Q and A - Flock Style

By Amaya 24

A/N: I still can't believe I'm doing this, but, hey, no likey, no read, right? Geez, I swear, this is probably the worst thing I've written for Oh well. You tell me what you think.

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"I...lov...eh, you know what I mean."

Okay. That's probably The. Corniest. Thing. EVER! Whoever wrote this has serious mental issues. Or doesn't know me at all. I mean, seriously! I would never be caught dead saying something like that. I felt my head start to pound, a normal I-just-read-the-stupidest-thing-ever headache, not a Voice- who -ended-up-being-my-dad- is-saying-some-random-Karma/Zen-thing headache.

I clicked back to my sister's profile, shocked that she'd actually put this... this... THING in her favorites. Don't get me wrong: I love Some of the things on there are pretty good. And JP also thinks so, apparently. I doubt he would have put the link to it on the Flock's website if he didn't think it was good, right? But honestly! Some of the things these people right... They think they know us, but that couldn't be father from the truth!

Why don't you do something about it, Max?

Oh, great. Thanks, Dad. Lovely time to chime in. Besides, what can I do about this?

Why not write something and set things straight?

What?! That is the... hey, that's not a bad idea!

"ELLA!" I shouted from den, wondering how you logged in anyways.

"What?!" She shouted back, running in wearing her soccer uniform. "Can't it wait?"

"Uh, no. What's your login password?"

She stared at me, a blank look on her face.

"You made me stop playing against Fang, the one who never plays with any of us, for my password?!" She sounded scandalized, but I see what she meant. Sure, Fang was starting to open up a little more, but that didn't mean that the was all buddy-buddy-let's-go-play-together now.

"Gimmie the password and you'll be able to go back and play him." I murmured cajolingly. Right then, Fang walked in, a satisfied smirk on his face.

"Too late." She moaned, glaring at Fang, then at me. "And I was winning, too."

"You wish," Fang muttered as he walked by. We stared at him until he left. Then Ella turned to glare at me again. I chuckled sheepishly.

"Oops..." The awkward silence held for a few minutes.

"So. Can I have the password now?"

--------------------------------- pagebreak --------------------------------

Okay guys. You're all smart. You all can read (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, right?). Now, you know what the title says? That's what we (that is to say, The Flock) are going to do.

Questions, comments, concerns, heck, we'll even take dares. Whatever it is you want to ask the Flock, you send it in, we'll answer!

Geez, now I sound like a newspaper ad. Whatever. Got a question you want to ask your favorite flock member, just send it in.

Oh, my sister tells me to tell you guys to only send questions through reviews because she doesn't want her email swamped by PMs.

-Max Ride.

--------------------------------- pagebreak --------------------------------

I reread what I wrote, wrinkling my nose. Okay, so it's not Harry Potter, but it'll do. I shut down the computer, wondering if anyone would write back. If they did, wonder what'd they write?

"So, how exactly are you planning on doing this?"

I jumped, swiveling around to find Fang behind me.

"Did you read that?" He looked at me, as expressionless as ever. I grimaced, turning to my sister, who was sitting right beside me.

"Why didn't you warn me?" I hissed, feeling annoyed that he'd found out about my little plan. Ella shrugged, turning back to her book.

"We have to answer peoples questions?" Fang asked, giving me a level look. I straightened up.


"Any reason why?"

I grinned at him, turning the computer on again.

"Hey, Ella?" She looked up from Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows. I stood up, leaving the swivel chair open for Fang. "Why don't you show him those fanfictions?"


So yeah! The Flock will be answering your questions! Anyone in the Flock, or Ella, or Dr. Martinez, or Jeb, or anyone else, for that matter. I'll think of something. Oh, and the quote thing in the beginning is from one of my Max Ride fics. Yep, I'm making fun of my own fics. That's how nice I am. This is probably absolute crap, but that's just me.

Review and send your questions in:) Or better yet, tell me if you want me to continue this thing anyways.