Authors Note: Okay people... I have finally decided to continue writing this. Its time for the final climax of the story. It is down the the last 5 maybe 6 chapters! So buckle your seat belts people, its about to get wild. Enjoy!

Naruto, Minato, Yugito, and the 5 woman destine to be Naruto's wives, slowly and with trepidation, walked deeper into the cave. The light of the entrance growing weaker and more distant, the farther they went.

"We're gonna need some light up ahead. Minato pulled out a small scroll and opened it before biting his thumb and pressing the blood onto the sealing sign it contained. In a small puff of smoke a hand full of Kunai with paper tags tied to them appeared.

Minato pulled one back and threw it ahead of the group, it stuck into one of the shadowy rock faces ahead of them. The kage quickly held up two fingers "Guiding Light" he said and the tag attached to the kunai lit up like a bright street light.

A portion cave tunnel ahead of them became revealed. It was lined with a countless tangle of root and vine.

"Whats with this mountain?" Sakura asked in confusion. "Everything else is baron... except this place"

Temari pulled out a kunai and scraped some bark off a root and inspected it "...I get a strange feeling in my body when I hold this. Something weird is going on here..." she deduced.

"Ya think?" Yugito mocked sarcastically, receiving a glare from Temari "Those demons lured us here for a reason and I'm willing to bet whatever that reason is, is probably what made these roots"

Sakura noticed something on one of the roots, putting her finger on it "Hey everyone, check this out..."

Everyone turned their attention to the pink haired kunoichi, then to what she was pointing at. They all came closer to see what had caught the attention of their companion.

"Its an inscription carved into the root" Ino said upon observing it closer. "To save a brother, to save a foe..." She quoted it out loud.

"Whats that supposed to mean?" Naruto asked with concern and confusion.

"You expect us to know?" Yugito retorted.

"Hmmm commit it to memory people, it may be a clue" Minato said. Before bopping Yugito in the back of her head "And stop with attitude!" He said sternly.

"Let's just keep going" Naruto interrupted before he continued heading further into the eerie depths of the unknown tunnel.

Hinata gulped before activating her Byakugan to be safe, even though it's vision can not penetrate rock.

As they walked Ino leaned towards Sakura to whisper to her. "Naruto seem a little..." She trailed off trying to word it right.

"Pissed?" Sakura whispered back.


"Ohhhh yeah... I'm afraid that if he gets angrier, something bad is gonna happen." Sakura said in a scared and sad tone.

The rest of the group followed suit. As they reached the limit of the light provided by Minato's kunai, the kage threw another ahead of them, repeating the process, as they went.

A dripping noise began to come into ear shot. "There's water here?" Ino asked

"It's getting louder..." Hinata commented. Just before she noticed another carving on a root. "G-Guys... I found another inscription!"

"What's it say?" Tenten asked, with curiosity in her voice.

Hinata read it for everyone "Commit to one and the lose the greater. To commit to the greater and prevent the fall..."

"Oh boy another cryptic message..." Temari scoffed.

"It could be a puzzle... I like puzzles!" Tenten said, optimistically.

A few more minutes of travel had passed before Minato tossed yet another kunai, causing light to finally reveal more of the tunnel.

Naruto felt a sharp pain in his head and he pinched the bridge of his nose and put his other hand on the wall of the cave to stabilize himself. "Not now..." he grunted quietly.

"Naruto? Are you okay?" Sakura asked as she came up and put her hand on his back.

"Yeah, I'm fine... just a bit of a headache." He said as he opened his eyes. "We can't stop now..."

Naruto pushed off the wall and kept going. Sakura looked at her future husband with concern. The group shared a look of worry amongst each other before reluctantly following the young Jinchuuriki.

Minato tossed another kunai ahead of them once more to light their path, all while the dripping noise grew louder. Every few seconds... drip... drip... drip...

The group continued quietly walking through the depths of the tunnel before Temari broke the silence "How deep does this tunnel go?" she questioned.

"I don't know..." Tenten answered "But I know how deep your tunnel goes" she teased.

Temari's face turned a light shade of red and her face took on a look of anger "HEY!"

The others began to chuckle.. save for a very angry and oblivious Naruto.

