NOTE: Okay, bring on your spears, I can pretty much guarantee some of my fans are gonna read this, and be thinking 'ANOTHER ONE?!?!?' yeah, well I always have the same reaction so... anyways this Fic is really just an idea my friend gave me, by saying I should add an OC 'villain'(for lack of better word) from one of my Original Stories, to the Naru-verse. This will probably be pretty violent and sexual at times so viewer digression is not advised

The Harem is NarutoxSakuraxHinataxInoxTemari

PS, this would probably take place during or after Shippuuden


It was October tenth, a special day in particular, it was Uzumaki Naruto's 16th birthday, and him and Sakura were walking out of Ichiraku Ramen, after a nice lunch, Tsunade had given Naruto the day off from missions, and he asked Sakura if she had wanted to join, she didn't want to say no to him on his birthday, so she went along

"Later" Naruto waved to Teuchi, and his daughter Ayame as they exted the ramen stand

"Happy birthday Naruto" Ayame said

"thanks" Naruto replied, before turning back around and walking with Sakura again

"So... Naruto... why did you only eat one bowl this time? Don't you usually scarf like four or five" Sakura giggled

"Hey, it's two or three maybe four... and besides, there's that festival tonight anyways, so I'm saving room for the food then" Naruto said patting his stomach "... and I didn't want to look like pig in front of you"

"Really?" Sakura asked raising an eyebrow

"Yeah, you either yell or hit me for it, so it means you don't like it" Naruto chuckled scratching the back of his head

"true..." Sakura said holding her arms behind her back and she continued forward "so birthday boy, what do you want to do next?"

Naruto stopped in his tracks and looked at Sakura and she stopped and turned around "what?" she asked

"Did you seriously just basically say you want to stay?" Naruto asked

Sakura blushed and looked away before frowning "pfft... it's not like a date or anything"

"It's not that... it's the fact you usually want to get away from me as fast as possible..." Naruto said getting quieter as he said it

"Well... you've gotten more mature... to a level I can tolerate... I guess" Sakura said

"good... because I'm only trying to be nice to ya" Naruto said perking back up

"Well... it is the thought that counts but you need to work on your actions" Sakura said

"Well, if it'll get you to like me more then I'll do it" Naruto grinned

They continued down the street a little when Naruto saw some thing red float to the ground, in front of him, and he walked up to it and noticed it was red feather

"What's this?" Naruto asked, picking up the feather

"It's a feather... but I've never seen or heard of bird with a shade of red like that before" Sakura said

"must be a novlty thingy... here" Naruto said sliding the feather over her left ear and under her hair "It looks good on you" he said

Sakura blushed and ran her fingers around it "thanks..." she said "it is pretty isn't it?"

"Ah that's so precious, you're bonding finally" Kakashi said as he appeared next to them out of no where

"Aahh" Sakura shrieked "Kakashi-sensei, what's wrong with you?!"

"sorry, did I scare you?" Kakashi chuckled

"You startled me, can't you walk up like a normal person?" Sakura huffed

"Ohh you're just embarrassed because I caught you two in a moment" Kakashi said "But enough joke's I'm here to give Naruto his Present... or take him to it as it would be"

"REALLY?!" Naruto beamed

"WHATCHA GET ME SENSEI?!?!" Naruto grabbed Kakashi's jacket

"ooohhh calm down now" Kakashi said

"Are you gonna teach me the Chidori?!?!" Naruto asked

Kakashi: um... no-

Naruto: Did you get me a pact of my own summoning dogs??

Kakashi: no...

Naruto: are you gonna bump me up to chunin rank finally????

Kakashi: no...

"Aaahh then I don't wanna go..." Naruto huffed

"Naruto... this is one of those thing's I hate about you" Sakura said

"oh... Then let's go" Naruto said with new interest

"that's better" Sakura said

"good... because I hate it when he whines too" Kakashi chuckled "and you two bonding actually works into this, so you should come too Sakura"

"Me? why?" Sakura asked

"You'll see" Kakashi said putting his hands on their shoulders and they vanished in a cloud of smoke, but just as they did another red feather drifted down and landed on the ground where they once stood


