It figures on the day that I want to sleep in I would forget to turn off my alarm clock. Sure enough, as soon as the sun started coming up I heard the annoying sound of the radio cut on rather loudly. I felt a stir against my chest and realized that somewhere in the night I had sank down into the bed and shifted the pillows from my back to rest my head on. Nanoha still laid against me, just now on her side. I could tell she was partly awake now but I still wanted to sleep in if I could. Considering that we stayed up to well past three in the morning, I was in no position to jog today. Slowly I tried to move my hand to reach towards my clock but found that Nanoha was gripping it firmly in front of her chest. I really hated to move it but if I didn't then she would fully be aware of the noise and wake up. All at once I found that my hand was rather cold, once hers wasn't touching it anymore, and pressed the button to shut off the noise before lazily reclaiming my spot at Nanoha's back. To my surprise, Nanoha actually reached back and patted my body until she found my arm. Once there she trailed it to my wrist and pulled it back around her, pressing it against her chest and interlacing our fingers with her palm on the back of my hand.

Saved by the Bell VI

By: Satashi

Nanoha hummed lightly to herself as she stretched out in the bed. "Do you always wake up this early?" She half asked, half yawned, while running one stocking clad foot along her leg to sooth an itching spot.

"I jog in the mornings," Fate yawned as well after hearing Nanoha do so. "So I wake up early so I have time to shower before school." She shifted lightly when Nanoha ran one leg back between hers and ended up bending her leg at the knee and bringing it up a little to caress Nanoha's thigh. "That feels funny."

"Hm?" Nanoha brought her free hand up to rub her eyes. "What does?"

"Stockings on stockings. Rubbing; it feels a little funny."

"Mm, it does." Nanoha smiled to herself and tried to adjust her bra. "I can't believe we fell asleep in these." A light giggle came behind her after she got situated. "Ne," Nanoha re-closed her eyes and got comfortable, content with just talking. "What do you normally wear to bed?"

"I sleep naked," Fate was too tired to feel embarrassed by the statement. "Shirts feel like they choke me. How about you?"

"I normally wear a baggy T-shirt and whatever else I'm wearing at the moment: panties, shorts, boxers, pajama pants... Oh man, I just remembered?" Fate hummed softly behind her to show she was still awake, if just. "Sunday. I have to work today...What time is it?"

"Little after five. When do you start?"

"Nine...Care to get a few more hours of sleep?" Nanoha felt a small squeeze on her hand and took that as a yes. "You know...It's really nice being held like this."

"I'd prefer to hold."

"Then hold me? Friends can hold each other right?"

"Right." Fate moved closer so their bodies were pressed together and snuggled with the one with her. "Because I'm honestly not thinking anything bad. I just want to hold you."

"Mm..." Nanoha closed her eyes again, feeling safe thanks to the arms around her and warmed by the body embracing hers. The serene moment lasted an exceedingly short two hours for the girls, waking again by Nanoha's cellphone ringing. Quickly and sleepily she crawled over Fate while trying to keep her balance on the wobbly bed and flipped open her cell. "Morning Hayate-chan," She greeted instantly, knowing the caller by the ring tone. "I'm not late am I?" She looked at the clock and realized she had plenty of time before she had to be at work. "Hm? Yes...No, it's okay... Yeah... I'll be there as soon as possible. Mm, Bye-bye. " Clicking the phone shut she looked at the blonde and offered a small smile. "Hayate-chan is having an early morning rush it seems. She wanted to know if I could come in early."

"Aw," Fate pouted. "I was going to make you breakfast."

"Thanks for the thought." Standing up, Nanoha stretched out fully and took a deep breath of air. "Aw, I just realized that I don't have anything to change into. I guess I'll get back into my school uniform..."

"You can wear some of my clothes." Fate offered while sitting up. "I'll pick you out something from my closet?"

Nanoha looked relieved. "Thank you, I'd hate to wear the same clothes twice in a row without washing them. Specially after running around all day like we did." Her eyes watched Fate go to said closet and root through it. "Hm... I can't really wear this lingerie under a work uniform... I'll have to lose my garter and stockings. Can I borrow some socks too?"