Neruneia, while in human form, walked up to the entrance of the cave and peered his empty eyes inside. "Fools... No idea what you're getting into..." He said to himself, just before the two harpies flew in from above and landed next to him. They quickly changed into their human forms.

"They take the bait?" Sorayomi asked with a deviant glee.

"Like moths to a flame..." Nerunei answered, a dark sneer crossing his face.

"Daignmone will be happy with us... Where is he anyways? I miss him" Kumoyomi cooed.

"I'm not sure... not like it matters you're gonna have to get in line, he's mine first" Sorayomi said in a matter-of-fact way.

"Like hell he is..." The other harpie growled

"Well you can't stop me..."

"ARGH will you worthless wenches, stop your insensate pattering!?" Neruneia snapped at the females, making them flinch.

"Sheesh... what crawled up your rectum and exploded?" Sorayomi said, meekly.

"We're on the verge of accomplishing our goals and all you two whores are concerned about is jumping Daignmone's dick. Stop being yourselves... just for one day will you?"

"You're just jealous that we don't want YOUR dick..." Kumoyomi remarked, with a smirk of superiority.

Neruneia's eyes twitched and his face began to crack while he grabbed fistfuls of his hair, trying to pull it out. He stopped himself and sighed before turning his gaze skyward. "God... is this my punishment for betraying mankind? to have to endure the ignorance of uneducated whores for the rest of time?"

"Don't seem too upset about it my friend" A voice said and they turned to see Daignmone hovering just inches off the ground, with the gentle beat of his wings.

"Thank god... you're back... I was on the verge of ripping the jugular veins out of the necks of your whores" Neruneia said with great relief

Daignmone chuckled before Kumoyomi retorted "Hey fuck you fur-face... you wish you could kill us"

"Oh my dears... Neruneia would shred you both like unwanted credit cards" Daignmone said as he lowered himself all the way to the ground and retracted his wings.

"C-Credit cards...?" The females asked in unison.

"An explanation for another time" Daignmone smirked as he waved it off.

"Why is it that you seem to have all these inside jokes? and who the hell are they with?" Neruneia scratched the back of his head.

"The readers my friend, the readers... the inside jokes are for them..." Daignmone grinned stupidly.

"Okaaaay you have mentioned these readers before... are they some kind of all-seeing clan or something?" Neruneia questioned.

Daignmone dropped his face into his palm. "Nooooo... well... yes-I mean... Okay the readers are the people who this story was written for..."

"Okay you lost me... what are we just in a book? Letters on a pages?" Kumoyomi asked, with sheer confusion.

"In a sense yes... we're real don't get me wrong... but you see there's this thing called an 'internet' and you see people use this internet for a lot of things. What would you say if this world we know was just a story based around Naruto? And then that was taken by a good friend of mine and twisted around to fabricate a fan written story ab-"

"You know what? I don't care anymore" Neruneia interrupted, throwing his hands up in defeat. "You've CLEARLY lost hold of the few remaining threads of your sanity.. . and that's okay. Can we continue with our plans please?"

"Oh, certainly, of cours-" Daignmone was cut off when a tiny white rabbit jumped up and latched onto his face biting on the bridge of his nose "AAARRGGHHHH WHY!?"

Naruto read from another inscription carved into a vine "One must witness, what all men must face. One must surrender thy grip on earthly bounds." He furled his brow. "These things don't make any sense..."

"Well maybe they will once we reach wherever this cave is leading us" Minato said before tossing a Kunai ahead of them revealing the fact that the tunnel curved to the left.

"And that dripping noise is really starting to get grading" Sakura said, with annoyance dripping from her voice.

The dripping nose continued to grow louder as they went a bit farther down past the curve in the cave, Minato tossed a kunai ahead of them to light the path but when the light flooded the chamber it revealed one large root growing up through the floor and into the ceiling of the cave. The kunai was stuck in it.

There was just enough room on either side of the root to walk past and just as Naruto was about to he noticed one more inscription on the face of the large root. "Wait a minute..." He said stopping the group.

"Is it another inscription?" Ino asked.

"Yeah..." The blond Jinchuuriki answered. "To see the sight of the unseen and your paths will be revealed."

"That make sense to anyone..?" Tenten asked.

