I boredly tapped my pencil as the school lesson continued on. I knew everything that was being taught, having learned it several years ago by myself. Despite this, I still paid attention to what was being said. Not so much for myself, but for Nanoha, who has been rather irritable lately. The past few days she has been very easily angered during my tutoring sessions, snapping at me whenever she didn't understand something. I've known her long enough to be sure it wasn't her normal small fits, but rather something bigger. It wasn't hard to piece it together; in fact I knew about it for a while now. Her clothes stunk, and her breath was tinted with it, despite always chewing gum and putting on perfume. I made several offers to her to tell me if she had a problem but she never took me up on it. I think she finally realized she did have one and is trying on her own to stop it. I turned my gaze over to her and found her bouncing her leg, a habit she has had for years. Whenever something bothered her to a point where she puts it aside, she would always do that. Constantly complaining about a headache, not able to focus, snapping easily, chewing gum constantly... Nanoha, I know what your problem is. Why don't you let us help?

Saved by the Bell XVII

By: Satashi

"Yuuno?" Hayate jogged the remaining distance to the male waiting outside her cooking class. "Hey, what brings you here?" She pushed some of her hair behind her ear, realizing that it was already past shoulder length now.

"Waiting," He replied lightly. "I was hoping to see if I could talk to Shamal-sensei tonight if possible?"

Hayate hummed to herself. "I don't mind but I have to stop by the store on the way home. Could you possibly help me carry the load?"

"Of course." Yuuno gave his girlfriend a pat on the head and waited for her club activities to be over, even getting rewarded for his patience by a few small cookies from random girls in the classroom. Although miffed at the signs of affection, Hayate made her claim known by grabbing a hold of the male's arm while walking out.

"So," she began while the two walked down the street. "What makes you want to talk to Shamal?"

"A private matter, sorry." He apologized to her. "I have a friend that is having some problems and I want to see if there is anything I can do."

"Hmm..." Hayate looked forward again, running things over in her head. "Okay then." Her house came into view shortly and after walking through the gate, the pair kicked off the snow on their boots at the front door. "It will take me a while to cook dinner, would you want to stay?"

"Always." The house was the same as it always was. Crystal clean and tidy but still having the feel of being homey. "Excuse the intrusion," He called out his entrance and soon found Vita walking in front of him. "Hello Vita." He greeted her.

"Evening," She replied back casually while taking the groceries from Hayate to carry for the girl. "Are you staying?" She inquired.

"I am."

Vita grinned. "Can you help me with my homework?"

"Of course." Yuuno inwardly sighed. Two tutoring sessions in one night was not his idea of a good time. He had a book that he has been dying to read but at this rate it seems as if he would have to put it off even more. "I need to talk to Shamal-sensei first, though."

As if on cue, the short haired blonde woman walked into the kitchen. "You called?" She teased the male with a kind smile. "Good evening Yuuno-san. Care to join us for dinner?"

"Please," he agreed with a light chuckle, already having answered the question once. "I have something I'd like to ask you, if you don't mind?" The older woman was working as an intern for the local hospital but was fast approaching her medical license to become a full doctor. Because of her knowledge, she often treated Hayate and any of her friends who fell ill.

"Sure, what is it?" Shamal took the hint given by his eyes and motioned for him to walk with her to her study. "Is there a problem?"

"Kind of, but it's not mine..." Yuuno sat down and leaned forward. "Well, you see..."

Nanoha flashed her studio ID card to the woman behind the register and was rang up without any second guesses. After getting her change and picking up the plastic bag, she made her way out into the cold, and over to the apartment complex that Yuuno lived in across town. Once inside the grounds, she sat down on a bench and took out the pack of cigarettes she had just purchased. After opening it, she removed a white stick and placed it to her mouth.Nanoha brought her lighter to the end of the cigarette and held it there for several seconds before moving it away, plucking the stick from her mouth and putting both hands on her knees. Her leg bounced rapidly, thoughts running through her head so fast she didn't even know what to think anymore. Seconds passed by and she brought it to her mouth again, lit it, and took a long inhale before pulling it away and snuffing it out. 'No! No-no-no-no-NO!'