"Sure, in my bottom dresser drawer." Fate plucked a shirt and looked at it, pondering on if it would look good on her friend or not. After a few seconds of silence Nanoha's shocked gasp made her turn around. "What is it-oh!" A hand went to her mouth when she saw Nanoha holding a certain object in her hands that she kept hidden in her drawer.

"Wow, Fate-chan!" Nanoha had a smile that would make even the Cheshire Cat envious. "How did you get one of these!?" She held up the black object in one hand.

"I'm going to die," Fate covered her face with both hands. "That is..."

"I know what it is," Nanoha teased. "I want to know how you got it. You know how many girls want one of these but can't get?! I'm shocked you have one... wait, you probably have more than one don't you?"

Fate colored more. "I...have a few..."

"A few?" Nanoha teased happily. "How many is a few?"

"...Maybe thirty or forty? That one must have fallen into my drawer..."

"No fair, I want one." Nanoha smirked again. "Let me have it?"

"No way!"

"Come on, don't be stingy!" Nanoha moved the toy away from Fate when she tried to grab it. "Friends share!"

"Not things like that!"

"I'll take care of it!"

"I don't care! Give it!"


"Nanohaaaaaa!" Fate wrestled with the laughing girl and couldn't help but smile herself. She knew this was nothing more than an attempt to ease the embarrassment of the discovery. "Come on, give it to me!"

"Finder's keepers!" Nanoha teased back. "If you really want it, you have to try harder!"

"Give it up!" Fate laughed happily and rolled over the girl. "Ha!" After a small struggle Fate found herself rolled over once again and pinned. "Mou, Nanoha! Stop teasing and give it to me!"

Precia opened the door to Fate's room tiredly. "Girls, could you please keep it down so you don't wake the neigh..." Her words stopped instantly. Her eyes took in the situation one piece at a time to make sure she comprehended what she was seeing. Her daughter and friend both wearing lingerie: Check. Fate trying desperately to hide something from view: Check. Fate screaming for the teasing to stop and for Nanoha to give it to her: Check. "Oh, sorry to interrupt." Quickly she closed the door and retreated.

Nanoha blinked, staring at the door a moment longer before turning back to look at Fate who appeared to be in a state of advanced shock. "Um... That probably looked really funny..."

"Oh... my... god..." Fate whispered softly. "I'm never going to explain this." Despite the situation sudden laughter made her look at Nanoha. The girl was blushing fire but couldn't stop the happy sounds coming from her at their own predicament. Ever so slowly Fate started to giggle as well, finally joining her friend in full laughter. Wiping away a tear, she shook her head in amusement. "This is going to be something I'll look back on for years and laugh about."

"Mm," Nanoha agreed, still trying to keep her giggles down. "But anyway..." Nanoha looked at the cute beanie baby one more time and smiled, handing it over while helping the blonde to her feet. " I never expected you to be a beanie baby fanatic."

"That's why I don't display them," Fate went to the other side of the room and opened what Nanoha assumed was her twin sister's old section to store her clothes. Inside was a huge collection of different types of the collectible plushies as well as several cute girlish teddy bears and dolls.

"Oh wow!" Nanoha peeked over her friend's shoulder and wrapped her arms around Fate's waist. "You're more girlie than I am! How cute!"

The blonde only looked down shyly, a smile playing on her lips.

Fate couldn't help herself from smiling when her last customer of the day left and she was free from helping her mother run the business. "Mom, I'm going to get some lunch."

"Could you bring me back some?" Precia pondered while marking off the name on her clipboard. "Kha-san got here a little early so I'm going to go ahead and get him taken care of." Her daughter nodded while pulling on her sneakers. "Just get me whatever."

" 'Kay." Fate finished tyeing the double knot on her shoes and stood up. With a small wave she grabbed her purse and ran out the door. Dark semi-baggy jeans rustled as she jogged, topped with a black short sleeve that had a glittery pink heart on it snapped in half. The words 'heart breaker' were proudly displayed above the image, written around a yellow lightning bolt that apparently had just struck the heart. Her twin ponytails fluttered around her as she picked up her speed, darting around and between people on the sidewalk as she tried to make up for not jogging that particular morning. By the time she reached her destination she panted a moment to catch her breath before opening the door and stepping in.

