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8 Nights: Help Us

Chapter 1

Things were nerve-racking in the Stoppable household. The air of insensitivity was so thick you couldn't even cut it with a knife. Three weeks after getting back from Germany during a mission that ended up with them being trapped in a cave for all eight nights of Hanukkah, they were having fights: many and all too often. This current fight was about Ron using an ingredient in dinner that Kim wasn't too fond of.

"Look, I'm sorry you don't like dinner!" Ron spat out, his voice elevated more than he wanted. This was shaping up to be the start of one of the many verbal wars they had been having since getting back from Germany. And it was going to be a big one. As in big enough to make World War II look like a dust-up. During their fights, they had taken to swearing at each other, which wasn't like them at all. They were acting like wounded animals trying to stay alive than the mature, professional, world saving adults that they were. Their exchanges had taken more of a feel as to who could do each other the most harm with their words as daggers and arrows aimed for the others heart.

"Well, you should have known that I hate walnut oil!" Kim shot back, slamming her palm down on the solid oak dining room table for extra emphasis, the sound echoing through their house. Here it was, the middle of January, and already they have had more fights than they ever did before they became BFF's, and later, a couple.

It seemed like every night they were at each others' throats about something. And, it was just over minor things like toilet seats being left up or down or drinking juice from the jug. It was just little things that any normal couple could forget in half a heartbeat. However, things weren't normal for the two. It seemed like after the news of Kim's miscarriage hit them, things just weren't fitting right like they used to.

"Yeah, at least I know what the hell I'm doing in the kitchen!" Ron shouted. Kim, with Ron's help, was getting a little bit better in the kitchen. At least she didn't cause the blender to jump around any more. And the food processor was still on its original motor.

"Yeah, and that's the only thing you know what you're doing around this house! Do you even know what a washing machine is?" was Kim's counter-attack. Ron wasn't known for being able to do the laundry, but he was trying to learn. At least he knew to either sort out the colors or wash everything in cold…now.

"Oh yeah, let's talk about the laundry. Or better yet, let's talk about how you tried to fix the Mustang, Miss 'I can do anything!'" Ron poked the air forcefully with his finger out to the garage door.

"Well, if SOMEONE hadn't used MY MUSTANG to go after Bueno Nacho at two in the morning, I would need to try and fix the fuel pump, would I, RON!?"

"You know damn good and well that I went to Bueno Nacho at two in the morning because I was working late getting things finished up for the end of the year inventory!"

"Please, how hard can it be to do paperwork for a store that mostly is known as 'Redneck Heaven' or 'Home of the mullet!'?"

At this point, Kim and Ron were almost nose and nose, screaming at each other. It was a sure bet that the neighbors could hear them. Last week, in fact, Officer Hobble had come to their place on a domestic disturbance call.

"Well, if YOU hadn't taken MY truck to go pick up groceries, and, thank you, by the way, for not getting HALF the stuff on my list, then I wouldn't have had to take the Mustang to work."

"YOUR truck? Excuse me, but I was the one that won BOTH cars!"

"And I spent almost all of my Plinko money to buy that damn wedding dress of yours!"

"After I had talked you out of wasting it on that stupid entertainment center you wanted! Did it ever pass through your thick skull that you watch enough TV as it is, Captain Lazy?" Kim picked up her plate of uneaten dinner and Frisbee-style flung it a Ron's head.

Ron ducked under the plate and ignored it as it shattered on the ground behind him, porcelain and food mixing on the floor. "Is it so bad that I'd like to come home and watch TV after a hard day of work?"

"A hard day of work?! You go around to Smarty-Marts in the Tri-City to make sure that other managers are doing their job! You don't have to face the public like I do and convince them that the newest fashion is what they want!" Kim was just about to send her glass flying as well.

Ron slammed his fist onto the table, causing the oak to crack under his blow. "I know exactly what your job is. You push that useless crap that Monique or Coco Banana or whoever else thinks they can put a couple of hunks of cloth together."

"Crap? You wouldn't know a thing about fashion if it came up and bit you in the ass! The best you can sell are the cheep knock-offs!" Kim screamed at Ron, and then sent her glass flying as well, which, again, Ron ducked under, adding a nice little pile to the food and plate that was already behind him.

Ron shot up and pushed the table away from his body with a mighty shove "Oh screw you!" he shouted at the top of his lungs and stormed off, slamming the door to the home office shut, and knocking off a couple of pictures from the wall. He was glad Rufus wasn't around to hear Kim and himself fighting like this.

"You tried, remember? It didn't take, asshole!" Kim shouted, following him to the office and then shouting through the door. "You're an asshole, Ron Stoppable! A complete, world-class asshole!" Kim pounded on the door to the office while she was screaming at him, making sure he heard every word that was coming from her.

