Author's Notes: This epilogue was added mainly as a way to let people know where to get "Emerald Bell", the official sequel to Saved by the Bell. This is set five years in the future and just shows how everyone is doing once they are grown up. Please enjoy this for what it is, a simple little epilogue for your amusement. Details on where to get Emerald Bell are at the end.

I smiled to the camera, holding one hand on my tummy while giving a wink. My other hand was holding a health drink designed specifically for expecting mothers. Why would I be modeling for such a thing you ask? Well, considering I was eight months pregnant myself, it seemed like a smart thing to do. I certainly wasn't going to be in any swimsuit magazines for a while, that was for sure. As the lights around me cut off and the familiar cries of 'Good job everyone!' rang out, I went to the changing room to get back into my normal clothes. It took some effort but I finally managed to get my jeans zipped and my shirt on properly. One good thing about the added weight is my breasts went up an entire cup size. Sure, call me silly, but you try living with a well endowed significant other with only a 'B' cup chest.

Saved by the Bell: Epilogue

By: Satashi

Nanoha waved to Fate happily as she walked down the busy hallways of the large skyscraper. Having been with the company for three years now, several people called out to her along the way and a few stopped to chat a few moments before continuing along their way. "Fate," she finally greeted with a hug. "Thanks for coming to pick me up." They kissed each other's cheeks before heading toward the door. The blonde had her hair in a low braid, swaying down to her knees, and was wearing casual jeans and tee-shirt. "Did you go on-sight today?"

"Yeah," Fate opened the car door for Nanoha and helped her slowly sink down into the seat. "You're getting bigger by the day. I swear you're about to pop."

"Nya haha," Nanoha placed both hands on her stomach as Fate walked around the car to the driver's side. "I can't believe it's been eight months already. Seems just like yesterday we asked Yuuno to donate for us."

Fate laughed brightly, shaking her head at the memory. "I will never forget that day. We all got together for dinner; Yuuno, Hayate, and us, and talked for a while before you just bluntly answered when he asked what it was all about."

With a grin, Nanoha looked out the car window. "I thought he was going to do a spit-take when I asked him to knock me up."

"Hayate was going to have a duck before I explained it... Mou, you totally ruined the mood."

"How else do you ask someone for their sperm? Might as well be funny rather than awkward. But still," She looked down at her swollen waistline. "Vivio is going to have two mamas. What a lucky girl."

"I still think we should have waited to find out..."

"Mou, what would we do if we bought boy stuff and it turned out to be a girl? I'm happy we found out." She stuck out her tongue. "But anyway, how was work?"

Fate checked her mirrors before turned down a residential area. "Really nice. It was a little hot but the yard my team will be working with is great. It's fairly large and they are going to sink a lot of money into it so I can really go all out with my designs." With a small motion, she pushed the garage door opener button on her sun visor and pulled into the now open area. After getting out she walked over to Nanoha's side and took both of her hands to help the woman stand. "Hehe, I bet you'll be glad to get back into shape?"

"I'm twenty-four and already acting like an old lady," she teased lightly, almost waddling into the house that the two girls shared. "Precia is coming tonight for dinner, right?"

"Of course," Fate agreed readily while tidying up a bit in their kitchen. Their current house was being rented to own, a nice three-bedroom home with a well landscaped yard and friendly neighbors. "She can't wait to see her grand-baby for the first time. I swear, she's secretly hoping you'll go into labor while she's here."

"It would be better than you. I know you can get me to the hospital in under ten minutes, but seriously, Fate, you scare me to death the way you drive." She ignored the amused snort from her friend and leaned against the counter. "Come here?"

"Sure?" Fate nipped off a bite of a cookie and walked over to Nanoha, standing so close their stomachs touched and placed her palms on either side of Nanoha's tummy. " What is it?"

"Kiss me?" She got the requested over-exaggerated kiss and grinned. "Ne, Butterfly?"

"Yes, Sweetie-pie?" The two placed their foreheads together and smiled.

"Will you make me a snack?" Her words made Fate sigh out.

"I knew it." Her left hand was taken and Nanoha brought it to her mouth, kissing the wedding band on the ring finger. "Mou, fine." She watched Nanoha slowly twist the ring a little bit and smiled at the extreme tan line under it. "Hey, that's embarrassing." Fate took her hand back and adjusted her ring. Both of them knew that she had yet to ever remove it since the day Nanoha slid it over her finger, almost two years ago. "What would you like to eat, Angel?"

"Mmmm... Fried pickles and butter-pecan ice cream sounds good." Her words made Fate almost gag. "And some left over chicken from last night?"

"Yeah, yeah..." Fate rooted through their cabinets. "You'll spoil your dinner, though."

"I'm eating for two." Nanoha giggled.

"Precia!" Nanoha hugged the woman at the door and allowed herself to be fawned over a few moments. "How have you been?"

"Fine, fine." The mother hugged Fate as well before making her way into the kitchen. "I went by Midori-ya on the way and picked up the cake as well." Placing the white box onto the table, she turned around and looked at her daughter and her wife. "Ah, this brings back memories..."

