Cyndi: Wow, it's been a while.

Deidara: *mutters* Apparently my attempt at killing you were unsuccessful, un.

Cyndi: So it was you!

Deidara: Um, oops. That was supposed to be a thought! Cyndi does not own Naruto, only her OCs. Haha...

Cyndi: I going to consider killing you off in Akatsuki Goes Spongebob.

Deidara: Please do, Sasori is so perverted that I can't even stand it, un. The faster you kill me the better.

Sasori: I'm going to kill you Deidara.

"I'm so weak."

Kaori could scarcely remember the events from last night. Sasori killed the Kazekage-

"Sasori killed the Kazekage!!!" yelled Kaori, eyes suddenly opening. She didn't notice the figure behind her. It was Aimi.

Aimi spoke. "Kaori, my father is... He's dead, isn't he?" There were tears welling in her blue eyes.

"I-I just had a bad nightmare, that's all." responded Kaori. She couldn't tell people that Sasori had killed the Kazekage, that would get Sasori into some serious trouble. "Where's Sasori? And why are you creeping in my room?"

"Well, I hadn't seen him since he didn't show up for our wedding." grimaced Aimi. "Where is my father?" She went on. "I decided to pay you a visit to tell you something important."

"Well, I don't know where your son-of-a-bitch father is." spat Kaori. "Tell me what you have to say and leave."

Aimi seemed hesitant to continue. "I-I came here to tell you that I brainwashed Sasori into choosing me over you. I-I-I'm so sorry. I didn't-"

Kaori glared at Aimi. "You thought that I hadn't figured out?" She went over to Aimi and slapped her across the face. "You're the reason why he's gone!"

Aimi started crying. "I'm sorry Kaori! I honestly am!" She sniffed and looked into Kaori's eyes. "I will make it up to you, I swear. I ruined everything, didn't I...?"

Kaori touched her necklace and thought of Sasori. "You did, Aimi. You ruined everything, but it's up to me to fix things. I swear I'll find Sasori." Upon finishing those words, Kaori left the room. Aimi hesitated to follow Kaori, but decided that she would help Kaori to make up for everything she did.

Kaori went down the stairs and saw Chiyo there. "Chiyo-baa, what are you doing?"

Chiyo looked up and saw Kaori. Mizuki-sensei had explained to her that Kaori had nearly fainted yesterday because Sasori left the village. Chiyo had tried to look for Sasori last night, but the village had forbidden her to look for Sasori because he was a missing-nin now. A missing-nin that they believed had something to do with the death of the Third Kazekage.

"Kaori-chan, are you well?" asked Chiyo, voice soft. "Did you rest last night?"

"Chiyo-baa, I'm going after Sasori."

"No. You must stay, you are too weak to go after him." stated Chiyo. "You will not chase after him or you'll become a missing-nin also."

Kaori looked down, saddened by these words. It was true, she was no match for Sasori. "But, I need to find him...!" She looked up with fiery eyes. "I-I'm going Chiyo-baa, and you can't stop me!"

Kaori looked at the corner of the room, and hesitated to grab the puppet before she decided not to bring it. She then darted out of the house.

Chiyo sighed. "Foolish Kaori-chan." She then saw Aimi follow Kaori out of the building, calling for Kaori to slow down. Chiyo looked to the corner of the room, where a puppet lay silently. It was the first puppet that Kaori had built, Sasori-kun.

"Aimi, what the hell are you doing?" asked Kaori. "Go back!" Kaori was running through the desert, hoping to catch a glimpse of Sasori somewhere.

"I'm helping you, Kaori." retorted Aimi. "I need to make up for the things I've done."

Kaori sighed, it was no use to argue with Aimi. "Fine, but just get out of my way. You're too annoying for anyone's benefit." Aimi remained silent, unable to meet Kaori's eye contact.

They traveled halfway across the desert, with no knowledge of Sasori's whereabouts. At last, they saw a small cavern about eighteen miles away from the Sunagakure. Kaori searched inside the cavern. Deep inside, she saw a red-haired man next to Hiruko.

"Sasori?" asked Kaori. She ran to him and hugged him. "I can't believe I found you!"

"Kaori, what are you doing here?" scowled Sasori. "I told you not to follow me!" He pulled away from her, furious. He looked at the person behind Kaori and stepped back, pulling out a kunai. He ran up to Aimi and held the kunai to her throat.

"S-Saso-kun?" stuttered Aimi. "I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused. I'm being sincere." Her eyes were honest, but Sasori had eliminated the possibility of a sincere Aimi existing a few years ago.

"For your actions, you'll join your father in hell." said Sasori, his voice laced with venom. He knocked Aimi out cold, saving her to kill later and turn into a puppet. "Your mind-wiping techniques might be useful in battle though. The sad fact is that I don't even want to touch you, you filthy slug."

"Sasori, what are you talking about? You have to come back to Sunagakure." said Kaori threatingly, ignoring the fact that Sasori was about to kill Aimi. "If you refuse, I'll have to force you to come back." She pinned Sasori to the wall, causing him to free Aimi and drop the kunai.

"What you say will not change what I've done last night." Sasori whispered those words into Kaori's ear. "I killed the Kazekage."

Kaori pondered for a moment. "I'll join you."

"No. I'm not going to drag you into this." answered Sasori. "Do you think being a missing-nin will be all fun and games?"

"As long as I'm with you." mumbled Kaori. "I don't see myself anywhere in the future without you-"

"No. Now get out and take Aimi before I kill her." said Sasori coldly. His eyes told a different story. Kaori had noticed a while back that Sasori did not like to show emotion, but his eyes were the most vulnerable to emotion. "We're done. I want nothing more to do with you."

Those words hit Kaori like ice. "I-I see." Kaori touched the ruby heart on her necklace and tore it off. "Take this back." She threw it at Sasori, tears welling in her eyes. Kaori then retrieved Aimi's unconscious body, she knew that Aimi was going to end up getting in the way.

Sasori picked up the necklace, then he stared at Kaori's face for the last time. He put his right hand on top of his eyes, shielding his eyes from Kaori's view.

"G-Goodbye, Sasori." She looked at Sasori to see his face one last time, but his face was shielded from her eyesight. The tears never came.

"I'm so weak. I can never protect anyone close to me."

Kaori sprinted out of the cave. Her legs were burning with exhaustion by the time she reached Sunagakure. She fell onto the hot sand, and the last thing she saw before she passed out was Mizuki-sensei's rabbit sniffing her face. "Ge-Off-Me..."

"Wake up, Kaori-chan!" shrieked Aimi. "Hello?!"

"Shut up Aimi, and don't call me Kaori-chan." Kaori sat up on her bed. "We couldn't get him to come back-"

Aimi's mouth twisted upward. "I know, but you saved me!"

"Which makes the mission a double failure," sighed Kaori, "I need to train. Just get out." Her voice was empty.

Aimi made a squeak and left the room.

Kaori's heart was black. She didn't want to open it to anyone ever again. She raised her hand to touch the necklace, realizing that she had torn it off and threw it at Sasori a few hours ago. Her face darkened. She decided to make a promise to herself.

"From this day on," thought Kaori, "I am going to train myself to death. I don't care if I lose my limbs or die trying to bring Sasori back, but I will either bring him back or kill him."

She walked over her drawer and pulled out a letter dated back several years ago. She looked down at the last sentence on the page and smiled bitterly.

""I will have changed, for the better. Love, Sasori."

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