At long last this story comes to an end! Yes!

I know my writing lately has been short and…well, lacking. However, because I haven't really read any good Jack Frost stories or watched the movie a bazillion times (like I do with X-men lol) I just lost interest. Still, I needed to end this just so I wouldn't have to worry about it a year later or anything.

Thank you all who have reviewed and I hope everyone enjoyed the story!

Natsuko opened her eyes to hear a baby crying. The bed under her was exceptionally soft and making it very hard for her to get up. Her baby…yes, it was her baby crying. Hers and Jack Frost. Their little child Yukiko was crying…what time was it?

Obviously it was night for she couldn't see and she was…had been asleep. Where were they? It was chilly in here but it was because of the air conditioner; she knew this because she heard it kick on moments ago. It couldn't be the North Pole for there's always some sort of lights on, waking her up in the middle of the night.

Yawning once more, she felt somebody next to her. Tilting her head to the left, she saw it was a sleepy, yet awakening, Jack Frost! The darkness hid his features but she knew it had to be him. "Your turn to get Yukiko." She muttered before turning to the right. However, it just so happened that she was laying on the edge of the bed…so when she turned, she slammed into the ground.

The noise of the body hitting the floor, combined with the groan of embarrassment and pain, woke Jack up fully. He jolted up and leaned over, "Natsuko, are you alright?" He touched the lamp next to them, turning it on.

Natsuko looked up and was about to confirm her health when she screamed. Jack Frost was no longer Frost-y! His skin was a normal shade of tan, his hair dark brown, his eyes still blue but warm. It would seem that he didn't notice his appearance, but how could it? It would also seem that she didn't look any different for he just wore a confused look on his face.

"You…You!" She whispered, standing up and falling back down in shock.

He looked at his reflection and let out a gasp. Quickly, he tried his power…but only spit came out of his mouth. Natsuko smirked, "It would seem Bernard's plan worked."

They stared at each other for a moment before literally jumping up and down, shouting in joy! They were free! They were free at last! After hugging each other and spinning Natsuko around, they kissed for a long moment. They were in a normal home with…

The baby…crying.

"Your turn!" Natsuko threw herself onto the bed, leaving Jack stunned.

"But…" He looked at her.

"Hey, I just gave birth; your turn." She slid under the covers with a huge smile on her face, knowing she'd be too happy to sleep tonight.