The girl panted, tasting it in her mouth and looking at the stick still in her hand. 'Okay, just one more inhale' She brought it to her mouth again and clicked her Zippo before snapping it shut and once again putting her hands on her knees. 'I promised her. I said no more.' Her hand twitched, staring at the cigarette and finally putting it in her mouth and lighting it once more, taking a very long drag and leaning forward with tears in her eyes. 'Why?' She demanded of herself mentally. 'Why is it so hard to just stop?' The smoke rose up and was inhaled through her nose, making the girl sick at herself and snuffing it out completely in the snow.

Standing, Nanoha walked briskly to apartment complex while fighting the mental battle with herself. Instead of being upset at her habit, she was mad at herself for caving in, buying yet another pack even after telling herself no more. 'It's been a week now,' She told herself furiously. 'Almost seven days. I've only had three but I think about it and... Ugh!' Taking out her keyring she unlocked Yuuno's door and walked in. "I'm home!" She called out her normal greeting to him, as she spent as much time there as she did at her own house. "Yuuno-kun?" No reply came and no note was left out so she checked her phone to see one missed message. With a flip she read it aloud to herself. "Hayate invited me to dinner, I'll be late tonight."

With a sigh she went to the kitchen and turned on the light. Several things were raided and before long she had herself a nice pan cooked chicken breast with seasoned rice. Books were taken out and she made herself at home, starting on her homework while nibbling on her meal. When finished with her food she lay back on the couch and looked at the clock. 'He's really late,' She decided while closing her eyes. 'I hope he's okay...' As she took a deep breath, another urge came. 'Not again... My stomach is cramping.' to distract herself she crawled onto the couch behind her and laid down to nap. Her head hurt, keeping her awake and turning her mood sour. Finally she sat up just as the sound of the front door opening came to her ears. "Yuuno-kun?"

"Sorry, I had to stop by the store." He apologized in a greeting. "Did you already eat?"

"Yes," she glared. "You made me wait for almost two hours!"

"I'm sorry." Yuuno tossed his keys and sat down next to her. He knew at once she was annoyed, an emotion that she rarely ever had. "Here, I got you something." He reached into the bag and pulled out some pills. "I stopped by the pharmacy and picked them up."

"What are they?" Taking the bottle, she tried to read the name she couldn't pronounce.

"It's..." he trailed off, wondering how to put it. "Let's just say it helps with headaches, stomach pains, maybe a little dry mouth..."

Nanoha swallowed and looked at him nervously. "...You know huh?"

"I've known for a long time."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"I did, several times. You just didn't take my hints."

Nanoha looked away, knowing he was telling the truth. "I quit."

"Oh?" His tone was mixed between trying to stay casual and a twinge of sadness. "I heard withdrawal can be-"

"I'm not going through withdrawal!" She snapped at him quickly, glaring. "Is that why you bought me these!?"

Yuuno flinched, trying to play his other card. "Well, I just thought that it would be difficult to stop so..." Reaching into his bag he pulled out a few packs of gum. "These are supposed to help get you over your cravings and-"

"Yuuno-kun!" Nanoha stood up and glared hard at him. "I don't need any help, I'm not addicted, I'm not going through withdrawal, and I told you already; I quit!" She picked up her books and shoved them into her briefcase hard. "I'm going home."

