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The look in his eyes.

The one word that best describes him.

He moves closer, his eyes still locked with yours. Not only can you see it painted on his face, in the depths of his eyes, but you can feel it radiating from his form.

It becomes stronger as he gets closer, and soon it draws you slowly to him, like a magnet.

Pausing when you meet him, you feel warmth at your sides.

His hands.

Your own hands float up to his shoulders and you massage over his muscles, both meeting behind his neck.

He tugs you closer and you willingly oblige, taking tiny, swaying steps into his embrace.

Your faces now only inches apart, his tender look provokes a small smile from you.

He mimics your smile, and you finally tear your eyes from his, only for a second though, only to catch a glimpse of the small flush sneaking across the apples of his cheeks.

That look. That smile. That blush. This feeling.

It's enough to make your eyes water, but they don't.

Instead, you close them, placing your lips on his, softly, slowly. Putting all your emotions into this small, supple kiss, you break it only when you feel his thumb pulling on your belt loop.

Only moving your face an inch from his, eyes still closed you can feel his breath cool your moist, puffy lips. The sensation sends a small shiver down your back.

Looking back up at him, he is concentrated on you, his eyes overflowing with sincerity.

His gaze tugs at your heartstrings and causes your knees to tremble.

As your knees slightly weaken he gently tightens his grip around your back. And you let him hold you up. Not purely because you need him to.

You want him to.

Taking one of your hands from behind his neck you bring it to his face, and he doesn't lean into your touch like he normally does, but smiles down affectionately at you.

"I love you" he says.

And there it is again. You can hear it in his voice too.



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