10: the cup of love (An Epilogue, Perhaps)

Iruka woke the next morning, remembering dreams, dreaming of memories, and uncertain which was which…

He stared at the plain white ceiling over him and felt a wave of confusion overtake him.

Where am I…?

He felt movement beside him and then Kakashi's masked face came into his field of view.

"Yo. I'm back from my mission." An eyebrow quirked as Kakashi stared down at him. "What are you doing? You don't usually sleep this late in the afternoon."

"Kakashi?" Iruka felt like he was still trapped in a dream, sleepy and confused. "Where were…"

Kakashi sat down on the bed, one hand caressing Iruka's cheek. "You ok?"

Iruka sat up, instantly awake at the touch, and suddenly aware—and relieved—of his surroundings. And Kakashi was back from his mission. Finally. "Oh. Kakashi, I had the weirdest dream," he said as he leaned against the warm ninja beside him, hands reaching out for warmth and reassurance, and no small amount of safety. "So weird," he breathed.

Kakashi laughed silently, his chest moving slightly. "Tell."

"I was, I was in a harem, you were, oh my god, you were some sort of… scholar visiting the… You bought me. Oh and the Sultan—" Iruka broke off with a shiver. "It was bizarre. You had to save me, but I didn't trust you…," Iruka trailed off as he pondered that part of the dream. "Where on earth did that come from? It was so real."

"A harem?" asked Kakashi in a far-too-interested tone. "We could play that …"

Iruka smacked him with his pillow. But he didn't object when Kakashi rolled him over, slid the mask down and began kissing Iruka, slowly trailing down his neck and pulling clothes off as he went.

"Mmmm, Sultan, you taste good…"

That's right, thought Iruka. I'm the Sultan this time.

Happy April's Fools! I promise, this isn't the real ending, and I'll have the next chapter up asap. This was the ending I had in mind when I first started what should have been a quick oneshot--I'm glad I hung on to it. I appreciate all my lovely comments, especially Mr Anonymous, wonderful praise. Thanks!