"But you wanted help on the test tomorrow-"

"I don't need any help!" Nanoha stormed off and slammed his door hard behind herself. Her breath picked up as she stormed down the stairs, eyes watering and blurring her vision. Angrily wiping away her tears, she stumbled and caught the hand rail. She swallowed again and looked around a moment, heart beat increasing. Her purse was rummaged through quickly, grabbing her new inhaler and huffing on it to sooth off her panic attack. Once outside in the fresh air she rubbed her temples. 'I shouldn't have yelled at him...' Her feet walked along the road slowly, eyes downcast. 'He was trying to help me just like always... He was there for me before I even asked and I just shoved him away.' Her phone was picked from her purse and after several seconds the speed dial was pushed.

"Yuuno-kun," she greeted his voice softly. "Hey... I'm sorry about that...Yeah...Yeah... No, I just want to walk a little bit." Her eyes looked up at the dark sky as he talked to her. "Yeah... I'll come back once I get some air..."

Fate's shoes squeaked as she rounded a turn in the school gymnasium, trying her best to stay outside the lines that sectioned off the inside of the court. Truthfully she hated running indoors, as it seemed almost pointless to her because of all the turning she had to do. Despite this, she still obeyed her club leader and finally finished her laps. Bending over and panting, she tried to get her breath back. The heat was on in the large building and it was currently suffocating her, making her wish to go outside more and more despite the fact it would make her sick if her sweat froze on her.

The sound of a ball bouncing and a hollow sound of a return made her look to the middle of the room and stare at Nanoha. The girl was in her tennis outfit, sharing the building with both her club and the gymnastics club as well. Her return was countered and she ran the court to backhand the ball back, skirt flashing her bright neon pink panties for everyone to see. Not able to help herself, Fate watched the girl jog the court to lob a ball. The plan backfired when Keroko ran forward and smashed it so hard Nanoha only realized she missed her return when the sound of the ball hitting the wall behind them came, bouncing back and bopping her on the head. "Owie," she complained cutely as she reached up with her free hand to rub the spot ruefully. "I call foul."

Keroko laughed at her teammate and moved to the sidelines so two more girls could take the imitation court with prop-up net. "You have gotten really good at lobbing lately." She spoke up while wiping the sweat from her face and neck. "I guess all that running paid off after all."

"Nya haha." The girl covered her laugh happily with her hand. "I asked Fate-chan for advice so I progressed a lot faster than I thought I would."

"Testarossa, huh?" The redhead looked over at Fate, who was talking to someone on the track team. "You have always been really interested in her; you two are friends right?"

Nanoha blushed, realizing it would be the first time she admitted it at school. "She's kind of... my girlfriend."

"Oh, I see-wait, what?" Her eyes went wide. "Girlfriend? So that means you're... and she's...Oh wow." The girl cleared her throat. "I'm sorry, that was a little rude."

"Did I surprise you?" She felt her face stay warm and distracted herself by rooting through her duffel bag.

"Yes, very. I thought you were dating that blond boy with glasses."

"Yuuno-kun?" This time Nanoha giggled to herself. "We get that a lot. He's like my brother." Standing up straight, she wiped the sweat from her body. "I'm drenched," she changed the subject. "I'm going to change and head home; I'm a little exhausted today." After getting a nod and a wave, Nanoha made her way to the changing rooms where she proceeded to peel off her sweat covered clothes and into her school uniform again. A large puffy jacket was put on, and a scarf was tied loosely around neck before heading outside and into the snow covered field. "Brr... It's freezing."

A voice from beside Nanoha made the girl jump in shock. "Well January is one of the coldest months." Fate smiled to herself at the reaction she caused. "Hi."

"Hey," Nanoha brushed back her ponytail that had flipped over her shoulder. "I thought you left while I went to change?"

"I ran an errand for a teacher shortly after you got hit in the back of the head with a ball."

"Mou," Nanoha accepted the offered hand and walked with her girlfriend. "Are you heading home?"

"Mm, you?"

"Going to Yuuno-kun's apartment to study; the tests are really hard at this school. I have one Monday so I have the weekend to prepare for it."

"Since you have a while do want to come over?"