The café was packed to the brim, complete with people hanging around by the door while waiting for other customers to leave so they could get a table. The blonde spied Nanoha running around with a tray in both hands while trying to keep up with the orders being given. Today her body was clad in a white and blue magical girl outfit. A mini skirt and thigh high stockings graced the front while the back was covered in a sort of cape that extended from the top half itself. A cute red spherical pendant bounded across her chest as she jogged, which Fate assumed would be the device to transform her into the cosplay magical girl. What she noticed next was that her hair was pulled up into pigtails, matching hers exactly. As Nanoha ran by, she looked at Fate and smiled briefly before running past. She was sweating lightly and obviously almost out of breath but almost as soon as she vanished, she came back with pitchers of tea and coffee.

"It's been like this all day," Hayate greeted the blonde, making her jump lightly. Hayate was clad in a white and black outfit, complete with miniskirt and a fluffy lopsided hat. On her back a staff with a circular head and golden crosses could be seen. "How do I look? Today is 'magical girl' day."

"You look like the leader of a military base," Fate teased. "I can see it now: Mobile Division Section Six." The remark made her friend giggle happily. "What's the wait time like for to-go orders?"

"Um... Fifteen minutes, sorry." Hayate laughed nervously. "We're being pushed to our limits. Don't suppose you want a job do you?"

"Sorry, I'm helping mom today at the massage parlor." She didn't want to be a waitress anyway, specially if she had to endure being eye candy for horny twenty seven year old virgins. "Can I place an order and come back in about twenty minutes or so? Give you some slack in making it?"

"That would be the best," Hayate quickly took the order down and scratched her cheek with the pen. "Um... If you want that much food I may need a little more time."

Thirty minutes passed by quickly for Fate while dancing at the local arcade. Her breath was hard now, panting as she leaned over with both palms on her knees while watching the scoreboard calculate the total. Max 300 on expert with an "A" ranking greeted her and several impressed cheers from kids and teens came up behind her. "Okay... okay... I'm done." Fate walked off the machine and wiped the light sheen from her forehead. "I didn't sleep enough for this..." As she walked out back onto the street the cool air blew around her and lifted her spirits enough to warrant a deep breath of air.

Fate was greeted with a rather odd sight when she returned to the café. Nanoha was standing by the cash register, having just put the finished to-go order on the pick up section. Around her three guys stood, a little too close for the blue eyed girl's comfort. "I'm sorry," Nanoha spoke up with her eyes closed in annoyance for repeating herself. "Like I've said, I can't give out my number to customers. Thank you, please come again." Her attempt to go back to work was stopped as one of the men darted in front of her again. "Look, I need to get back to servicing tables now..."

"Come on, Hot Stuff," The man pleaded. "One date; you'll have fun!"

"Don't address me so casually," She complained, eying him. "I don't have the time."

The man reached out to grab Nanoha's arm. "Don't touch her!" Fate declared at the same time as the man suddenly got shocked from contact with the brown haired female.

With a growl at the new comer, the three men walked by her. The one making the pass shook his hand lightly to ease the pain lingering in it. "Damn static electricity...shocked the hell out of me..." Walking to the car outside he reached to open the door only to jump back and curse again, shaking his hand in pain.

Nanoha sighed. "Thank you. Jerks came every day when I worked over the summer. They haven't given up yet... but anyway," Moving behind the register again she started tallying up Fate's order. "Thank you for the help, I appreciate it."

"Mm," Fate could tell Nanoha's mood was ruined now. "Hey?" She got a weak smile. "Um... You look cute today." This time the smile was better. "Can I get your number?" The request was made in a teasing way, making the girl actually giggle. "Friday night, Hot Stuff." Again Nanoha laughed, shaking her head happily. "Just one date!"

"Okay, okay! I'm happy now, stop teasing me." Licking her lips, she read the receipt that was just printed out. "Twenty-one fifty please."