Fate face-palmed. "Not again..."

Precia laughed lightly. "Hey, I haven't brought up the past the last four times I've come over."

"Spanning the course of an entire week," Fate teased back. "Do you want to move in, mother?"

"Oh, that sounds nice!"

The blond almost fell over while Nanoha simply covered her smile. "Now now you two, why don't you sit down while waiting for everyone else? I'll bring some tea."

"I got it!" Fate moved quickly to intercept Nanoha. "You sit down."

"Mou, I'm pregnant, not glass." Nanoha pouted but allowed herself to be guided to the couch and gently encouraged to sit down. Leaning back, she let out a small sigh. "Phew. Carrying around this little bundle of joy is more trouble than I thought it would be." A knock at the door made her attempt to get back up, but after a few moments of stuggling to stand Precia simply put a hand on her head and went to get the door herself.

"Hey-ho!" Hayate jumped through the door almost as soon as it was opened. "We're early!"

"So you are," Nanoha agreed, getting a hug. Yuuno flopped down next to her as well and offered a hug that was accepted. "Hey Yuuno-kun. How was your business trip?"

"Interesting." He pushed his glasses up on his nose. "America is a nice place once you get used to it."

Hayate stuck out her tongue. "Don't plan on leaving again for another week long trip anytime soon." Turning to Nanoha, she started her complaints. "He just got back. I was worried he'd miss our weekly get-together."

"Hello!" Two more figures walked in through the door held open by Precia. "Oooh, everyone is here! Told you it would be okay to get here a few minutes early, Suzuka." Arisa put a hand on her hip in a matter-of-fact way.

The purple haired girl laughed nervously. "Don't mind her, I was just having trouble finding something to wear."

Fate looked back from the kitchen and smiled at everyone. "Well we all seem to be here, how about we go outside? The weather is great for a BBQ."

Hayate hopped off the couch and offered both her arms to the pregnant woman of the bunch. "Come on, heave-ho!"

"Mou!" Nanoha giggled as she was helped up. "Fate-chan, can you get the kabobs or you need help?"

The blonde called back from the kitchen. "Mom is helping me, go ahead and start the grill for me, Angel."

Nanoha poked Arisa's side as she walked by her and got a poke back paired with a smile. Once outside the woman sat down on a swinging bench and looked up contently at the sky. The sounds of friends around her made her give a little smile while looking around. 'Even if we do this every week, it's still always so much fun. After all these years we are all still really close. Precia has even joined us many times and I know she must get really lonely for her in that apartment by herself...' Her eyes went to the window looking into the kitchen and nodded over at Fate, getting a smile.

Yuuno sat down next to his friend and started swaying the bench by pressing his legs out. "You have that blanked out expression again," He told her casually while putting his arms on the back of the seat. "What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing really, just how much time has passed lately. It seems like just yesterday we were graduating high school. Now look at us... You're a famous historian, Hayate-chan has her own brand of clothing that's slowly but surely starting to get noticed, and Arisa-chan and Suzuka-chan are both taking over their parent's companies." Her eyes drifted over to Fate's mother and a light smile tugged at her lips. "Precia's hair... is turning gray."

Suzuka sat on the other side of Nanoha and placed her palm over the swollen stomach. "Ooh, I felt a kick! Does she do it often?"

The woman nodded. "More than I'd like. It was amazing at first, but sometimes it hurts. I can tell, she is going to be a handful."

Fate walked outside, flicking on the porch lights to make sure they would have light in a few hours when the sun started to set. "Did you get the grill, Angel?"

"I did," Hayate called out cheerfully. "Nanoha is being a lazy mother already."

"Hey! Let's see you tote this weight around!"

Hayate stuck out her tongue. "No thanks, I don't have time for kids. Though, I'll happily look after yours anytime!"

Suzuka giggled at the thought. "How does that work?"

"Simple," The brown haired one crossed her arms and smirked. "Play with them all day and when they get tired and cranky, send'm back to Nanoha-mama!"

Fate started laying the kabobs on the grill. "Yeah, remember that when she's two and banging on pots and pans."

Precia took the plates from Fate and walked with her daughter back into the kitchen to place them in the sink and retrieve some for the cooked food later. "Have you decided on a name yet?" She handed Fate a few platters.

"We're still debating." She sighed and looked out the window again. "Nanoha is insisting on 'Natsuki', but I'm partial to 'Ami'. We both agreed that 'Vivio' has a nice ring to it so I'm pretty sure we're going to go with that. Neither of us are budging on our personal favorites." Curiously she looked over at her mother. "Ne, Mom? How did you decide my name?"

"I knew I was going to have twins and really wanted to name one 'Destiny' and the other 'Fate' but your Father threw a fit over it. We agreed to each name one and he chose your sister's while I," She turned to look at Fate with a proud smile. "Got to name you."

The blonde hummed. "So I was almost named 'Destiny'?"

"Sure were."