Nanoha judged the words. Truthfully she was too tired from her tennis match and too mentally stressed battling her cravings to do much of anything right now. If she got alone with Fate she knew it would end up with Fate advancing on her. Even if the thought did sound nice, she decided that she wasn't in the mood for it right now. Fate's pleading eyes, however, made her give in. "Okay, but hands to yourself today."

Fate flushed. "I... I didn't mean that..."

Nanoha smiled and looked forward. "I have to keep Fate-chan on a tight leash or I'll lose my virginity before I'm eighteen."

"Why eighteen?" Fate pondered, trying to steer away the topic from herself

"Because I turn eighteen in a month, on the tenth" She revealed, making Fate's mouth open in an 'O' shape. "I never told you my birthday did I? When is yours?"

"Three months, on the twenty-sixth." The two got on the bus together and sat near the front. Curiously, the pigtailed girl watched Nanoha puff on her inhaler before they even started moving. "Are you okay? Lately you've been using that so much... I never saw you do it the first few months we met..."

Nanoha looked at her lap and denied to herself yet again that she did it as an attempt to ward off her nicotine cravings. "I'm just a little touchy lately," she lied to herself just as much as Fate. "It comes and goes. Don't worry, though, it is just for panic attack prevention. I don't have asthma or anything." She looked out the window. 'That's right,' she confirmed her lie to herself. 'It's for my panic attacks... No other reason. I don't need it for anything else...' The tingling in her throat came, the taste suddenly being craved. 'Ugh...' Her purse was raided and a stick of gum was placed in her mouth. Offering one to Fate as well, she smiled when it was taken.

After checking in on the Testarossa Touch, the two girls met with Precia and headed to the apartment complex across the street. Dinner that night was going to be ordered out, which Nanoha accepted to stay for. The three girls talked about everything and nothing in the living room until the food came. Together they slurped lo mien, nibbled egg rolls, and sipped hot and sour soup while battling over main courses. Fate, of course, ate almost twice the amount of the other two girls combined, and even had room left to eat an ice cream sandwich from the freezer. While the blonde was in the kitchen, Nanoha leaned over to the mother and whispered the question that has always plagued her mind. "Ne... Precia-san? How can Fate-chan eat that much?"

The black haired woman smiled softly, eyes gazing into the past. "That is my fault, I think. When our family had its loss I still cooked too much food for us two to eat alone. It was just habit I think. Fate always ate more than normal but after the argument we had, she started eating more and more so my cooking wouldn't go to waste. By the time I steadily started making the correct amounts for dinner she had already began to snack and eat dessert, even after seconds. Now it is just normal for her."

"I see," Nanoha hummed. 'She ate everything as an attempt to make Precia feel needed?' She questioned herself while watching Fate lick the melting white ice cream from her fingers. 'Sounds like something she would do.'

Fate smiled at Nanoha and together the two went back to Fate's room to sit on the bed. "Want to play DDR or anything?

Nanoha pondered it. "Do you not want to play your game?"

The blonde blushed lightly, opening her mouth to explain that she didn't normally log on for another half hour but stopped when Precia's voice floated from the living room: "Fate, your show is coming on!"

Curiously Nanoha tilted her head to the side. "Oh? Is there something you always watch?"

The remote to the TV was picked up and the screen turned on. "Actually, kind of..." Her cheeks colored as the timer on the top right of the viewing area of her TV informed her that it was about to swap channels. The screen changed to another station just in time for a commercial to go off and the beginning of a new program to start.

"Home and Garden channel?" Nanoha asked, intrigued at the choice. "Fate-chan likes this kind of thing?"

Embarrassed, she could only nod lightly before waiting a few moments to speak when the program started talking about the current episode. "I've always been really interested in landscaping."

"Landscaping?" Her tone tried to sound questioning about why it would interest her but it was obvious she didn't really know what it was.