Fate rooted in her purse and pulled out her credit card. "Here you go." After a swipe she signed her name and grinned. "Thanks Hot Stuff." With a final wink she took the bags and allowed the girl to go about her business. As she walked outside Fate moved to push the receipt into her purse but slowly turned it over when she saw writing on it. Nanoha's messy scribbling revealed not only her number that she already knew anyway, but had 'Redeem for one date' under it with a super deformed face of Nanoha sticking out her tongue. "...I swear, that girl..." She carefully folded the paper and slid it into her wallet to keep.

Yuuno looked over at the girl who was following him home from school and smiled to himself. "So, any particular reason you're coming home with me on the same day our tests were returned?" The girl stiffened lightly. "I knew it. Let me see your scores." Reluctantly a paper was brought from her skirt pocket and handed to him. "...Hey, you little trickster!" Nanoha finally let out her laughter. "I was worried about you, you know! Only one "C", I'm proud."

"Thank you." She took the slip back and smiled at it happily. "I'm in a really good mood today, this only made it that much better."

"Why such a good mood?"

"Wellllll," Nanoha blushed happily. "Remember a few days ago you gave me some money?" She got a nod. "I did it; I finally bought something." The impressed look Yuuno gave her made her pleased. "I have it with me so I was wondering if you'd photo me again wearing it?"

"Sure. We going to send them off?"

"If I can get a few poses that I'm happy with, I'd like to mail them off today." She got a nod. "I bought some photo quality paper so let's take a lot and print out the good ones and then pick the best ones?"

"Sounds like a plan." He looked over at her. "Although, now that I think about it... You really need a tan. You're white as white can be."

"Think so?" She looked at the back of her hands. "But a tan won't show up for a while... I'll have to start soon if I want to get one before I have a live interview." She thought about it. "I wonder if Hayate-chan knows of a place, she always has such a pretty tan..."

"Tanning salon?" Hayate repeated the words to herself while walking down the halls of the school. "You never tan, why start now?"

"I just...want to." She laughed lightly. Even though she had sent several photos in the mail recently she didn't know if she was even going to be selected or not yet. Until she got a reply from the people she had decided to keep it a secret from her friends. "Let's all go together!"

Fate looked at Nanoha's face and couldn't turn the girl down "Okay, as long as it's after practice I don't mind."

Nanoha poked her friend's arm. "I have tennis right now silly."

Hayate sighed and shook her head at the two girls next to her. "Well, I suppose if you two really want to." She nodded to herself. "Well then, lets go after clubs today and schedule appointments for the next little while. After all, it's more fun if we're together."

Nanoha could hardly stay still while playing tennis that day. The squeaking of her shoes rang out as she darted from one end of the court to the other to try and attempt to return Keroko's annoying court-spanning serves. Finally she managed to tap the ball over the net slightly and was given the pleasure of watching her captain lunge for it only to miss. Being the final point, Nanoha cheered happily. "Match point! Phew, I thought I was going to lose on this one."

Keroko smiled at her. "You are moving a little faster than you did when you started a month ago. I'll have to start getting serious when I go against you."

"Oh you was serious, admit it." Nanoha twirled her racquet in her hand and playfully pointed at Keroko. "I just whooped your butt."

Ten laps around the courts later, Nanoha fell onto the bench and panted heavily. "Stupid... Keroko...-chan...abusing... her rank..." Picking up a towel, she wiped the sweat from her face and neck. When the fuzzy object was moved from her eyes she saw the red headed team captain in front of her offering a bottle filled with water and a smile.

"So," Fate looked at the time card she had just filled out with her friends. "Since these are the good tanning beds we only need to come about five times over the span of around two weeks. Every other day or so, that's not too bad."

"Yup," Hayate nodded to them as she started taking off her shirt. "I like this place because they have group rooms like this so we can talk."

"I can't believe I'm doing this, Fate sighed out while unbuttoning her school uniform shirt. "Tanning is bad for the skin."

"Oh shush, you'll live." Nanoha happily stripped to her underwear. "Oh!"

"What?" Hayate looked over at her.

"Tan lines!" The lopsided ponytail flailed out as she paced. "I can't have tan lines!"