Kakashi appeared in Tsunade's office with his two students

Jiraiya was leaning against the wall next to the window "Hey there boy" he said

"Ero-sennin, what're you doing here?" Naruto asked

"Happy birthday Naruto" Tsunade said

"Hey... so granny why am I here? a mission?" Naruto asked

"No.. it's not a mission... but a major step in your life" Tsunade said

Jiraiya pulled out three scrolls two fairly big ones and a smaller one. He tossed the smallest one to Naruto "I was supposed to give you that on your 16th birthday, in other words; today" he said

"What is it?" Naruto asked

"Something your mother and father wrote for you" Jiraiya said

"Read it Naruto" Sakura said

Naruto un raveled the scroll and read it's contents out loud

'Naruto... you are the sun of the fourth Hokage, and have been chosen to seal the Kyuubi. We can only hope you are regarded as the hero your father asked. In your blood flows the Kekkei Genkai of both The Namikaze, and the Uzumaki heritage's are yours... These powers are as such; Namikaze, the Doujutsu, Shintengan, the Eye's of Heaven and Hell, which can see souls and spirits, both holy and demonic, and command them. Uzumaki: the ability to control the oceans themselves. We hope that with the other scrolls you'll learn how to control these abilities and become a fine ninja'

"Naruto has two bloodlines?! And Kyuubi??" Sakura asked

"yes..." Jiraiya said

"How come my doujutsu never activated or something like that?" Naruto asked

"It's not like the Sharingan which is brought on by stress and trauma of battle, you need to know how to use it before it will even appear" Jiraiya said "that's what this is for" he said tossing Naruto one of the bigger scrolls

Naruto put the letter from his parents down and unraveled the larger scroll, seeing a drawing of what the Doujutsu looks like. It made the irises dark blue, and the pupils were diamonds, with four smaller diamonds around them pointing inwards

"So now what exactly can this do?" Naruto asked

"All you have to do is read a little but I'll explain it anyways" Jiraiya said "The Shintengan allows you to see the souls of the departed, demons ect, and use their energy for various abilities. It can also command the spirits, bring them to the physical plain to fight along side you. You can communicate with them and if you reach the highest level of skill with it you may even be able to rip the soul out of a living being... your father never was able to master that technique before he died, which is why he relied on Shinigami... another ability he was able to devise due to the Shintengan"

"wow..." Naruto and Sakura said

"And the Uzumaki bloodline from your mother allows you to control the sea's and manipulate them, it's more straight forward then your other one but just as complex to learn" Jiraiya said

"So basically I'm like the god of the sea, right?" Naruto asked

"... if you want to put it like that yes... your mother said 'one with the sea'" Jiraiya explained

"And now on to you Sakura" Kakashi said "In all aspects Naruto can have four wives, because if there's one member left of a clan he can have two brides to rebuild it, and Naruto has two clans in him"

Sakura's jaw dropped "You want me to politically marry him?" She asked

"Well it's totally optional Sakura" Tsunade said "it's not like we're forcing it on you"

Naruto was blushing and fantasizing what it would be like to marry Sakura

"But Sakura if you would it could bring back an entire clan" Tsunade said

"You make it seem like I'm willing to pop out babies for Naruto" Sakura crossed her arms

"You know you love him" Tsunade chuckled, and Sakura blushed

"I doubt she'd ever want to, don't pester her about it" Naruto said

"I don't..." Sakura said

"YET anyways" Inner-Sakura said

"Well we have things to set up for you Naruto, so you two may go until we call you back later" Tsunade said

"Okay" Naruto said rolling up the Shintengan scroll and grabbing the other big one, Sakura grabbed the smaller one for him, seeing how his hands were full now, and they exited the office

"Sorry if that made you feel awkward Sakura-chan" Naruto said

"It did... but it's not your fault" Sakura said

"I just can't believe I have TWO bloodlines" Naruto said

"I can't believe you can have four wives" Sakura said

"Cuz I want you all for myself!" Inner-Sakura blurted out


Back in the office

"oh by the way... I found something that's pretty interesting on my way here today" Jiraiya said

"What's that?" Tsunade asked

"This..." Jiraiya said pulling out a red feather from his jacket an putting it on Tsunade's desk

"A red feather... I've never heard of a red bird other then the Phoenix of legends, and Phoenix's aren't real" Tsunade said picking up the feather "I think I saw Sakura with on of these in her hair"

"I saw that too... so it leads me to believe it's some sort of novelty item from one of the stands from the festival that got lost or something" Jiraiya shrugged