"It is kind of like gardening," Fate tried to explain. "But it's more... Well, you work with the land and the like instead of only doing flowers. Fences, retaining walls, ponds, decks, walkways, planting trees, making flower beds, arranging things, keeping track of the grounds and grass, trimming the bushes and... Curb appeal you could say."

A long hum came from Nanoha's throat while watching the TV, now suddenly interested. "Like a super gardener?"

Not sure how to explain it any more, Fate scratched her cheek. "I suppose that's one way of putting it... Let's say it like this: if Landscaping was a text book then gardening would be a chapter in it."

"Ohhh." Her eyes looked as if she got it now and the two started watching in silence until a commercial. "That looks like hard work."

"It is, but it still looks neat to try."

"Why?" She brought her knees up to her chest and rested her cheek on them while looking at the girl next to her.

Fate leaned back against the wall and thought about it. "I guess it is because I've always lived in an apartment. When I was little, I dreamed of having my own house with a huge yard. It had a stream running through it with a little bridge going over it. Really regal looking trees and bushes..." She smiled at the thought. "A flower bed lined with smooth stones and-" She stopped when she heard giggling coming from beside her. "Hey, don't laugh."

"I'm sorry," She shook her head with an amused look. "It is just weird."

"Weird?" Fate looked a little offended.

"Not your dream," She soothed her girlfriend. "It's just...hmmm... You're always so mature, really calm and steady. I see you as really dependable and secure but then you'll say or do something that makes me remember that you're still a teenage girl. I like that." She smiled at her.

"Oh," Fate was at a loss for words. "So... That's a good thing, right?"

"Yes." Nanoha giggled again and the two fell into comfortable silence when the show came back on. Everything went fine until a man on the screen started smoking in the background. Nanoha's mind instantly demanded for her to do the same, making her hug her knees more to try and ward off the instant craving.

"You okay?" Fate pondered after a moment. "You suddenly got really tense."

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine." Her body reminded her then that she hasn't been sleeping much at night. "I'm just tired. Can you pass my my purse? I'd like some more gum"

"Sure," Fate leaned over to the desk by the bed and tried to get the strap of the purse with a finger so she wouldn't have to get up. After a few unsuccessful attempts she finally hooked the material and pulled, ending up pulling it onto her floor and spilling out the contents. "Ah, I'm sorry." She finally moved to get off the bed before Nanoha jumped ahead of her.

"I got it!" She tried to get to the items first, but the motion on the water bed rocked Fate enough to stumbled off and fall onto the floor. "Ah, I'm sorry-Fate-chan." She moved again when the wave of the bed allowed her to but by then it was too late. The blonde found the half empty case of cigarettes.

"Nanoha?" Fate asked, holding them up so she could see. "You said you would quit?"

The girl suddenly got annoyed, snatching the pack and shoving it into her purse. "I told you: I did."

"But why-"

Nanoha snapped, interrupting her. "I haven't smoked all day, get off my case!"

Fate frowned. "Don't yell at me, I didn't do anything."

"I'm not yelling!" She shoved the rest of the contents into her purse and glared at the sticks.

"Nanoha," Fate pressed on. "Have you still been smoking?"

"I'm stressed okay?" She countered. "I just need one to calm myself down!" She pulled one and placed it into her mouth, finally caving to her desires.

"Nanoha!" Fate plucked it from her girlfriend's mouth and got a shocked look.

"Don't you dare do that!" The brown haired one yelled. "What gives you the right!?"

Fate opened her mouth to scream back but after a false start she sank back, took a long deep breath, and tried again. "Nanoha," The name was repeated a third time, softer now. "Sweetheart, do you want to tell me so I can understand better?" She gently placed the stick back into Nanoha's hand and tried to smile. "Explain it to me please?"

