Hey Everyone! I am NightmareBeforeChristmasFreak, and I have been a fan of Futurama for a while now. So I'm just going to take a shot at writing a fan fiction on it. Bender is pretty much my favorite character…so yeah. If you guy have any constructive criticism, or pointers, or ideas for me I would love to hear them! This is my first Futurama fanficiton though, so please don't shoot me if it's bad. BENDER ROCKS! Yes…so hope you all enjoy!

Click. Clack. Click. Clack. Click. Clack. The endless clicking and clacking came from Bender's metal feet as he walked into the launch site. He suspected Fry was sitting at the table doing nothing as he usually does when he comes to work. Sure enough his suspicions were correct. There sat his buddy Fry, with his feet on the table, as he lazily leaned back in his chair.

"Oh, Hey Bender." His fleshy friend said.

"Hey Fry." Bender sat down at the table with his buddy Fry, mimicking him as he put his metal feet on the table. He then opened up his compartment/stomach, and pulled out a beer.

"So Bender, what do you wanna do today?" Fry asked, as he watched his best friend robot take another huge gulp of beer.

"Eh, I don't know Fry. I mean, I've already jacked everyone on the block, and I don't feel much like wasting my time walking beyond a block."

"Yeah, I always thought walking was a waste of time too."

"Yeah…say I hear there's a new construction site where there building a bank less then a block away, and where there's a future bank there probably a safe, and where there's a safe there's money!"

"Yeah that sounds cool." The two stood up, and were about to walk out when they suddenly heard a female voice yell at them.

"Oh no Fry, you're not going to rob anyplace with Bender today!" Leela, their good one-eyed friend and captain said as she walked in.

"We have a package to deliver to Jupiter's third moon today."

"Uh, but Leela, why doesn't Bender have to go too! I mean he's part of the crew."

"Fry, do you remember the last time Bender went to Jupiter's third moon?"

"Uh…no…"Fry said looking at Leela with his usual vacant stare.

"Of course you don't." She mumbled to herself. "Well come on Fry! The sooner we deliver this package, the sooner I can get home and feed Nibbler."

"Oh alright. Sorry Bender, but I can't come and watch you rob the soon to be bank."

"Hey, your loss not mine! Heheheh…"


"Doodeedoodooodeedoo…" Bender hummed, innocently, as he walked toward the construction site. Finally he came to the spot. It looked as though they had barley even begun work on it. There was just a big pile of ruble sitting there in large ditch, a few cranes, and construction workers.

"Aww man! They didn't even put the safe in yet." He said with disappointment. But being the Bender that he was, he turned that disappointment into optimism.

"Aw well, maybe I can still find something valuable." He then proceeded, to enter the site not even caring what happened to him. He jumped into the ditch filled with ruble, and dug through it, looking at some things for a brief moment, and then throwing them carelessly to the side.

"No. Uh, uh. No good. Wouldn't even get me a nickel at the pon shop. What is that? Oooh…now what do we have here?" Bender said looking down at what looked to be a Rolex watch. He glanced around seeing no one and quickly threw the thing into his compartment.

"Hehehehe…." He chuckled as he stood up. But as he looked up he noticed a crane holding a large amount of ruble above hid head.

"H-H-Hey! What the…AAAAHHH!" The ruble crashed down on him, covering him completely.

"Eh…well that takes care of that." A rather large construction man said, with a cigarette in his mouth.

"Alright boys let's move that ruble into that ditch now, and…"

"EXCUSE ME!" The workers heard a girl scream at them. They looked over to see a girl construction worker, or at least she was supposed to be a girl. She wore a baggy white shirt, and a loose pair of overalls. Her hair was completely tucked into her denim hat, revealing a pierced ear. Her skin and clothes were completely covered with dirt, dust, and other kinds of filth.

"Hey what the…oh it's just you Cindy." The fat construction worker said with some sarcasm in his low New Yorkish voice.

"Boss, do you realize what you just did? You just dumped ruble on a perfectly good working robot!"

"So, what's your point?" She only glared at her boss before running over to the pile of ruble. She started digging through the pile like crazy, until she finally came across the robot. His eyes were changing to many different symbols at a very high speed, and he seemed to be mumbling something about killing all humans.

"Aw…poor robot." She tried to gently lift him up, but he was too heavy for her. So she jumped up and quickly ran over to one of the magnetic cranes.

"Cindy! What do ya think you're doing, huh?!" She, once again, just ignored her fat boss's comment, and quickly moved the magnetic crane above Bender. It took him up, along with a few girders, nuts, bolts, and other metal objects.

"I'm taking this robot so I can fix him." She stated boldly, as she swiveled the crane toward her hover-truck on the street. She then lowered the crane closer to her truck, and let Bender, along with the girders nuts and bolts, drop into the back of her truck.

"Yous better stay here missy!" Cindy glared at him once more, before walking right past him and towards her red hover-truck.

"You leave, and you're fired Cindy! I ain't kiddin' around!"

"Go ahead and fire me! I never liked this stupid job anyway!" The grime-covered girl jumped into her hover-truck not even giving it a second thought.

"That fat ignorant pig...don't worry robot, I'll fix you up."

"She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes! She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes! She'll be coming 'round the mountain, she'll be coming 'round the mountain, oh she'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes!"

"Well…as best I can anyway…"

Okay, well I hope you liked the first chapter at least a little bit. You'll see later why Cindy is so kind towards robots! R & R!