"but it doesn't feel fake... hhm, I'll have Shizune look into it, see if there's a stand that sells these, and go from there... something's odd about this though" Tsunade said staring at the feather

"But onto Naruto's situation for now" Jiraiya said

"The representative from Suna is coming and will be here by night, as for the other's I need you Kakashi, to go get them" Tsunade said handing him a paper "That lists all the possible candidates, go find them and tell them to meet me here by 19;00 hours"

"Yes ma'am" Kakashi said before vanishing in a cloud of smoke

"Well.. I wonder if this will really be best for Naruto... he is stupid you know" Jiraiya said

"Not very optimistic of your student are you?" Tsunade said

"Nope... kid couldn't find his was out of a wet paper house in a hurricane" Jiraiya shrugged "It absolutely baffles me as to how Naruto is the son of the greatest ninja the leaf's even seen, and yet it probably the worst it's seen"

"He's better then you give him credit for... he's creative, and never says die... and for him that's all that matters" Tsunade said

"he's the only person I know that can survive simply because of that" Jiraiya said

"what about Shikamaru for creativity?" Tsunade asked

"Never actually seen him do anything but sit there and complain" Jiraiya chuckled

"mhmhmhm" Tsunade chuckled "that's right, you're never around for his stuff"


A few hour's later Shizune walked into Tsunade's office as she was doing some of the dreaded paper work "Tsunade-sama? I'm back from talking to all the festival stand owner's and none of them have seen anything like this red feather" she said putting the feather back on the desk

"None of them know anything about this?" Tsunade asked

"except for those who found some laying on the ground them selves" Shizune said pulling out a bag and emptying eleven feathers out

"What the hell are these...?" Tsunade pondered out loud picking up a couple of them and examining them "Have the scientists and doctors examine these thoroughly, and ell them to find ANYTHING they can about these" the Hokage ordered

"Hai" Shizune bowed before putting all the feathers back into the bag and exiting the office

Tsunade stared at the original feather "Something strange is going on... I have a feeling something bad may happen... I hope I'm wrong"


It was about time for the festival, the shops were getting finished setting up, and everyone was in a hustle n' bustle state

Naruto was in his apartment reading over his scrolls vigorously, re-reading every little word, and diagram, to understand his bloodlines

His study was interrupted by a knock at the door, and he shot his head "who is it man? I'm busy" he said standing up and walking over to the front door and opening it, seeing on the other side Sakura in a pink and red Kimono with red roses and cherry blossoms on it, she had the feather he gave her in the same place Naruto put it, and he could see her long shiny right leg through an opening in the outfit

Naruto's eye's widened and he stared at Sakura with a red face

"Stop staring, it's for the festival" Sakura said "I'm here to tell you Tsunade-sama wants to see you again"

"Granny wants to talk again?? but I'm a little busy at the moment learning my bloodlines" Naruto said

"you'll have time later, c'mon" Sakura said

"Alright" Naruto said slipping on his shoes and exiting his house

Naruto kept peeking over at Sakura and looking her over, and Sakura ignored it for a while but after about four glances she turned to him "What?" she asked

"S-sorry... you're just... really b-beautiful" Naruto stammered looking away with a blush

Sakura blushed and turned forward "T-Thanks"

They didn't talk the rest of the way to the central tower, and when they got there they walked to the top floor and up to the office door

Sakura knocked "Tsunade-Shishou, we're here" she said

"good come in..." Tsunade said

Naruto opened the door for Sakura "Ladies first" he grinned

Sakura smiled "that's right..." she joked before going in and Naruto followed her

The second they walked in they saw Kakashi, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Temari, Yamanaka Ino, and Hyuuga Hinata(who had a fierce blush mind you)

"Hey, what's up everyone... why so many people here Granny?" Naruto asked

"Well Ino, Temari and Hinata are here for the sake of the revival of both your clans, that is if they choose to" Tsunade said

"WHAT?!?!" Sakura snapped, before cupping her hands over her mouth

"What's wrong Sakura? jealous or something?" Ino joked

"Shut-it pig! why would I be jealous of you? and why would you even want to do something like this with Naruto anyway?" Sakura said

"Never said I did" Ino said

"And what's the case with Temari?" Sakura asked

"I'm here for diplomatic purposes, if I marry Naruto, Suna and Konoha's relation grows stronger" Temari explained "I'm doing it for Gaara, he asked me to at least give it a try"