"Then tan nude," Hayate waved it off. "What gives, tan lines are cute, see?" She pulled the side of her panties down to show the line. "You can even put stickers on your body to make them. I have a cross on my thigh." To show it, she moved her leg out a little to reveal the area.

"Oh that's so cute!" Nanoha looked at the sheet of stickers by the beds. "But I need a full body tan...Oh, I know! Fate-chan, you use one!"

"Eh? No way." Fate shook her head. "I'm tanning with my top an bottom on."

"Not there," She insisted. "Let's... Oh, I know." Taking off a semi-large heart sticker, she stuck it to Fate's stomach, right over her belly button. "There you are. This will be adorable."

Fate looked at the hopeful eyes of her friend and caved in. "Okay, I'll do it." Hayate got the blonde's attention and smiled evilly to herself, knowing full well she was only doing it because Nanoha wanted her to. Fate sent a look back that clearly read 'Say anything and I'll doodle on your stomach with a permanent marker'. Once the girls got in the beds and set the timers the room got quiet for just a while before Nanoha started whimpering. "What's wrong, Nanoha? Are the bulbs too hot?"

"No," She squeaked out. "I'm scared."

"Of what?" Fate pondered, feeling the warm light start to get to her.

Hayate gasped out. "Oh, Nanoha-chan! Didn't you think about this before now!?"

"I'm an idiot."

Fate turned her head and squinted her eyes open to attempt to look at Nanoha but failing. "What's wrong?"

"She's claustrophobic." Hayate stated the fact Fate already knew. "Nanoha, sweetie, just relax." After her tanning bed opened and she quickly ran to the side of the room to get one of the little fans. Placing it on a stool she turned it on and aimed it to blow over the girl's body. "See? The air is moving around you, you're not closed in." Once the girl noticeably calmed down she reluctantly got back into her own bed and pulled it down. "Seriously, if you're scared, get out okay?"

"I'm okay... I'm okay..." Nanoha trailed off, still repeating the words to herself and breathing deeply. Only two minutes later the bed was pushed up and the girl scrambled from it, falling to the floor.

"Nanoha!?" Fate quickly moved from hers as well and rushed over to the panting girl covered in sweat. "Calm down!" A towel was quickly placed around her to cover her body.

"Here," Hayate, also free from her bed, positioned the fan back to blow on her. "Breathe,'re fine. See? Open your eyes. Go on.. open..."

Nanoha slowly opened her eyes, panting heavily and looking around. The air blowing on her slowly started to calm her down to the point where she could breathe properly. "...I'm okay... I'm sorry... I just... I'll be fine."

"No you won't." Hayate stood and turned off Nanoha's bed. "Get dressed and go outside."

"... Yeah, I'll do that."

Fate helped Nanoha to her feet. "I'll go too-"

"No. Stay. Get your tan, you paid for it." Nanoha moved away from Fate and quickly started getting dressed. "Don't you dare come out of here before twenty minutes is up!"

Fate was about to protest but Hayate shook her head and gently pushed Fate back to her bed. Once she was in it Hayate reclaimed hers and waited until she heard the door open and quickly close behind her friend. "Nanoha-chan is ultra sensitive about it," She explained before the question was asked. "If you left it would have seriously hurt her feelings."

"But I'm worried..."

"I know. I'm sorry, but this is the best you could do for her. One of her worst pet peeves is being a bother to others. It drives her crazy when she's the cause of trouble."

Fate stayed silent a moment while thinking it over. "..She's really claustrophobic huh? I thought she was just a little uncomfortable in small areas."

"Badly. Normally having wind blow on her is enough to calm her down but whenever she's in even a remotely enclosed space she gets uncomfortable. I guess she thought the tanning beds weren't this enclosed. But still... Why would she even bring this up if she knew she would be uncomfortable?"

"I don't know," Fate sighed out. "Are you sure I shouldn't go to her?"

Hayate smiled. "You're a great friend. But no, she just wants to be alone right now. Trust me, I've known her a while now."

Slowly Fate accepted the fact. "So...I'm assuming this is why she's seated next to the window at school and takes the stairs everywhere she goes?"