Nanoha looked at Fate in shock for several moments before her lower lip started to quiver. "I..." She started as a tear fell from her eye. "I can't stop...I..." She found arms around her and took refuge within them. "I don't understand," She admitted, hugging Fate closer. "It's so simple but so hard..." A small sob came. "I am so strong and then all at once I get a craving and they just mount and mount until I compromise with myself." She sniffed, feeling her hair being stroked. "I say... I say just one inhale and I'll stop. Just one puff for the day. Just one cigarette to calm myself... I... I kept saying it was okay. Just one. Just two. Just three... One stick... I've already smoked one today so two will be okay... three..." She started to break down. "Fate-chan, I..."

"It's okay," She tried softly.

"I have to say it!" Nanoha protested, pulling back and looking into Fate's red eyes with her tear filled blue ones. "I have a problem," She barely managed to say it. "...I need help."

Fate kissed away a tear from the corner of Nanoha's eye. "I'll help you. We all will." She embraced her again and held the girl as she tried to calm herself. "We will get through this together. You're not alone, after all."

"Thank you..."

Once again they parted. "Nanoha, this may lead us to having some arguments so... Can I have permission to help you quit?" She got a timid nod. "You know what tough love is right?" Again a small nod. "Okay... I promise you that I will never get mad at you during this."

"I won't either," Nanoha offered, sniffing. The two looked at each other a moment before blue eyes dropped a little. "I'm going to yell at you probably... Please keep me strong."

"Okay," Fate kissed her nose. "Let's start now...?"

Nanoha swallowed, moving her hand to the purse and picking up the pack. Ever so slowly she placed them into Fate's awaiting hand. "I quit." She whispered to Fate. "I quit." She said a little more firmly to herself. "I'm going to talk to Yuuno and take the gum and pills from him."

Fate gave a lopsided smile, more to herself. 'He's still ahead of me in some areas...' She spared Nanoha a glance. 'But one day I will be able to read you that well also' Her hand moved to Nanoha's cheek. "I know something that will relax you."

"Yes?" Nanoha wiped her eyes and nose on her sleeve, offering a sheepish smile. Slender fingers went to her school uniform, undoing the buttons. "Fate-chan...?" She allowed the removal of the vest and found her white shirt being undone as well, revealing a gray bra with a slight hint of blue. "I'm really not in the mood for-"

"Me either," Fate cut her off, removing the shirt with no further protest. "May I undo your bra?"

"...Yes?" Nanoha blushed but still allowed it, shyly covering her breasts with one arm after the clothing was removed. She was encouraged to get to her feet as well and her skirt fell to the floor after a small struggle with the zipper.

"Lay on your stomach," Fate told her softy. Her girlfriend did as requested while she ran out of the room, returning moments later with a bottle in her hand and locking her door. "This will help a lot." She sat on the bed next to her and put some lotion on her hands to rub together. "It will feel a little weird at first, but just trust me." She felt her hands heat up thanks to the warming lotion and pressed onto Nanoha's back. Gentle but firm pressure was made as the massage started. "I'll rub until you ask me to stop," She informed softly.

"...Thank you." Nanoha closed her eyes and allowed herself to rest. The rubbing spread to her shoulders, up along the back of her neck, around her sides, and across her waist. "Do I need to take off my panties?" She whispered into the pillow.

Fate smiled fondly. "It would help, but no. I'd rather keep my mind focused on making you feel nice." The honest reply made her girlfriend smile, cheeks lightly color, and distract her from the emotional outbreak she just had. Hands moved across Nanoha's thighs, down her legs, and finally to her feet. "Rubbing your feet can be one of the most relaxing things," She advised.

"Does Fate-chan like feet?"

"Feet are neat," The blonde laughed, pressing her thumbs against the curve of the foot. "But really, it helps stimulate blood flow and that will help you rest more. Another place is under your arms." To prove her point she moved Nanoha's arm out and gently pressed her fingers and her side. She moved them up slowly along the curve of the body. "Massaging is a lot to do with helping your veins as well as soothing muscles," she went on. "blood circulation is related to a Zen where-"

"Fate-chan," Nanoha mumbled sleepily. "No science lessons while massaging," the voice was sleepy but still playful. The girl rubbing her paused for just a moment before continuing, retaining laughter.