The words struck at Ron's heart like ballistic missiles. They blew up in his heart and tore his soul to shreds. How dare she. How DARE she say something like that to him. "Damnit all to hell!" Ron said as he flung his arm across the top of the desk, sending papers and knick-knacks that they had collected over the years flying to the ground. Tears started to sting his eyes as he made his way back to the door and flung it open. "Oh, like it's my fault you lost the baby? If I remember right, I was the one that asked you to stay home. So don't you freaking blame me for something YOU messed up on!" And that's when he knew something wasn't right.

The moment the words hit Kim's ears, she fell to her knees and grabbed her face in her hands. Kim realized something wasn't right. Sobs and tears escaped her face and soaked her hands. She felt her husband wrap his arms around her. Kim didn't fight it. Instead, she moved her hands away from her face and bawled into his shoulder, soaking the cloth of his polo shirt and his shoulder. His tears were just as great, and they were soaking her auburn hair.

"Ron, what's wrong with us?" She asked between sobs. They had just blamed each other for the loss of the baby, when they knew that it wasn't either of their faults. Just like fights before hand, there was no reason for it. They hadn't even taken any missions since they got home. Wade had to get a new team started up to help out. Lucky for them they were small missions.

"There is something wrong. This isn't like us. I think…I think we need the therapy or something," Ron said, reaching up and wiping away a couple of tears of his own, but pressing forward with what he had to say, "I mean, how many times have we screamed at each other like we have over the past few weeks? It…it has to be this whole sitch with the miscarriage."

Kim nodded her agreement into her husbands shoulder. "Ironic, isn't it? We spend our lives saving the world and others, and now we're the ones who need help." Kim moved her head from Ron's shoulder to his chest, and kept her arms wrapped around him. "I didn't mean what I said Ron. I swear I didn't."

"I know, KP, I know. I said some pretty God-awful things, too," Ron replied, stroking her hair and kissing the top of her head. He didn't blame her for what she said. How could he? They had both said some pretty hurtful things to each other out of anger. That sort of stuff, Ron felt, couldn't be held against the person you loved. And, he did love Kim, with all his heart.

Sadly though, both of them had brought up the topic of divorce, and it was usually in the throws of an argument. Neither of them meant it, seeing as how it was screamed out at the top of their lungs and always out of anger. But it has been put out there. One time, Kim and Ron had a shouting match over the phone, and Kim, who was in the office at the time, actually ran a search for divorce lawyers in Middleton. That was about as far as it went, though.

"So, who are we going to go to?" Kim asked. "It would have to be someone we both trust…"

Ron nodded and stood up, helping Kim to her feet. "Let's see who we can find," Ron said and led Kim into the office. Kim took a seat in front of the computer with Ron next to her. Kim brought up Yee-haw!, one of the most popular search engines around, and typed into the search engine block "Tri-City Marriage Councilors" and was quickly granted a list of the results. Some of them were indeed in the Tri-City area, and others were in Colorado Springs and Go City.

"Martin Van Gogh? Mego? He's a marriage councilor?" Ron asked, actually surprised that the most self-centered member of Team Go actually helped other people with their problems.

"Guess so," Kim grinned. "He wouldn't be too bad, we know who he is and we can trust him," Kim said, pulling up his page and adding it to the IceWolf browser favorite's folder and then going back to the list.

"You might be able to trust him…" Ron replied. "Who else did the search bring up?"

After several minutes, the simple search for help decayed into yet another argument. Kim wanted to go to a doctor at her mom's hospital, a Dr. Sherry Rink, while Ron liked one in Lowerton, a Dr. Hep Yu.

"And what is wrong with Dr. Rink? She works with my mom, and I've met the lady a couple of times, she's very nice!" Kim said in a louder than needed voice.

"Whoa, Kim, just, whoa. Do you know what we're doing? We're fighting about who were going to go to for help!" Ron said, holding up his hands in an "I Give" motion.

Kim sighed: he was right. They were fighting over where they were going to go to stop the fighting. Had things really gotten that bad between the two? With a small nod, Kim returned to the computer and started naming off the names again.

When all hope seemed lost, and it seemed like divorce was indeed in the future, both of them spotted a name on the list: a person they both trusted. Someone who was close and it was someone that they both knew, and knew well. Kim gave a click of the mouse and brought up the web page.

Kim and Ron looked at each other, then over to the computer screen. Then they looked at each other again, and both gave a slight nod. Ron got up to get the phone. Kim returned to the computer screen and looked around on the web page some more. Ron walked back in with the phone and leaned over Kim's shoulder to get the number. He punched it into the keypad, and brought the phone up to his ear. Once the rings stopped, he was granted with a friendly "Hello?"

"Hi, Rabbi Katz?"

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