"Exactly." Hayate yawned. "You should be with her on road trips; even prolonged riding in a car trips her phobia. I'd say it was a cute trait about her but when she gets so frantic it really worries me."

"I see..." The blonde sighed out yet again. "I was wondering why she always sat by the window and gripped me when we rode together. I didn't know...I didn't even know how to calm her down...Some friend."

"Don't say that! Mou, Fate-chan, this isn't something that she just tells people you know." No reply greeted her so she continued. "Okay... When it happens, talk to her calmly. Soothing words are the best, so don't panic. Blow air on her if you can and get her to focus on any single point, preferably something moving or something to take her mind off the problem. If she starts to freak out, slap her one good time and make her focus on something else. Though I highly doubt you'll ever be in a situation where you'll have to do such. Normally she avoids small areas like the plague."

"Mm. Thank you." Fate stored the information away and waited for the timer to ding. Once out and dressed, she stretched lightly with a wince. "Ugh, my skin feels tight." Slowly she peeled off the sticker from her bellybutton and looked at it. Although the color difference was more to the fact of her skin being lightly red, she still frowned. "Tanning this fastcan't be healthy. I'm going to fry my ovaries."

Hayate laughed loudly. "No you're not!"

Nanoha looked up from her place on a bench not too far away from the entrance to the salon. Standing shyly, she walked over to them and laughed lightly. "Hey... have fun?"

"Yup," Hayate smiled.

"It was my first time in a tanning bed, but it wasn't that bad." Fate agreed, discreetly lifting her shirt enough to show Nanoha the faint traces of the heart on her stomach before pulling it back down embarrassedly. "Sorry for making you wait."

"No, it was my fault." Despite her earlier outbreak she seemed as if nothing had happened. "So, now what?" The three started walking together until Hayate needed to turn off.

"I'm going this way so I can't continue anymore fun today." Waving lightly, she smiled. "Bye guys, I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"Bye-bye." The two waved back before continuing along their path. "Sorry again, I must have scared you." Nanoha clasped her hands behind her back and looked up towards the sky. "I was stupid for even trying."

"Don't say that." Fate shook her head. "I'd like to know more about you...So..." Reaching into her briefcase from school, she took out the diary and handed it back. "I'd use this to write tonight but I won't have time so I'll give it back now. I think I filled up five pages. Sorry it's not as much as yours."

"Don't be, I just ramble." Nanoha took the book and blushed lightly. "Hey, it's kind of neat, trading this, huh? It's like we're a couple." the words made Fate darken and look away. "Oh, sorry, that was a little silly."

"Don't worry." Fate coughed, reaching out to take Nanoha's arm to move it so she could interlace their fingers. "My mom thinks we are. Trading diaries, catching us like that... I'm kind of used to the words by now."

"Oh." Nanoha looked away as well but kept the hand. "Um... Nyahaha... I don't know what to say. She thinks you're gay?"

"I'm bi," Fate answered instinctively before stopping and covering her mouth.

"Oh!" Nanoha let go of Fate's hand and looked at her with slightly wide eyes. "Oh... oh like girls... like that...that kind of bi...?"

"I..."Fate started walking again briskly.

"Fate-chan! Wait up, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to offend you!" Nanoha grabbed her wrist to stop the girl. "Really, I'm sorry, that was rude of me."

Fate sighed. "I'm should used to it by now."

Nanoha felt her chest tighten. "Hey... really, I'm sorry. It doesn't change anything." Moving up to stand beside her, she retook the blonde's hand. "That's why you said you felt guilty a few days ago?" She got a small nod. " told me then, and you're telling me now... you didn't have any bad thoughts?" This time Fate shook her head. "Then it's okay." Walking again, she pulled Fate along. "Can I ask one thing, though?"

"Hm?" Fate looked at the hand that was still grasping hers a little tighter than normal. "What is it?"

Slowly Nanoha turned around and looked at Fate with the sun setting behind her. " you see me?"

Fate slowly opened her mouth to answer but stopped short. The eyes looking at her were seeking truth, staring deep into her soul with a pleading expression for an honest answer. "I see you as a friend," Fate stated firmly. "... and as a woman."

