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But, Why Me!?!

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It was exactly seven o'clock A.M., or so said the sleek, black, digital clock.

'Only a bit longer...' Were the thoughts of the room's sole occupant, a young girl who went by the name of 'Autumn'. Autumn was a thin girl around the age of 13; she belonged to the seventh grade at the local junior high in her hometown. She had lived there for as long as she could remember and had never thought of leaving it. Also, where she lived was technically a village since it payed village taxes, much cheaper than most, but it was considered a town since it had a huge mall, an amusement park, hundreds of fast food joints as well as restaurants, and they were even building a water park!!! She loved her home so much so she stayed, living alone in her house. Taking on the responsibilities and challenges that no teenager should be forced into.

Autumn was lying in bed even though she was already fully dressed. She had gotten dressed around five in the morning, due to boredom and her insomnia. Autumn had been like this for about two full years, and the previous night was the first time she had gotten any real sleep at all within that time period. In the time she was awake she usually just sat and thought about her parents. About whether or not they would have been happier without her, or what would have happened if she had never existed at all. Would things have been better? Would things still have taken a turn for the worse? Was she nothing more than a curse to her family? She spent her mornings pondering these questions as she lied in her bed, listening to the sound of the old grandfather clock in the hall ticking away at the seconds...





At that moment, all time seemed to freeze, as all was still right before a loud noise erupted from the downstairs living room.


Autumn jumped out of bed and onto the floor, as well as ultimately falling flat on her butt due to the fact that the same noise repeated itself eight more times.

Autumn sat completely still for ten whole seconds, waiting for it to happen again, but much to her relief, it didn't. Autumn carefully crawled over to her bed and reached under it only to reveal the pistol she had hidden under her bed. Her parents had given it to her as a gift on her tenth birthday, as well as lessons on how to use it. Autumn's parents had always been protective of their daughter. A bit over-protective, just short of obsessive. Even so, they already knew they couldn't keep her locked up in a cage forever. One day they'd have to let her go and be independent. Instead, her parents had her take every type of martial arts available in the area, and master them all before they were satisfied enough to let her out of the house by herself.

Autumn took her pistol and silently walked to her door. After listening against it and hearing nothing, only then did she open her door and sneak out into the hallway. Autumn silently crept past her parents' room and tip toed over to the stairs as she peaked over the banister.

"Itai!!! Sempai!!!!!!!!!!!!"


'What the heck is going on down there? I can't see a thing!' She thought silently to her self. Deciding that it was too risky to try and get a better view, Autumn chose the only sane option: Find a Way Out.

Sadly her escape was not to be so, for as soon as she turned to go out the back, she was met face to face with…


Some weird blonde with a goofy grin on their face. Joy. Isn't the world just full of freaks these days?

"Konichiwa shoujo, un."

At the moment, Autumn's survival skills were supposedly kicking in about now, but apparently they were on break.

'OMG! That's a GUY!?!' (Zathura: Wow, nice observation genius. Robyn: Give her a break, after seeing him for the first time, I thought that too. Zathura: Yes, but you think that about every anime character with even remotely long hair. Robyn: Touche.)

Okay, NOW Autumn's survival skills were kicking in since after that thought, she successfully ran around the mysterious person (whom we all now know and can recognize as a guy) and towards the door leading to the balcony. Sadly for her, the stick her parents had kept in the door to keep it closed (the lock was broken) was still there.

"Goshinpainaku shoujo... Hm..." The man advanced on her,

"Oh screw this!!!" She yelled and opened the door as far as it would go (1 inch) which was far enough to set off the alarm.


A yell of 'dotabata' was heard from downstairs as well as several crashes and the sound of glass breaking.

'Not good...' Autumn thought to her self. The man, who was momentarily forgotten by the banister walked up behind Autumn, picked her up and dropped her over the banister.

After falling for five seconds and going about eight feet Autumn surprisingly is caught by another stranger only difference was that this one was wearing a mask.

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