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Epilogue: Utopia

Mike sheathed the red sword into its leather scabbard. He was breathing hard as sweat trickled down his forehead and arms. "That was…one hell of a fight." Dozens of broken bodies were stacked around the group of Masters. The burn of fire and smoke had eradicated most of the decaying smell, a blessing indeed.

The church door opened as John Vistol and Kenji emerged into the battlefield. Kenji had a sad solemn look as he raised his hands in motion of surrender. John leaned against the door in shock. "How could I be defeated? My strategy is sound…the decisions are correct. There's no mistake."

Ilya stepped closer towards the defeated Masters. "There is more to it than just strategy and decision making." She slapped John in the face. "There's something called fighting for the one you care for." John did not have an answer as she strode past him into the church that remained intact. All he could do was simply raise his hands and bear the burning mark on his face.

Dawn is arriving in its leisurely pace. Human minds awake to start off another day. For some, it is the end of the line. As the sunshine struck the church's cross of Christ, it is time to say goodbye. Beyond the mess that is already beginning to rot away to nothing, the victors of the sixth Holy Grail war regrouped under the God's cross. They don't have much time as the source that binds them is destroyed for good.

Rin estimated since the contact with Shirou just moments after the Holy Grail was destroyed that they have now mere minutes. In the past forty minutes, she and Archer had been working on erasing the memories of the two Masters as they had been defeated and gave up without a fight. This war is something they should forget for their safety's sake. As so, the deed was done and the two Masters was sent to a random street under hypnosis before they will wake with altered memories for the past two weeks. Hopefully, the church will not send the Executors after them.

Sitting by the destroyed road, the young couple gave their goodbyes. Mark gave Jessica a tight hug. Jessica said in a sad tone. "You haven't kept your promise."

The Outcast tapped her back gently. "Don't worry. I'll be back anyhow again okay? Don't get a new boyfriend before then."

Jessica laughed to that. "I'll remember to keep that in mind. If I do that is."

"Hey." Mark feigned a scowl before giving a warming smile. "I'll be back. I love you babe."

Jessica rested her forehead against his. "I love you too."

Mike said from beside the church door. "That's rather smoochy don't you think?" He and his Servant had been watching the two.

Cratos laughed beside him. "This is something an idiot like you won't understand."

Mike shook his head in amusement. "Still…despite our grievances, I'm glad to have you as a partner."

His very old grandfather agreed. "That is the same for me. I do wish we could drink together again right now."

Mike cracked a suggestion. "Would you like a take away with that, Great Grandpa?"

Rin shook her head in a sad observation from the other side of the wall. She had heard the conversation between the two Greeks. "An idiot servant for an idiot master." Archer, his body was rudimentarily healed by Rin raised an eyebrow to that.

He said with confidence. "Then I thank you for praising me to be an excellent one."

"No, you're an idiot too. All men are." Rin declared.

Archer was displeased with that. "That's a bit too far." He scooped her suddenly into his arms. He said with a grin. "You need to be punished."

Surprised Rin struggled to get out of his grip as he gave the punishment. "STOP IT! IT TICKLES!"

From afar among the tombstones, Ilya gave a sigh. Hercules was already gone lifetimes ago. She didn't get the chance to say goodbye before his million army defense. She will be all alone for the next few moments.

"It's not good to be alone like that Ilya."

The former Einzbern turned to see Shirou and Arturia approaching. She raised an eyebrow. "Don't you want to say your goodbyes in private?"

Shirou chuckled. "Does it matter? You're family too." He turned to Arturia. "Besides, I know I can sustain her existence here with the gate of Atlantis."

Arturia slowly shook her head in refusal. "As much as I want to, it's not the way to be."

Shirou was surprised. "Why isn't it Arturia? We'll be together for the rest of our lives!" To be separated once again is threatening to tear his heart apart. He can't let this second chance go.

"I know Shirou but…" She held his hand, radiating warmth into his heart. "This power you have is connected to the world. It's not yours; it's the entire Mother Earth's to keep. As much as I'd like it to be, using it for my existence would be detrimental to the world. It's selfish for us to abuse it."

"I…" Shirou lost in the argument. He can only give a stoic answer. "I understand Arturia."

The blue knight kissed him in the cheek. "We'll be together when the time comes. You just have to be patient."