"Just for that, I'll even treat you to something special..." her hands went to Nanoha's neck. "Relax... Good." With a firm precise movement she popped Nanoha's neck.

"Ugh!" The girl winced. "Fate-chaaaaan."

"There's more." The neck was popped in the other direction, making her smile. "Have you ever been to a chiropractor?"

"No, that is an icky sound."

Fate grinned. 'This is going to be fun.' Her hands went to her shoulder. "Stay relaxed." A short grinding sound came, followed by a moan. Hands trailed to the arm and each individual finger on the hand before repeating on the other side. It took Fate a little over an hour to fully satisfy Nanoha's desire to relax. A complete chiropractic order paired with an exceedingly long massage and the brown haired girl could barely say it was okay to stop before falling asleep. The blonde covered the girl with the sheets and kissed her temple. "Sleep well," She whispered softly.

The black and pink cell phone was picked up from her desk and a text message was sent to Yuuno to inform him Nanoha was napping at her place. A reply came back with the words 'Take care of her for me' on the screen. Pleased at having already done so, Fate sat at her computer and plugged in her headphones. 'I'll let her sleep,' She mused while clicking the "W" icon on her desktop. 'I need something to take my mind off today too, but since she claimed my bed...' She smiled, happy to lose her problems into the online game. 'I should ask mom for a massage too...'

Saved by the Bell Collectible Card Game!

Card: Massage therapy

Name: NanoFate

Fate's feelings: Rubbing Nanoha makes her happy because she makes Nanoha happy doing so. Despite being a professional, her mind still guiltily trails when her hands trail certain areas on her girlfriend's body. Although she has never purposely used it to touch areas she wants to, she still feels bad for even thinking it. Because of this Fate normally doesn't offer her massages unless she knows there is no chance for it to proceed any farther than a simple massage.

Nanoha's feelings: Nanoha loves being rubbed, and has become addicted to it. Whenever she gets a chance she hints to Fate to rub her shoulders or legs. Despite not liking chiropractic moves, after her first full session she decided to ask for that in the future again. When being massaged, she relaxes to a point where she almost falls asleep. Although shy, Nanoha secretly wants her first sexual encounter with Fate to stem from a full body sensual massage, complete with candles, incense, and soft music.

Diary entries,

Dear Butterfly,

I didn't actually think you would actually randomly stop by and attack my room. Thanks a lot for that, now I can go a while without worrying about it. Studying has taken a lot of my time lately. Between that, hunting and accepting jobs, tennis practice, and regular school I have been going nuts. I knew modeling while still in school would be hectic but still...Oh well, I'm still happy. I got another job by the way, I'm a fender bunny for a sports car. Odd how a half-way naked girl will help sell a car. I guess guys think if they get the car then they get the girl. I was hit on by a few people at the car show too, where the photo was taken. It was really weird to say the least. They were talking to me about all sorts of car-related things that I had no clue about. I guess in this situation I really was just a body to sell things. I don't mind, it was fun. Besides, like I said, my body is a tool for the job! If they're stupid enough to think they'll get girls just because of a car, I feel sorry for them.

-Angel wings

Dear Angel Wings,

Cars really aren't my thing. I can drive a stick shift but beyond that I know next to nothing about them. Your pictures were pretty, as always. You look good in tight things. You have really nice hips, I wish mine curved like that. Aside from that I have been a little annoyed lately. I'm mostly bored. I have been doing my homework as soon as I get home lately and then watching a little TV and hoppin into my game. But it's just lather, rinse, repeat. I hope we can go out this weekend. Not sure where, but somewhere at least. I got too used to winter break lounging around and now I want to do something. A movie? Dinner? Let's get together.


