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Edward POV June 10, 2057

I still can't believe it. After 50 years I still can't believe that Bella, the only person besides my family I ever felt real feelings for, is gone. She died exactly 50 years ago today. On June 10, 50 years ago, she was pronounced dead. Her body was ever recovered, but a lot of blood, the blood that tempted me so much, was all over the edge of the cliff down in La Push. That was enough proof that she was gone. Carlisle said that for a human that kind of blood loss was fatal. They tried searching the lake at the bottom of the cliff but the water was to deep. They called off the search 5 days later.

At her funeral the whole town came together to pay their respects. Charlie was trying hard not to cry but not doing a very good job. Renee only stayed for the viewing, seeing her daughter being buried was just too much for her so Phil took her back to Florida. Even the werewolves were there. We stayed clear of one another. I could tell that Jake blamed me for Bella's death but for once I agreed with him. If I had stayed with her that night, instead of hunting with Emmett, she would be here right now.

Charlie was heart broken of course, so heart broken that he spent the last 10 years of his life working non-stop to try to find who did this, and if she did it on her own, why. He died on December 15, 2017 after being shot while trying to stop a bank robbery at Fork's Bank.

The whole family also felt Bella's loss. Alice rarely went shopping and even through she tried to look happy we all knew deep inside she was really hurt. She blamed Bella's death on herself. She said it was her fault, that she should have been paying more attention. Emmett, the usually loud and fun one of the family became very quiet. Even Rosalie was grieving. She became quiet and stopped shopping just likes Alice. Esme stopped remodeling the house in bright colors, and Carlisle became very distant from others besides his regular patients at the hospital. Of course out of everyone I took it the hardest. And I still am. I rarely leave my room, only when it's absolutely important that I hunt. I even stopped playing the piano. The emotions in the house were so bad that Jasper actually left the family, only popping in every now and then. I got rid of the Volvo about a week after her death and bought an all black 2007 Shelby Mustang.

Even now 50 years after her death the whole still family feels it. We moved to a quiet place just outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The house is huge and the forests are amazing for hunting. Everyone has gotten a little better. Jasper's back, Emmett's starting to play pranks on us again, even thought he won't with me, Alice has begun shopping more often, Rosalie was slowly becoming her stuck up self again, Esme has started decorating out new house with bright/calm colored walls, and Carlisle is actually getting closer to patients at the new hospital. I on the other hand am still not ANY better. I became worse when we left Forks. We went to our first day of school at Cheyenne East High (this is the name of an actual school) and after 3 classes I left. Being around humans again made things worse. So I was 'home schooled'.

As I sat on my couch I heard a knock at my door.

"Edward, I'm leaving in 10 minutes so hurry up." That was Carlisle. Today was apparently 'take you kid to work day' and because everyone else was in school, and because he was tired of me doing nothing but mope, he decided that I had to go.

I got up, and tied my shoes, tying them so slowly that a fist grader could probably tie their shoes quicker. Reluctantly I opened my door and, again taking forever, walked down the stairs. I was NOT happy that I had to go. I was about to walk out to Carlisle's car when Esme stopped me.

"Edward I know that this is really hard for you but please try to smile." She said taking my face between her hands and kissing my cheek. "Bye Edward."

I just smiled back, or at least attempted to, and walked out the door.

Carlisle and I drove for about 15 minutes before coming up to the white building labeled Cheyenne Regional Hospital, we got out of the car and headed inside. Carlisle said Hello to everyone but I couldn't find my voice, I was beginning to wonder if I still had one, I hadn't said more than 10 words in 50 years.

I got to meet most of Carlisle patients, I just stood back in a corner and watched him to what he does best.

Hours later we returned home. After entering the house I started up the stairs to my room when Alice appeared in front of me.

"Edward, wanna go hunting?" she asked smiling.

"I was just out." Oh, look I do have a voice.

"Yeah like 3 weeks ago, your eyes are black Edward, you need to hunt again."

I just ignored her and tried to pass. She wouldn't move. After I tried again I got around her. I was about to open my bedroom door when Alice popped in front of me again.

"Then how about a game? Emmett wants to play Sorry." She tried.

"Alice I'm really not in the mood so if you could kindly move, I would like to go to my room."

What happened next would stay with me forever.

Alice pushed me away from the door, her smile replaced by an angry yet very sad look. "Edward we all know your hurt.." she said her voice getting louder with each word "You can't keep doing this to yourself. It's been 50 years. What happened to Bella wasn't…"

At the mention of Bella's name I lost control. One minute Alice was in front of me then the next she was on the floor 5 feet away hold her right cheek. I couldn't believe it. I had hit Alice!! When I snapped out of it I saw my family staring at me with their mouths wide open. All except for Jasper who was holding Alice and growling at me. Alice looked at me, her face telling me that if she could cry we'd need an ark.

I began to back up towards the stairs, eyes wide with total terror at what I had done. I shock my head trying to make sense of it all. But my mind only told me one thing. Run. And I did just that. I took off down the stairs and out the door. I could barely hear my family calling for me to come back. It's times like this I wish I could cry. Let all my frustration and sadness out. But that was impossible.

I closed my eyes and just ran. After what seemed like only mere minutes, my mind told my legs stopped without me knowing. A familiar feeling surrounded me. I slowly opened to my eyes and saw where my legs had taken me. In what only seemed like seconds I had traveled 1411.89 miles the whole 21 hour and 21 minute trip from Cheyenne, Wyoming to right here(that really is the distance and time). I fell to my knees right were I stood. Somehow with out me knowing my mind took me to where deep down I needed to be right now……

Bella's grave.

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