Shirou accepted her assurance. He sent her off with a smile. As pained as he would be, he will bear it and wait. "I'll see you in Avalon." The church bell rang loudly into an echo that traverses across the city of Fuyuki. The moment has arrived.

As the sun started to cast its shadow on the ground, Arturia smiled. "Good bye Shirou." The bright yellow glare blinded the masters. By the time their eyes settled, their servants are gone from sight. There is only one exception to the case. Arturia blinked as her eyes too adjusted to the morning glare. "How did I…?"

Surprise turned to joy as Shirou began to comprehend her continued existence. Ilya was puzzled as the blue knight. Being the scientist he was, Shirou had come up with a plausible theory in a moment. "You're not connected to the Holy Grail. Not anymore."

Ilya doesn't have an inkling of how something like this could occur. "Then how is this possible?" The Holy Grail does most of the summoning process. Only the Masters provide the mana to the servants to survive. With the Holy Grail destroyed, the anchor that keeps the servant in the world is gone and thus led to Saber's fade ten years ago.

Shirou explained his theory to the Knight. "The Holy Grail withdrew all his connections to you, correct? Afterwards, I had opened the Gate of Atlantis to recharge you. This would suggest that you're free from the Holy Grail." It would be similar to Gilgamesh's case of surviving beyond the fourth Holy Grail war.

Arturia implied. "That would mean…"

"Yes, the anchor that keeps you alive is just pure mana. Until the day you die, you can live on a normal life." Shirou gave the best news of the world to the King of Knights.

"Shirou…" Master and Servant hugged each other before kissing under the orange warm sun.

It is the afternoon of the same day. The city is bustling with people as normal. The traffic on the streets is abundant and so is the Fuyuki City's airport. For today, it is time for a Greek man to return to his homeland. He was being sent off by the group of comrades.

"It's been some heck of a trip here." Mike said as he turned around with a large red bag pack on his back. All his affairs in Fuyuki had been settled in mere hours. Now there is nothing left for him to do here except to say a vacation or so but that's clearly out of the question. "It was nice meeting up with you guys."

"We hope you the best." Shirou gave his blessing. Rin, Jessica, Ilya and Arturia were present as well. Everyone of course had cleaned up from the mess of blood and dirt. In their regular attires, they each gave a farewell to Mike.

"Thanks. I'm sure my old man will send a memo and a bill soon enough." Mike cracked a smile to the snow haired woman. "So little angel, can we meet sometime soon?"

Ilya brushed her hair lightly. "Maybe, you'll have to be the one to find me. I'm not the one who has the time to entertain you."

Hearing that, he smiled. "Well met little angel, I'll see you around sometime." Mike gave a casual salute before turning around for the customs.

Seeing Mike pass through customs, Shirou asked. "Are you serious about him?"

Ilya was surprised. "Are you serious?" Ilya waved him off. "He's one annoying pain in the butt. I'm merely accommodating for him." Ilya turned around and caught something of interest from one of the airport stores. She moved on as the others took a slower stroll through the relatively reasonable crowd.

Now, there is only one person left to send off. Shirou directed his question towards Jessica. "With the Holy Grail war now over, what are your plans?" She too was carrying several bags herself on her back and on hand.

Jessica gave her future plans. "Hmm, it has been a really tiring few weeks. I could use a vacation." She sighed. "However, I still have classes to study for. There's no running from that."

Shirou chuckled. "Classes, now that's something I haven't been in for such a long time." He had been in the workforce for at least five years now. Classes are now a thing of the past to him. It kind of reminded him of Taiga.

"Well, I am a bunch of years younger than you." Jessica, the undergraduate gave a smile of her youth.

Shirou gave his good luck again. "All best of luck then."

"Thank you. I'll try not to keep in touch." Jessica gave a laugh. "Feel free to come by. Good bye." She broke off from the group and walked towards the bus area. From there, she'll have transport back to her university.

What were four are now three. Shirou directed the same question towards the twin tailed woman. "Now Miss Rin Tohsaka, what are your plans?"

Rin answered. "It's simple of course. Get a job and start paying back all these debts."

The last part of the sentence caught Shirou's ears. "Wait, what debts?"

Rin hushed him. "You don't need to know about them or else."