A small giggle. "I'm glad you chose Fate."

"That's what your father said." The two shared a happy chuckle.

"Hey, mom?" Fate leaned back on the counter. "Are you taking good care of yourself?"

Precia shook her head lightly with a grin. "Fate, I'm too young to have you worry over me. Why ask such a thing?"

"Well," She looked down a moment before nodding to herself. "Nanoha and I have been talking and..." Moving to look back at her mother, gaze softening at the wrinkles just starting to appear on the well treated skin. "We decided to ask if you'd like to move in with us?" Her mother went silent a moment, eyes wide. "It must be lonely... being by yourself every day..." She started stammering, worried that she might have offended her mother. "And, um, you know... We would need someone to watch over our daughter eventually, and, well, we have a spare room and you come over a lot anyway and..."

"Fate..." Precia hugged her daughter firmly. "You don't know how happy I am right now..."

"...Mother..." Fate wrapped her arms around the woman as well, pulling her close.

Outside Nanoha nudged Arisa with her elbow and pointed over at Hayate and Yuuno, who were cuddling. "They still act like newly weds, don't they?" She asked with a teasing tone. "Come to think of it, when are you and Suzuka going to tie the knot?"

The short haired woman blushed and coughed. "I'm just not ready yet. How about you, though? Ever since you two met, you have been clinging to Fate at every waking moment. You two are like the newlyweds. I bet your nights are really interesting."

Nanoha shook her head. "Not really. We haven't made like bunnies in almost four months now."

"Four months!?" Arisa almost dropped her drink.

"Nyahaha..." Placing a palm on her stomach, Nanoha tilted her head to the side. "I'm really emotional at times. Fate has calmed down a lot in the past little while. It's embarrassing, but she really likes looking at me now... Says I'm pretty..." A small blush came to her cheeks.

"I can understand," Arisa brought her cup to her lips to take a sip. "You're carrying her baby after all. That was really neat; Fate's egg and you carry it so both of you are her parents"

"Mmm, she is definitely ours," Nanoha bit into a piece of ice from her cup and crunched on it. "Just two more weeks..." Arms being placed on her shoulders made her look behind herself and see Suzuka.

"I bet you Fate-chan will pass out when the time comes." The words made everyone laugh except for the targeted girl, who was just coming back outside from the house. "Won't you Fate-chan?"

Fate sniffed and started flipping the kabobs on the grill. "I will not." She got petted on the head by Hayate as she went inside to fetch another drink.

"Tonight was fun, wasn't it?" Fate asked her wife as she slid under the covers of their bed.

"Mm," Nanoha closed her book and sat it on her nightstand. "Did you ask Precia about what we talked about earlier?"

Fate smiled and laid back, both hands behind her head. "Yes, she was really flattered."

"What did she say?"

"She would like to move in as soon as it was convenient to us. Would you want it before or after the baby is born?"

"Before, I guess? So she will have time to settle down and take care of me and Natsuki."


The two looked at each other and sighed. "Well, we're going to be one of those couples who have the baby and then give the doctor a blank look when he ask for a name aren't we?"

"Sadly." Fate closed her eyes and smiled. "I do like Vivio."

"Me too." A small silence came over them. "...Is it bad to decide a name like that? Vivio being both of ours second choice?"

A small giggle came as Fate rolled onto her side to drape an arm around her wife. "My mom was going to name me Destiny, but dad didn't like it. So they compromised. I don't think it's bad."

"Hmmm...There should be some type of book that answers all your questions when you become a mommy."

Fate groaned. "Please, I've read almost fifty different parenting books, I can't take anymore..."

Nanoha smiled and pet Fate's hand. "There there, Fate-papa will be a great parent."

"...Why am I papa?"

"Because you can grill and I can't?" They shared a small giggle. "Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama... I wonder if it will confuse her."

"More like us, when she says "Hey mama!" we will both go to her and she will have to point."

The brown haired girl looked up to the ceiling. "She will call us by our name and add -mama to it probably. Or I can be mommy and you can be mother?"

"Mother is so formal..."

"You call Precia 'mother'," Nanoha pointed out.

"Only when I'm upset at her teasing. Did you know she asked me about our sex life? Said it's important to stay active so the 'spark' won't go out."

Nanoha laughed. "Oh, right, you not wanting sex, that's a good one." Fate pouted at her, making Nanoha soften. "Once I lose some weight..."

Fate slowly moved on top of her, keeping herself propped up at arm's length so she wouldn't have any of her weight on her lover. "You're lovely, Nanoha."

"...Fate..." She closed her eyes lightly, feeling Fate move forward to kiss her before stopping. "...What?"

"Our baby just kicked me." Fate grinned, looking down where their stomachs were touching.

"Bad Vivio," Nanoha scolded her tummy. "Your mamas need priva-ow! She kicked hard..."

Fate laughed, falling over to the side of Nanoha and cuddled her. "Let's get some sleep."

"Mmmn," The light was clicked off and the two women cuddled together in their bed.

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