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I was waking up. But it was slow and difficult and something was not quite right. I stretched out and realised there was a noticeable absence from my bed.


Ever since we had decided to get married we were totally inseparable. Yet here I was waking up alone. I couldn't believe he had left. Especially since Charlie was out of town and there was no danger of him getting caught spending every night in my room.

For a moment I was worried, though I knew deep down the danger was behind us. Well I guess old habits die hard.

But I was soon distracted from this worry as something else dawned on me. I looked towards the always open window and squinted. The light that shone in was unusually bright. Blinding almost.

I looked down and realised I must have kicked off my covers during the night to reveal my shorts and skimpy tank top. Edward must have left before that because he surely would have fixed them.

I sat up slowly, stretching my arms out above my head. I rubbed my eyes and realised my face was slick with perspiration, my hair was plastered to my head. I felt hot and muggy. This was unusual, I mean it was Forks after all. I only ever got too hot when Edward kissed me.

Even though it was only eight o clock the temperature was stifling. Outside was a glorious day, the sun was beginning to blaze and I jumped up. I did not want to waste it in bed. The sudden change in climate explained Edwards absence and I was anxious to be with him again.

Still though a tiny part of me was glad he was not here to see me in such a bedraggled state. Sweat and morning breath were definitely not attractive. So enjoying this freedom I padded down to the kitchen, without bothering to take one of my customary "human moments" in the bathroom. I slowly munched my cereal. I was already feeling lonely so I switched on the small radio on the counter for company. It was old with horrible reception. I normally only ever listened to it while cooking for Charlie. After a few irritating ads an upbeat salsa song began to fill the deafening silence. It suited the atmosphere and I found myself moving in rhythm with it as I rinsed my bowl. I'm sure to an outside observer I resembled a monkey having a seizure but I didn't care. I felt light and free and all the recent tension was only a distant memory.

However this was soon interrupted by the corny and obnoxious voice of the morning radio presenter. I was going to turn it back off and call Edward but something in that over-enthusiastic ramblings caught my attention. Was I hearing things? The d.j. continued

"No folks, you are not hearing things. Forks, yes Forks the rainiest place on earth is experiencing a heat wave. It is currently 85 degrees and it's only going to get hotter…"

I skipped out of the kitchen then. I loved the sun. And even though this news meant I wouldn't see as much of Edward there was nothing to stop me going to visit him. I went straight to the bathroom to have a much-needed shower. From downstairs I could hear the cheesy yet apt strains of "Feeling Hot Hot Hot" and I smiled despite myself. Inside the bathroom I noticed a white rectangular box left on the down-turned toilet seat. On top of it was a crisp sheet of paper, folded in half. My name was written on it in Edwards inimitable perfect cursive. I opened it and began to read


Sorry not to be there when you woke up. Alice only saw the change in weather during the night and I did not want to disturb you. We left some things you may need. Apparently this heat wave is going to be a lot of fun. Come over as soon as you please.

Love Edward.

I mentally kicked myself for not coming straight to the bathroom as per my usual routine. Then I opened the box with both excitement and trepidation. Within it were seemingly random items that I'm sure would become relevant in some way if Alice chose them. First I pulled out a bottle of factor fifty sun block. This was thoughtful but made me roll my eyes. The next was mildly insulting. A bottle of extra strength anti-perspirant. I prayed it was Alice who put it there and consoled myself with the fact that soon the Cullen's would no longer be able to point out my human flaws. I would be inhuman like them. I then pulled out a pair of soft leather open toe sandals. They looked comfortable and expensive. I was glad of them because most of my other footwear was more suitable for wading through puddles. Also because they were not flip flops. I was simply unable to walk more than three steps in a pair of flip flops.

I was about to place the lid back on the box when I noticed one last article in it. It was so small I could have easily missed it. A bikini. A few strips of fabric that could hardly be classed as an item of clothing. I pulled it out tentatively. It was a bright aqua blue, not a shade I usually wore. The top was halter neck, no doubt designed to emphasise what little cleavage I had. The bottoms, though small were not as bad as I anticipated. They were low waisted but more like shorts. I was relieved the would not require a bikini wax. Ordinarily clothes like that would invoke feeling of dread and despair worse than any bloodthirsty vampire could cause. But to my extreme surprise I was actually feeling rather excited. And it was not just at the thought of seeing Edward in his swimming trunks. The heat must have been going to my head because I had a feeling this heat wave was definitely going to be interesting.

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