Even if he had the power of the world, nothing is more dangerous than a woman's scorn. Shirou let it be and replied with a chuckle. "If you say so…"

The clock strikes twelve, signified by the ring of the church bell. The sun shines brightly, bringing warmth to the land that has met desolation. After a week, the soil today has returned to normal. The grass and flowers grow healthily as today's occasion suited a happy feel. Inside the church, a very small crowd was seated along the many rows of seats that were untouched during the battle. From the first row of seats, Ilyasviel von Emiya, Rin Tohsaka and Fujimura Taiga watched the procession. Taiga was holding a photo frame of Kiritsugu Emiya. The three were dressed in a formal manner. Ilya remained on her standard dress but Rin and Taiga wore red and yellow dresses. Further behind several rows were a number of men in black suits, protecting the important man of Raiga Fujimura.

Along the other side of the seats were Shirou's former schoolmates both in times of high school and university. They however do not know what the two had been through in secret for the past few weeks. Center stage, the newly installed priest of the Church organization, a relatively young man in the priest white robes said "Now we shall have the groom and bride to pledge their vows."

The bride was dressed in a white wedding gown that stretched down from the chest. The legs were bristled with frills and the bride wear gloves long enough to reach the forearm. A long white ribbon was wrapped around her neck with a yellow clip.

"I, Arturia Pendragon, take you, Shirou Emiya, to be my husband. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life."

The groom was wearing a gray suit with an ochre tie. Shirou Emiya made his pledge in return.

"I will accept you, Arturia Pendragon to be my wife. I pledge to be your sword and shield. I will love and protect you even to the ends of the earth. This vow shall be eternal."

The priest continued the ceremony. "You have declared your consent before the Church. May the Lord in his goodness strengthen your consent and fill you both with his blessings. That God has joined, men must not divide. Amen."

The priest turned his attention to the groom. "Will you, Shirou Emiya take Arturia Pendragon as your wife?"

Shirou looked into his beloved's emerald eyes. He confirmed the choice of his life. "I do."

Satisfied, the priest now turned his attention to the bride. "Will you, Arturia Pendragon take Shirou Emiya as your husband?"

Arturia smiled as she squeezed Shirou's hands lightly. "I do."

The priest continued on with the conclusion. "With this, I declare your marriage official under the sanctimony of God. For the groom, you may kiss the bride." Shirou smiled as he lifted the wedding veil. Beneath it is the smile he so truly wished to see.

The two destined kiss to seal their official bond. The church organ played their music as confetti shot up into the air. Hand in hand, the new weds walked down the path towards the door. Outside in the shine, a black limousine awaited. Shirou scooped his wife up bridal style with a smile. The crowd cheered as they suggested Arturia to throw the bouquet of flowers. Nearing the limousine, the former king of knights threw the bouquet high into the air.

The pink roses spread several of its petals as it flew towards the church. An outstretched hand caught the bouquet. Fujimura Taiga gave a squeal of delight as she held the good luck charm of marriage. As Shirou gently placed Arturia into the car seat, he managed a glance to the crowd. A man in a black suit stood out by the church door. He is a man that should not be there. He should not even be alive. The man who had saved him from the fire twenty years ago gave a faint smile before turning and entering the church. The doors closed as Shirou smiled in return.

Daijiro Fujimura, dressed in a black suit with a hand on the steering wheel asked. "Is something wrong?"

Shirou answered as he entered the limo. "It's nothing." With an accepting nod, Daijiro begin to drive the limo back towards the Emiya mansion. From there on, there will be a lot to remember and forget in the midst of a grand party.

In an undisclosed location in Europe

Mike was drenched in sweat as he exerted his body to the limit. His grunt joined dozens of others as he fought against his challenge. Two hundred one handed push up is their goal. His instructor yelled at his ear. "Do you think you can be soldiers if you complete this challenge?"


"THEN FINISH IT! We ain't got all day just for this!" The men in training worked harder to finish their task in synchrony. A full hundred men were brimmed with sweat all over their fit bodies.

Minutes later came the blessing. "Okay, take five before we go to the next one!" Bodies plop to the floor for the eager break. All except one, still hard pressed at work.

One of the men took his sweaty shirt off and asked. "Hey Mikey, why aren't you stopping?"

Mike answered as he resumed his push up. "I don't want to be just a soldier. I want to be just like my great grandfather, a Spartan."

An instructor noticed the odd Mike. He had heard the recruit. "If you think that alone is enough, you're completely wrong."

Mike nodded. "Hell no, this is only the first step."