Dear Butterfly,

You know what, Butterfly? I still find it odd that you call me Angel Wings because of my tattoo, but you still don't have a butterfly! Let's get together and get it for you, what do you say? Maybe you should get the full body wings on your back! With all different colors! It would be really pretty, what do you think? Short today, I'm writing this during my break at work. See you later!

-Angel Wings

Dear Angel Wings,

A full back tattoo? I think you are crazy. I wanted a small one on my ankle remember? I don't think I could go through the wings on my back, yours took over an hour and then some, mine would take almost five or six. But I wouldn't mind one. Since I won't have another running match against anyone for a long time, I can get one on my ankle now. I don't have any money, though. I am saving up my allowance to pay off Christmas debts.

Today was a good day for me. I got up like always to jog in the morning and take Arf out but about half way she started shivering so I picked her up and dusted off her little feet and put her in my jacket. She sat on my breasts while I finished my jog with her head poking out of my jacket. Despite the running she seemed to have had a lot of fun and is now trying to sit on my breasts whenever I pick her up. I love how she's still tiny but she's grown so much so fast! If she really is a husky then she will get to be really really big. Our apartments allows pets so it won't be a problem, but still... I wish she could stay little forever.


Dear Butterfly,

Arf-chan is really cute. She is starting to grow fast isn't she? I remember when you first got her she could almost fit on one hand, now it takes two to pick her up. How long have you had her now? A month or so? Time is still flying by without slowing down. Hard to believe January is almost half over now. As for going out, I have to work with Hayate this weekend until around five in the afternoon. We can go for dinner if you want? I'd like that. Let's go somewhere nice, my treat. I have a really pretty dress that I just bought that I want to wear. Having two jobs helps out.

My sister came to visit today because classes were canceled at her college. We had a lot of fun together and currently she is laying on my bed reading some book. She wants to know about us and I told her all sorts of things. How we go out, have fun, talk on the phone a lot, and all that stuff. I didn't tell her anything bad, don't worry. No one in my family will ever know about my private life. My mom did give my the talk about waiting until I was ready. I was half tempted to say that we've...you know... my chest. But I decided that would be a bad idea and instead stated that I was on top of things. My Fate-chan is on a short leash.

-Angel Wings

Dear Angel wings,

Mou, you make it sound like I'm some kind of pervert or something. I am not on a short leash. The leash is long, you just tug on it a lot. Hehe, you're so cute. I hate to get serious in our diary but still, I'd like to record my thoughts of today. We had a small little scuffle didn't we? Today you really decided to stop smoking and I'm here to help you with it. It seems like you never even knew you became addicted to them, I can't even imagine how that must feel. I'm here for you, so don't hesitate to come for help or encouragement. I'll give you a rub if you get stressed out again.

You're sleeping in my bed right now. You must have been really tired, you are pushing almost two hours now. You drool a little in your sleep, did you know that? Oh, I thought you just woke up but you only rolled over. You're hugging the pillow that I normally cling to, it's really making me happy. Honestly I want to curl up with you, but I'm scared to wake you up, lest you leave for the night. I'm content just having you with me so it's okay. I will wake you if you're still asleep in one more hour. Yuuno requested for me to do so, to make sure you get to his place before it's too late and all the creeps start roaming town. Even though we don't have any problems with that around here I agree. Maybe I'm just over protective? I think so. You're my little Angel, after all.


A/N: Thank you, Angel, for proofing for me. Also thank you to Junkedcat, a friend on the AnimeSuki forum for getting the landscaping Fate in my head. He originally came up with the idea when I asked what job Fate might have, if she was a normal girl on Earth. I got a lot of replies, but Junkedcat's one was the best: A landscaper. He even went on to write a story about what it would be like. Currently it's exclusive to the AnimeSuki forums so if you want to read that story you'll have to come to the forums. I borrowed his idea, with permission, to plae in SbtB. Thanks Junkedcat!