"Yes and as of now you all are ordered to spend one week together in the same house, which we will supply to you, and work on your relationships, if you can make it work and are wanting too, you may marry Naruto" Tsunade said

"don't I get a say in this?!?!" Naruto asked

"Nope kid, so just shut up and watch" Jiraiya said

"Not one of you has an option for this, after the week if you decide to want to stay with him and visa versa you'll get married, but those who feel it wont work can just leave after the week's up" Kakashi said

"So we all have to live together in one house for a week to see if we want to marry Naruto?" Sakura asked

"Yep" Tsunade nodded "because we don't want to merry you to someone you can't stand now do we? we'll call this operation match-making"

Ino turned to Hinata who was pushing her fingers together and blushing while looking at the floor "Why haven't you said anything Hinata? what are your feelings on this?" she asked

Hinata snapped up and looked at Ino and then to Naruto "me?... ono... uhhh w-well... I can t-try it" she stammered with a small smile

"Of course you will, you're the one that loves him right?" Ino said

Hinata's eye's widened and her entire head went a deep shade of red

"You do?" Naruto asked scratching the back of his head "Seriously?"

"Naruto you baka how could you have never noticed it?' Sakura said

"Yeah the girl's like totally in love with you, right Hinata" Ino teased poking Hinata in the arm, the problem is, Hinata fainted right then and there before falling over with the force of the poke and hitting the ground

"Hinata!!" Naruto said going over to her and lifting her upper body up

"See, how do you not notice when a girl likes you, especially when she blushes, faints and hides behind things from her shyness when she sees you?" Ino said

"Ino!" Sakura said "don't be like that... remember; Naruto's an idiot"

"Wow you guy's are just GREAT people, Hinata collapses and you just stand there talking" Naruto said

"This happens every time she comes within three feet of you... it's just this time it happened when we were talking about her feelings for you, it's obvious she digs you... though I don't know why" Ino said

Hinata fluttered her eye's open slowly and the first thing she saw was Naruto "Are you okay Hinata?" he asked

Hinata just fainted again

"oh come on!" Naruto said

"Why don't you carry her to your new house for now, Kakashi will show you the way" Tsunade said

"Okay" Naruto said

"So why are there only three girls if there's the possibility one or more wont want to stay with him?" Sakura said "Counting me there's four and that's the amount you want to achieve right?"

"yes, I was trying to keep them as close to his age as possible, and the ones he would know the best, I wanted Tenten here too, but she was out of town with her family on a vacation" Tsunade shrugged

"Come on you guy's I'll show you, the way to the house" Kakashi said

Naruto picked Hinata's unconscious form up bridal style, with that the birthday boy and the girls exited the room behind Kakashi

He led them to the north west part of town, through about five streets until he came to a large wood and brick two story house

"wow... nice... I wont mind spending some un-supervised time here" Ino said

"hmm... party girl huh?" Temari asked "I like you already"

"you know it" Ino said

They saw the front door open and four chunin walked out of the house

"Hey what are they doing there?" Naruto asked

"Their moving all of your stuff here Naruto, and a few thing's from each of the girls' homes" Kakashi explained

"So our parents are aware of this?" Sakura asked

"of course, why wouldn't they be informed if their daughters were being set up for a possible marriage?" Kakashi asked

"good point" Sakura said "was wondering where my mom was, guess she was being given the run down on this"

"let's go in already, I can carry Hinata for much longer you know" Naruto said

"right" Kakashi said before leading them inside the house

As they walked towards and into the house another red feather floated to the ground behind them...


Tsunade walking into a lab like room where there were two doctors and three scientist, one was examining the feather with a microscope, and other were writing down things

"so what have you found out so far?" Tsunade asked

"well we haven't had enough time to get extensive with our search, but as of now we can't tell that their anything but a red feather, and the color's not paint or artificial pigment of any kind" the man at the microscope said

"there's something strange about these feather and I want to know what, don't stop studying them and inform me of anything new you find" Tsunade said

"Yes ma'am" they said


So there is the first chapter of The Blood Angel, I hope you enjoyed and are intrigued enough to wanna keep reading it, I may not update this as fast as my current one(s) but I will update at least once a week, thank you and good night