In Japan

It is nearing afternoon as Jessica leaned against the white wall beside her. Her eyes are tired from the long hours of focus in class. She still has another one at least after the one's she's currently in. It will demand a great amount of willpower to pull through that class. As the lecturer went on, she drifted focus slightly, thinking on her prospects of graduation within the year. It's certainly possible if I catch up with just another subject…

She then noticed a flutter of movement at the window beside her. She lifted her head slightly to see what it is. It is a bird but it wasn't any particular bird. It is a Golden eagle. It kicked her mind into recall. These birds don't live here. They exist in America and Africa, not Japan. She stared deeply into its eyes. It felt like she was connected with the eagle.

The bird did the unexpected. It bowed at her with its large wings outstretched. She smiled as she instantly knew its meaning. The bird leaned against the glass window as she whispered softly. "Welcome back."

What was a happy noisy afternoon is now a quiet night. The alcohol and other beverages had been put away. The dozens of dirty plates have been cleaned and rest neatly in their proper places. The confetti that was thrown in celebration were all swept away and disposed appropriately. The few visitors that have attended had all gone home. The large mansion is now quiet. Ilya is asleep in her room from all the drinking. The newly married couple is in their room, hugging each other tightly.

They felt each other's warmth as they lied down side by side. Shirou whispered by Arturia's ears. "I love you."

Arturia replied likewise. "I love you too."

Shirou stroked her soft hair. "I feel really glad that my father, my real father had given me such a powerful relic."

"You are really lucky with fate Shirou. You've nearly died so many times yet here you are." Arturia smiled as she felt his breath by her neck. "I'm also glad that I can stay with you in this time."

"There is one more thing that needs to be done before we can commemorate our first night as husband and wife." Shirou sat upright. Arturia followed as well. He asked for her hand which she complied easily. He put it over his chest as he closed his eyes.

Trace on

Open the Gateway

Shirou's nervous systems glowed teal as it opened the gateway to the power of the earth. The raw energy of the world was at his fingertips. He could do whatever he wanted with it. It is almost infinite.

Track the bounds

He could feel the borders of the gateway, a bright teal oval that is inside him. His mind is crisp that he could see it. It cannot be found physically but it is there, just like Avalon once was. He wants to mould it into something else.

Separate in half

The gateway tore itself into symmetrical halves. The teal energy faded as the gateway is no longer functioned as intended. It can be restored when chosen to be.

Reform the gate

The fragments were changed in shape into a lock and key. Without both, the two fragments are useless. To keep them together is useless.

Initiate the transfer

Arturia bit her lip as she strove to take the lock fragment into herself. The fragment locked onto her Magic circuits, turning itself into a power source. The flow of magic is extremely limited but sufficient to maintain an existence for an extremely long time. It is just like any other regular human.

Set, set, set. Lock and close.

The fragment in him locked onto his magic circuits, turning dormant as he does not need it. When the glow faded, the process is complete. Shirou let go his breath that he had been holding for so long. It has been done. "Arturia, with this, your heroic abilities and mine are sealed together. It can only be undone when it is necessary. The piece of the gate will be your life source."

Arturia leaned against him. "I've found my solace. I don't need to fight anymore. So, those abilities are more than I need in this world."Arturia kissed him as the moon shined brightly in the skies above.

It is now two weeks since the end of the sixth Holy Grail war. Shirou, now a married man was busy at hand raking the leaves. Arturia was working on the laundry. Later during the evening, they'll head out and purchase more necessities such as food and in particular, clothes for Arturia. His imagination of a happy shopping moment was interrupted by a voice from behind a tree.

"Shirou Emiya, bravo to your recent success."

Shirou answered. "Alaya, isn't it?" True to his guess, Alaya, still in Tasya's form emerged from behind the tree. He queried. "What is it that you want? I've done my part of the deal as I said I would."

Alaya complied. "Yes you did… Yes you did." She spoke of her intentions. "I merely wish to stop by and confirm that the contract is complete. We are now even." Alaya added as she leaned against the shed. "It is rather interesting how you sealed your ability to keep your wife alive."

Shirou laughed. "I call that coincidence." He gave a smile. "Even so, I'm glad that it is the way it turned out."He paused before adding. "Before you go, I just want to say something. Thanks for the help."