Nanoha looked afraid for just a moment at the confession. A few seconds passed by before Nanoha reached up with her free hand and tucked some hair behind her ear that escaped her ponytail. "Okay. Thank you for being honest." The two started walking again side by side. After a few yards of silence she finally spared a glance up towards Fate, who was looking at the ground with a troubled expression. "Ne, Fate-chan?" She was looked at so she smiled up at her. "Um, I really don't know what to say about it but... Fate-chan is Fate-chan. If Yuuno-kun can hold me with no bad thoughts, then Fate-chan can as well. There's no difference in friends... Unless I make you uneasy?"

"You really are a silly girl." Fate smiled.

"What? Why?"

Fate looked ahead of herself and grinned. "No reason."

"Mou, Fate-chan, I'm trying to be all caring and understanding here! Don't confuse me!"

"Don't worry, it's okay." Fate teased her more.

Nanoha fumed. "It's not okay if I'm confused!" The blonde only laughed happily.

Yuuno looked up when he heard the lock to his apartment door being opened. Nanoha came in after a moment and closed the door behind herself, pale white in the face. "What is it?" Yuuno asked after a moment. "You look scared stupid. Did something happen?" He watched her weakly kick off her shoes without even untying them and walk over to the couch to sit down on it. "Are you finally in shock about Fate telling you she was bi?" He pondered, having heard the full story a few days ago when it happened. Nanoha shook her head. "Did you admit to yourself that you're bi?" again Nanoha shook her head. "I guess this isn't to do with Fate?" A third time, Nanoha shook her head. "Then... what is it?"

"They..." Nanoha held up an opened letter and showed Yuuno one of the pictures that he had taken of her in lingerie. The image showed Nanoha on a bed propped up on one hand, hair spilling behind her in the ponytail. Her other hand rested on her hip. The picture showed off her thighs and revealed just enough before being covered by the sheer fabric. Turning the picture over, she looked at the words written on it before finally handing it over.

"To Nanoha-san," Yuuno read aloud. "We hereby request for the woman in this photo to...come to the central auditorium in two week's time for a live interview!?" He sat down next to her and continued reading. "Please bring with you a swimsuit and a set of ten pictures of either swimsuit or undergarments as well as a resume!? Nanoha! Congratulations!"

The girl bent over. "Keep reading."

Yuuno turned back to the photo. "If you have no previous experience in modeling you are required to bring your sponsor..." Realization hit him. "You don't have a sponsor...Oh, your family has a business!"

"Family can't sponsor you, and even if they could, their name wouldn't mean anything to a modeling agency." She whispered. "What am I going to do...?" Leaning against him, she felt an arm go around her shoulders. "I don't know anyone who can do something like that..."

The male rubbed her shoulder while thinking. "Don't worry... We have two weeks to figure something out. We'll make it don't worry!"


"Really." He nodded at her, smiling again. "But you made it! You're on your way to becoming a model!"

"Yeah... Yeah!" Nanoha's mood changed all at once. "Yeah!!" She latched onto him so hard they both fell back onto the couch. "They want to see me in person!" The set back temporarily forgotten, she finally allowed herself to celebrate. "Yuuno-kun! We have so much to do! We have to go shopping! And...and... Oh my gosh, pictures! We have to take pictures in every outfit! What should I wear!? I don't have a swimsuit!"

Yuuno grinned to himself as the girl hopped off him and started pacing. 'Amazing how she can be so freaked out but then after a small push in the right direction she completely forgets her troubles...' Standing, he clapped his hands. "Alright, alright! First thing's first: Calm down. We need to plan this out." Sitting her on the couch he pointed at the photo. "They like this one. White goes good with you so let's start there..."

Saved by the Bell Collectible Card Game!

Card: Precia Testarossa

Name: Precia

Age: 42

Hobbies: Reading

Best subject: N/A

Worst subject: N/A

Interest: Learning new massage techniques

Favorite color: Black

Least favorite color: White

Favorite food: Blueberry muffins

Least favorite food: Vegetable soup

Worst fear: Losing her daughter

Job: Owner of Testarossa Touch

Favorite music: Disco

Least favorite music: Techno

Secret desire: To be better friends with Fate

Relationship: Single, not looking.

