Based on the first part of the song Hero by superchick

No one sits with him, he doesn't fit in

He sat on the swing alone as his classmates sat in the background. No one was near as always, he was an outcast.

But we feel like we do when we make fun of him

They were laughing at him again, teasing about his clothes, his ninja skills that weren't that great.

'Cause you want to belong, do you go along?

Everyone did it, all of them so they could fit in.

'Cause his pain is the price paid for you to belong

It hurt when they did it but he never lost his smile.

It's not like you hate him or want him to die

Sometimes he tried to kill himself, it wasn't like anyone would miss him.

But maybe he goes home and thinks suicide

He slit his wrists, plunged kunai into his stomach once he had slit a vein in his leg. It never worked.

Or he comes back to school with a gun at his side

He imagined killing everyone in the school.

Any kindness from you might have saved his lifeā€¦

One person coming up to him would be enough. Even just one showing they cared would help.

Heroes are made when you make a choice.

Suddenly Iruka-sensei came into his vision and offered to take him out for ramen and his world became brighter.

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