Alaya smiled. "It feels good to help out on the side sometimes." She looked into the sky. "Now then, I'm heading off. There are more things to keep an eye on to save this world." Alaya walked behind the shed and Shirou presumed she disappeared. He put the rake away. His war may be over but the peace of the earth is hardly assured. He'll need a new job to bring up the family as well. His actions were clearly known in the magic world, having sealed the only way to access the magic of the Earth. It will lead to dangerous enemies.

Shirou decided his future. "I suppose it's time to go into my family roots."

In the office of the church, Satiris was reviewing more information and news gathered by the local populace and his own staff. He didn't like the facts. Heretics are uprising in the Seres region. An entire village had been corrupted. Through the phone, he ordered a staff men to deploy the Executors. They will destroy the heretics and from there, the source of the heresy.

He received a phone call which he answered. "What is it?"

An equally old man's voice spoke. "Ah, Satiris monsieur. We have a developing issue in Africa if you are aware of it." Satiris knew about the hijacking of a cargo ship heading towards London from India. Normally, the Magi association will not lift a finger, letting the world deal with it conventionally. This time however, there is a problem. The ship was carrying a valuable shipment of magi research materials.

Satiris assured the Frenchmen. "Yes, I am. I have convened with the rest of the council already regarding this issue. The Pioneer and its infantry complement are actually on their way as we speak."

The voice was of relief. "That is excellent monsieur. My ears are rather rickety from the racket this Miss Tohsaka, the researcher in London had been throwing at me. Now I can get it off my hands. Thank you for your time. I will enjoy a cup of tea with you sometime soon." The phone call ended.

Satiris chuckled as he now of Rin Tohsaka's current predicament. "What a bright woman despite her temper." He reviewed the next document at hand. It is an approval form from Second Lieutenant Khristos. The form was regarding the addition of replacements for the Pioneer Platoon. They had taken a beating but they're combat capable for the Somalia operation. The replacements will be inducted afterwards within several months most likely. He read the list of replacements. He noticed a particular name from the list. It was his son's. Blood threatened to boil under his skin. "That bloody idiot." Despite his best wishes to keep the young man alive, he signed the form.

A year later…

Dear Shirou,

How are you doing in London? I'm fine here in Germany. I wished you could have attended my graduation today but I know today is your big day too. Professor Adelbert wishes the best for new job but of course I can't tell him what your new job is He he he. I wish I could attend yours as well but alas, fate isn't good about that today.

Nevertheless, I will return to Japan and there I will see you again. I'll discuss with you about any further arrangements then. Do pass my congratulations to Rin for getting her post of Magic Development of the Magi association. Her hard work had finally paid off.

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon Onii chan.



Shirou put the letter aside at his desk. It had been his for only a day. It was a simple living quarters provided to him for an occasion in London. To Shirou, it was good enough. He checked the black tuxedo he wore. There were no issues about them, giving off the spotless shine. He felt it was a little over the top for the occasion. The grey oak door knocked which he attended to. "Ah, is it time Rin?"

Rin Tohsaka, dressed in a formal shiny silk smooth red dress nodded. "Yes Shirou, they're about to start." Shirou closed the door behind him as he gestured her to lead.

"Let's not keep them waiting." The red white hallways are bright in light and extravagance as they entered a main hall. Large square tables are arranged at the sides with a large open space in the middle. A small crowd was expecting him from the tables. A larger podium awaited at the back of the ballroom. It will be the main act of this occasion. After this will be a feast so large and grand that even the heaviest eaters like a former king is unable to eat most of it.

An old man was waiting on stage. "Today is a day where we add a new magus into our ranks. He is the winner of the fifth Holy Grail war. He with our researcher Rin Tohsaka and others had managed to put an end to the Sixth Holy Grail war and undo certain discovery of magic." He clapped his hands proudly. "Today, we welcome Emiya Shirou." The crowd joined in the applause as Shirou made his entrance.

Despite the glare, he could see the attending crowd is big. In a satin white dress, Arturia waved at him from the front seats. In her other arm held a young child in a blue blanket, freshly born into this world. It meant half of everything to Shirou. He smiled and carried on to walk towards the centre. He stood under the bright shine above him.

The applause slowly died to allow Shirou Emiya to speak. "I thank you for today. I appreciate your efforts of welcoming me." The sword of Excalibur formed at his fingertips. He twirled the blade around and rested its sharp tip onto the floor. "As a fully recognized magus, I will my do my best to bring peace to this world."

"I will work hard..."

"To make our world…"

"Into our Utopia."