Minato peered behind the large vertical root and tossed a kunai to reveal a dead end a few feet behind the root. "Look... end of the line"

Naruto's irritation grew. "What!?" He barked with a face of sheer defeat, tears streaming down his cheeks. "Did we miss a turn somewhere?" He asked as he whipped his head side to side.

Minato narrowed his eyes in suspicion, "No... There weren't any other paths..." He turned around to look behind the group "Expect an ambush at any minute..."

With that remark everyone took a defensive stance, preparing themselves for the worst.

Drip... Drip... Drip... Drip...

"I don't see or hear anything..." Hinata said, focusing into the tunnel "Except that dripping..."

Minato began to scan the walls and roots frantically "That water... somethings not right about it"

"You think it has something to do with a trap?" Yugito asked as she scanned the walls as well.

"If it was a trap, wouldn't it have triggered by now?" Tenten questioned with doubt.

"I don't think it's a trap... it's... just not right. It sounds like it's right next to us... but there's no sign of water anywhere." Minato explained with caution in his voice.

"Maybe it has to do with the riddles we found." Naruto suggested as he inspected the last inscription once again. "See the sight of the unseen and your paths will be revealed."

"Sooo... are we still expecting an ambush or are we gonna just talk about water?" Ino remarked.

Naruto punched the large vine and growled "Damn it... I didn't come here to read riddles and walk through a cave with a dead end... I came to fight that bastard!"

"Punching an inanimate plant isn't going to solve our problems..." Yugito scoffed "I say we turn back and leave. Obviously those demons played us like a cheap deck of cards"

"Aghh..." Naruto suddenly winced in pain before grabbing his head, the ringing pain began pulsating in his skull.

Some of the veins in the young shinobi's arms began to glow. The veins in the right arm glowed blue, the ones on the left a shade of red. "Aaagghhhh... god not this again..."

"Naruto!" Minato shouted, before moving next to his son. "Are you okay?!"

"NO!" He shouted back at his father.

"Understand..." A voice in the blonds head, echoed "U-Understand... what?!"

"N-Naruto..?" Sakura asked as she reached her hand out towards him.

"You must understand..." The voice echoed once again with in the confines of Naruto's head.

"STOP SAYING THAT! WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO UNDERSTAND!" Naruto shouted in pain, his eyes held shut but a blue light peeked out of his left eyelid and red light from left.

"You must understand yourself... only then can you understand our words..." The voice faded into silence as the ringing pain in Naruto's head faded as well.

The light in his veins faded as he opened his eyes. His eyes continued to glow their respective colors however... "Whoa.." He said as he looked at the root.

In his vision he saw the inscription glowing with a white aura, and above it, were purple glowing words that weren't there before. Words of the prior inscriptions. "I can see the other inscriptions here now..."

"Of course... I can't believe I didn't think of that" Minato said before activating his Shintengan. He now saw what Naruto saw.

"To save a brother, to save a foe...

Commit to one and lose the greater. To commit to the greater and prevent the fall...

One must witness what all men must face, One must surrender thy grip on earthly bonds...

To see the sight of the unseen and the paths will be revealed"

Naruto finished reading and began to ponder on it. "I'd think that using the Shintengan would show me a door or something... guess it's not so straight forward."

"Hmm there must be a point as to why it appears in the spirit realm. Reciting it didn't open any paths" Minato thought out loud.

"It's a cryptic riddle... try finding the meaning behind the words" Tenten suggested.

"Start with the first part..." Sakura said. "To save a friend, to save a foe..."

"That's weird... why would I save an enemy?" Naruto questioned.

"Maybe that's the point... maybe you have to find a reason" Minato said

"What like save both brother and foe?" Naruto said then all of a sudden the purple glowing words of the first part of the inscription turned white.

"Whoa... that was it... that conclusion you just came to triggered the words to change color." Minato explained, with eagerness in his tone.

"So then... part two..." Naruto continued. "Commit to one and lose the greater. To commit to the greater and prevent the fall..."

"It just trails off leading to the next verse..." Minato said.

"Commit to one, what?" Naruto asked himself out loud. "and what does it mean by 'the greater'..?"

"It could mean a number of things... a greater purpose... a greater enemy or friend" Minato pondered.

"What if it means the same thing as the first part?" Naruto asked "That maybe I can't just save one... I have to commit myself to them both. But the 'fall' its talking about doesn't make sense... prevent the fall of what..? or who?"

