead, he kept a steady pace, allowing her to come down from the mind blowing satisfaction she was experiencing a little at a time.

Anko breathed in slight gasps as the tingles of her orgasm slowly faded. When she could think again, she looked at Kakashi with half lidded eyes, sighing heavily as he continued to make love to her steadily. He gave her a quirky half smile, then brought his face to hers and kissed her lingeringly on the lips. She parted her lips slightly, running her tongue across his bottom lip. That was all it took. Kakashi opened is mouth wide to take as much of hers into his as he could. He felt everything in the lower half of his body begin to contract and clamp down as it prepared to finally grant him some relief. He drove himself into her faster, kissing her deeper if it was possible, until finally Anko pulled her face away panting into his neck mumbling, "oh my God, oh my Gooodoooo. . ." Kakashi smiled to himself as he realized that she was well on her way to a second orgasm.

He nuzzled the side of Anko's neck, and after giving her a quick nip, he opened his mouth and sucked the spot under her ear that he knew drove her insane. She began to make the low moan that he'd missed so much. That sound drove him closer and closer to his final release. Anko dug her fingers into the muscles of Kakashi's back as she pulled him to her. Then she made one final guttural groan as she fell victim to a second smaller, yet still intense orgasm. As her fingers started to move, making her nails leave small trails on his back, Kakashi released her neck, and finally let himself go. Two months worth of missing her left his mind momentarily as he spasmed inside her. The feelings of fear and guilt he felt when he'd left her were replaced by feelings of warm love as he felt completely bonded to her at that moment in time.

Kakashi closed his eyes and just breathed. He breathed in the moment, and relished all the things he felt. His mind was completely at peace, if only for a short time. Being with Anko always did that to him.

Anko felt incredible from her toes to her head. Everything tingled with pleasure. Her skin felt electric as the slightest movement, touch, even Kakashi's breathing affected her hyper sensitive skin. But she didn't mind one bit. The man she loved made her feel that way, and she couldn't be happier.

Eventually, Kakashi rolled to the side and both ninjas stared at the crack in "their" ceiling. They both turned to look at each other, and Anko let out another giggle. Kakashi said, "Now I was expecting a giggle that time. After what we just got up to, yeah, I expected it."

Anko tried to push him out of bed, "STOP making fun of me! I can't help it if you make me all giggly! Get out!"

"Ok, ok. I'll stop. I need to get ready anyway. Got to head in to work. You coming with me?" He got out of bed and stood naked in the doorway.

Anko said, "Oh yeah. I think a quick shower would be in order, and after breakfast, we're both going in to work."

"It's well past breakfast time. It's almost time for dinner."

Anko walked past him, just as naked and said, "We'll call it brunch then. Shower?"

"After you." Kakashi stepped out of her way.

Anko, still feeling a little frisky said, "No way. You're coming with me." She grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him to the bathroom where they spent entirely too much time washing away two months of "being alone" while getting clean in the shower together.


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