Mario's Brief Case

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: I have no idea how this Mario one-shot came to be. But I do know that I'm gonna be using Rayquaza in my Smash fanfics from now on!

Disclaimer: Mario belongs to Nintendo.


Today, Mario has invited his good friend, Princess Daisy, former ruler of Sarasaland. He and Daisy were...doing something They were eating cherry pie. Which Daisy cooked.

And Mario knew very well that Daisy couldn't make any good food for life.

"Err...yum?" Mario said, grinning nervously as he bit into the pie. "'s delicious...?" He lied, gulping down.

Daisy glared at Mario. "Just what are you trying to say-"

BAM!!! Mario punched Daisy in the face, and he ran off to the bathroom, puking in the toilet. He came back out, to see several Koopa police officers surrounding him, all of them pointing their guns at Mario.

"Uhh...whoops?" Mario said nervously, putting his hands up. He was immediately tackled by the Koopa police officers.

"Whoops is for chumps," Said a red-shelled Koopa officer as he handcuffed Mario, grabbing his right arm and stating, "You're going to court."

Mario gulped as he was dragged out of his own house. Later, in some random court, Mario was sitting in the defendant seat, while Rayquaza got into the judge seat.

"What the he- you're the judge?" Mario asked in disbelief, giving Rayquaza an odd look.

Rayquaza sighed, playing around with his small mallet. "Yeah, yeah. Let's get on with the case. I got a date with Mrs. Patch." He cleared his throat, and placed on the judge wig, slamming his judge mallet. "Court is now in session!" The clock them chimed loudly, and Rayquaza slammed his judge mallet on the table. "Court is complete. Mario is innocent!"

"Woohoo!" Mario cheered as he teared the orange jail clothes off of him and was wearing nothing but his underwear, flipping the bird at everyone, "So long, suckers!" He bursted through the right wall, and started running back to his house, leaving everyone else baffled while Rayquaza resumed laying around with his little judge mallet.


...OR IS IT...?