Okay, this is my first "Santa Clause" fanfiction so let's just see how good a rookie can be lol.

Idea: The summer spirit comes back to the Counsel after several years of banishment. Why? Well, that's the whole reason why the stories being made. She fell in love with Jack Frost many years ago, and then was banished for it. Sadly, it's not that simple; two opposite seasons can't be together, now can they? When she comes back, Jack seems to be falling for her and she's trying to resist him before she's banned for life.

Natsuko means "Summer Child" in Japanese.

"Everyone…" Mother Nature stood up in front of the Counsel of Legendary Figures. Her eyes were glittering darkly with hope and slight fear. Her ruby red lips were parted slightly into a frown. There was a definite hesitation in her voice, as if she was reluctant to speak. "…I'd like to welcome back Natsuko, the Summer Spirit."

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the opening doors. They froze like statues, froze with surprise and genuine shock. Even the Sandman was wide awake for this!

Santa Claus, AKA Scott Calvin, had been briefed about the Summer Spirit when he found his wife. Although it seemed like a forbidden subject to speak of with anyone besides the Counsel, it was an interesting one. Then again, all the forbidden ones are. The air was filled with tension when he was told what had happened.

The doors were opened slowly. In walked a woman looking the age of twenty five, nearly 300 years old in reality. She was a slightly chubby woman, attractive but not as skinny as Mother Nature. Her long hair draped over her shoulder, its brown tone entwined with a ruby red. It curtained her slightly round face, emphasizing on her dark green eyes with hazel specs in them. Her blood red lips were parted slightly, showing just how nervous she was.

She stood at the end of the table, her back straight and her eyes forward. Her dress that touched the floor was a dark red, once again almost brown. It was silk like cloth with glittery figures of the sun on her back, which was hidden by her hair mostly. Another glittery figure was a tree branch wrapped around her waist, or was it a rose vine? The low cut V in the front had another sun at the end of the V. Towards the bottom was sliced, showing leg up to the top of her knee.

On her head was a rose crown, multiple thorn covered roses wrapped around to make a sort of hat. If it hurt her, she did not show any pain. Instead of her presence filling the room with warmth like a Summer Spirit would, she filled it with cold tension.

"Hello…" Her voice was gravelly, scratchy as though she hadn't used it for years. Perhaps she hadn't…

There was silence in the room. Every second that ticked by made her more and more uncomfortable, scared. The holidays were obviously nervous and somewhat ashamed. THe decision they made so many years ago...it came back to haunt them. Finally Scott stood up and smiled with his rosy cheeks, "Welcome back, Natsuko."

Following his example, all the other holidays welcomed her back. There was a loud chatter for several minutes, all about recent events. Scott did not know where the girl had been, nor did he wish to know. There was something in her eyes, something that died; hope maybe? That dead look in her eyes made him flinch.

Scott was told by the Sandman that the Summer Spirit was the one who kept balance between Spring and Fall. He also told Scott that she was beautiful and full of life, joy. She was like the breeze on a hot day, a welcome to the Council. Now...She looked pretty but it appeared that she was no longer 'full of life and joy'.

Suddenly the doors were thrown open again. In walked a very frosted smug Jack Frost. His blue 'frozen dried' hair was covered in fresh snow, his smile chilling to the bone. His piercing baby blue eyes were colder than his name. "Ah, what'd I…Natsuko?"

Everyone stopped once more, as if the name that left his lips also froze them. The Summer girl looked up at him, her mouth hanging open slightly. "…Jack. It's been…it's been a while."

Without realizing it, she had started to shake. "Welcome back…" He whispered, watching her shiver. "Are you feeling ill?"

"Of course not. The cold simply…" She started to retort, started to make up an excuse. Suddenly her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her body swayed, falling to the ground. Clearly seeing the man, the reason why she was banned again took a great toll on her.

Scott ordered some elves to pick her up and carry her to a guest room. Bernard, the head elf, walked in and glared at Jack. "Sir…" He spoke to Santa, "Maybe we should allow Natsuko to stay for a while? It must be hard on her, after all."

Nodding quickly, Scott dismissed his elf with a wave. He was thinking of what had just happened. Jack looked a little troubled; shocked was the right word actually. It was completely understandable however…after all, how would one react after seeing the face of a girl who fell for him so many years ago?

Short, just to see if it's interesting. Next chapter: Natsuko wakes up to see Jack Frost there. Review please!