Sexuality: Straight

Quote: "Without fear there can't be courage."

Journal Entry:

Dear Fate-chan,

I really had fun staying at your place over the weekend. I got to buy really pretty things and even run around the mall like it was a date. If I could do it again, I would... Just without that horrible, horrible movie! I hate scary things, they always freak me out! But anyway, I'm really happy you was there to push me along my path. I got the lingerie and had Yuuno take pictures of me in it. Haha, don't worry, he's not the type to think bad things. Actually, if he wasn't crushing on another girl (Hayate-chan, shhhhh) I'd swear he was gay. Actually I think he is gay, and Hayate-chan is an exception to the rule. Hehe, that was mean but this is written in pen so I can't erase it. So, yeah, I printed a double of my favorite picture and put it in here. Feel free to keep it, maybe one day I'll be famous and you can sell it for lots of money! Like that would ever happen. I don't even really know how to start being a model, let alone being famous.


Dear Nanoha,

Thank you for the snacks at lunch today, they were really great. I feel bad that I ate half your lunch, though. You really should eat more, it's not healthy to always nibble and eat cakes and cookies whenever you want... Okay, maybe that's just me being jealous that you can do that. Mom restricts my candy intake to a point where I want to scream. She says I'll thank her later but really I want to strangle her sometimes. Want to know a secret? I have a bag of Starburst hidden in my desk drawer. It's almost empty so I'll have to make a stop on the way home from school and hide it in my bag. I feel like I'm smuggling pornography or something from all the steps I'm taking to prevent mom from catching me!


Dear Fate,

Bad girl! No candy for you! I'm always amazed at how much you eat, it really makes me wonder where all that food goes. How come you have a perfectly flat little tummy and perky breasts when you eat that much? For real, what's your secret? If it wasn't for tennis practice, I'd be so plump it's stupid. Honestly over the summer I gained a lot of weight because all I did was be a waitress all day and then munch on sweets when I got home. I gained almost seven pounds. When I noticed the scale one day I was so shocked I went on a diet. Started eating healthier lunches and cut back on the cake. I dropped the weight and now that I'm constantly running and playing tennis I'm slim-and-trim again! I think I need to cut back just a little more, though, I think my butt is a little big. Speaking of big, why is the first place girls lose weight their breasts? I think I should get implants, what do you think?


Dear Silly Girl,

Your breasts are fine. Really, what is it with people and wanting implants? All they do is get in the way. Ugh, I wish I could reduce mine. You have no idea how much my back hurts after I run all day constantly while training for a race. They bounce all over the place, I just want to scream. I bought a really expensive spandex-type running top that keeps them still for the most part, but it's still annoying. You should be happy with your size, you look fantastic in a tank top. But speaking of stuff, remember when you almost talked me into piercing my bellybutton? I was thinking something silly. I kind of want a tattoo of a butterfly on my ankle. What do you think? Am I just going through 'that phase' that most girls go through?


Dear Butterfly,

I'm really sorry if I hurt your feelings today about the whole "bi" thing. I was a little shocked to hear it. I mean, I just didn't know what to say. After the shock of it went away I realized how silly I was. I know I said it then but I'll say it again now. Nothing has changed. I still like you a lot and, given the chance, I'd still cuddle with you in lingerie. How's that? Sounds fun, huh? Okay maybe now I'm teasing you. And again, I'm writing in pen, you'd think I'd learn by now. About your tattoo, I say go for it. To be honest, I want one as well. Two, actually, if you get down to it. Angel wings on my back. Not the realistic ones but the cute anime style ones. On my shoulder blades, near the top of my back. How's that for sounding silly? I'm kind of glad Yuuno refuses to pay for it for me. If I could afford it, I'd probably have done it by now. So, what do you spend your money on? Besides beanie babies? Lately I've been saving up for something. I don't know what, but I have a good bit stashed. Maybe a new tennis racquet; mine is a little worn in. Those things can cost hundreds of dollars! I'm rambling again so I'll go for the night. Hope you're having sweet dreams.