Zelda: Wisdom at its purest

Part One: The Child

Hello to my Daddy on his throne

He asks me to go out and play.

I say, "But Daddy, I'm a child that's grown."

And he tells me someone important comes today.

The Courtyard is well protected

as I stood at the window and stared

when a boy of my age came, undetected.

But destiny has the two of us prepared.

My dreams reveal the coming disaster

and Link held a sacred emerald.

Together, we schemed against the evil master

to protect the golden herald.

I tried to wait for him.

But by then, it was too late...

Part Two: The fugitive

It's been seven long years

and here I've remained all along.

I reunited with Link, but with no time for tears,

upon my trusted harp, I teach him an important song.

Unfortunately, he didn't know it was me.

For I approached him in disguise.

I became a male for him to see,

flat chest, ragged clothing and red eyes.

Everywhere Link went, I had to appear

and teach him one melody after another.

With each sage he saved, it became clear

that he would have to meet with one other.

The time for the showdown was at hand

but first, Link had to see me...

Part Three: The Crystal Prison

Evil always has one weakness

and I granted such a weapon to Link.

But once I revealed myself as princess,

I was surrounded by a prison of pink.

My shock and horror turned to fright

as I became a prisoner of the evil king.

As long as I was helpless, he could bring the dark of the night,

no children's laughter, no smiles or someone to sing.

In but a moment to pass, I lost all hope,

and had started to dispair,

when the fight began, atop the tower slope

and ended with much disrepair.

I reappeared, but we had to run.

It was the escape for our lives...

Part Four: Restoring Peace

With our lives on the line,

we ran through the halls.

With each step we took, we lost time

but the goddesses answered our calls.

We safely made it outside

as the tower had fell down.

A strage sound and flames on all sides

and Ganondorf looking at us with a frown.

Using the Triforce of Power, he transformed

into a strong, loathesome beast.

A face so hideous, he looked deformed

and his eyes, looking for a feast.

The battle waged on

would it ever end?

Link sliced the fiend and he won

and I opened the door to seal the evil one.

Good byes are a part of life

and friendship is a part of ours.

There's always a downside, like a double edged knife

but peace has returned, thanks to our powers.

"Thank you, Link...

Good bye..."


Poetry has become a big part of my life now. I love writing it and I love listening to it. I had written this one on New Years Eve/Day and I felt the need to post it.

As for The Hylian Queen, I'm going to have a hard time finishing it. My computer's been corrupted and I'm on a temporary one for now. All my files are gone, so the next chapter's going to be a bitch to put up. x.x I'm sorry.

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