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Here's Chapter 11!



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Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars-

Ganju Shiba… He has a really big nose!

What the hell are you talking about, punk?!

Who the hell are you calling a punk- you… you… you weirdo!!

Ha, nice retort, where'd you get that, the stupid joke store?!

WTFH?! I'll kill you!

I'd like to see you try!

Agh!… -mutters- go to happy place, go to happy place… -sigh- Ganju Shiba… he's the sand man!

What the hell is a sand man?

A guy who plays in sand, duh!

I don't play in sand!

Yes you do… how would you explain the sand that shoots out of your hands then?! What do you do collect it?!

It's my power, god!

Geez, you sound like one of those ditzy teenagers with attitude problems! Or maybe Harold from Total Drama Island!

Well, you are a ditzy teenager with attitude problems! And who the hell is Harold?!

How the hell would you know that?! And it's this guy from this weird survivor remix cartoon show –shrugs-

I-I don't know… and thanks.

You're such a retard!... You're welcome.

Hey, who are you callin' a retard you retard!

Now look whose retorting is stupid!

Not mine!

Well, it's not mine either!

Yes it is!

No it's not!

Yes it is!

Damn you, you gay asshole! Gah!

WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING A… -confused- gay… asshole?

Ha! You didn't think I knew that you and Chad had some kinda fling! But I know! He confessed to it! He even has a picture of you under his pillow!

-shocked- O.O

I also have reason to believe that you may possibly be in love with Ichigo now- I can't believe you dumped Chad for some orange haired strawberry!

What the hell are you talking about?!

Ha I knew it! You are in love with Ichigo! Ichigo! Ichigo, Ganju is in love with you!

Ichigo: WHAT?!!!!! O.O


Ichigo: -runs away-

Ganju: No wait! –runs after him- Ichigo! –fades away into the distance-

Hee hee, I knew it! Why else would he follow him?! Hee hee… ha ha ha… buha ha ha ha ha ha ha –continues maniacal laughter, coughs, chokes on spit, and somehow stayed alive- Ahem, now you know, Ganju Shiba…

-in the distance- NO THEY DON'T!

Ah, shut up! -chucks a barrel of popcorn at Ganju- Hee hee.

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