"The fall of a friend? or maybe the fall of a foe?" Minato tried.

"What if it means we have to commit to both to prevent all of our downfalls?" Naruto finished and the second part of the inscription turned white as well.

"There we go... now we're getting somewhere..." Minato exclaimed.

"Now the last one that's still glowing purple..." Naruto said "One must witness what all men must face, One must surrender thy grip on earthly bonds..."

"This one is the strangest..." Minato said rubbing his chin. "What is it that all men must face?"

"...Fate..?" Naruto tried.

"Perhaps it means challenges?" Minato suggested.

"Wait... it must mean death..." Yugito said. "No one escapes that"

"But I've already seen my fair share of death though." Naruto explained, scratching the back of his head. "And The Blood Angel seems to have escaped that just fine..."

"Maybe 'witness' means something else..?" Sakura added.

"Witness what all men must face... witness what all men must face." Naruto tapped his chin before slowly looking up as if coming to a conclusion. "Wait a minute... I don't think it wants us to verbally acknowledge it..."

"What are you getting at son?" Minato asked.

"Okay guys... I'm gonna try something..." Naruto pulled out a kunai and looked at it before looking back at the glowing words. "Bare with me, Its easier explained if I just do it... I hope I'm right... I hate puzzles and riddles" Naruto said before exhaling.

The blond shinobi suddenly stabbed the kunai into his chest, piercing his own heart. He coughed up some blood. "NARUTO!" His future wives screamed in sheer terror as the boy fell to the ground, hacking up blood.

"YOU FUCKING IDIOT-THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?" Minato shouted in shock.

Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten and Temari rushed over and knelt down next to him.

Sakura instinctively reached her hands out as they lit up with green chakra, but Naruto grabbed her wrist "N-No... don't..."

"But you're DYING!" Sakura said as tears began flowing down her cheeks, the other girls had tears welling up in their eyes as well.

"What the hell we're you thinking?!" Ino barked as tears streamed down and fell to the ground.

Naruto hacked up some blood as he pulled the kunai out of his chest "... A-A Leap of f-faith..." he smiled lightly before his eyes closed and his arm went limp, the kunai bouncing out of his hand and clanging on the stone ground.

"NARUTO!" Sakura screamed, even more tears flowing down her face as she lowered her forehead onto her shoulder

Outside of the cave Daignmone leaned against stone face of the wall, picking his teeth with a tiny stick sighing contently. "Now THAT... was one tasty rabbit..." he said as he plucked a tuft of white fur from between his teeth.

"Deranged..." Neruneia commented blankly, with his arms crossed.

"Indeed" Daignmone replied with a smirk.

Just then Sakura's scream echoed from the dark depths of the cave bringing the 4 demons' attention to it's entrance.

"The fuck was that..?" Neruneia asked.

"The distress of foolish girl? I don't know... I can't sense anything within that cave... its shielded from me." The Blood Angel flicked the tiny stick away. "We just have to keep waiting to see what happens..."

Madara stared blankly(though unnoticeable through his mask) at the king of hell statue, which had a massive crack going down its face and into its chest.

Itachi stood next to the masked villain, before turning his attention to the Akatsuki leader. "What does it mean..?"

"I'm not sure... it still holds the Bijuu we have captured, its sealing integrity hasn't been compromised"

"An ill omen..." Itachi concluded.

"When Pain returns I will have him take a look at it. He should be able to repair it" The masked madman implied.

In an empty world of darkness, Naruto sat up from the ground, holding his head. "Wh-Where am I.." He wondered jsut before he remembered what he had done to himself, putting his hand on his chest... no wound, no blood... there wasn't even a hole in his clothing.

Naruto looked around himself... "Not this again... did I kill myself for nothing..? Am I dead like the ghosts I see?" He stood up and looked around some more just before a blue light appeared in front of him, along with the diamond shapes in the formation of Shintengan.

Naruto stared into his reflection like had before. "Well?! Are you happy... I fucked up! I'm dead for no reason." He said solemnly.

His head began ringing again as that pain swelled up once more. The young blond put his head into his hands and winced in pain. The reflection of himself didn't, however.

"You feel pain..?" His reflection asked.

"Yes... aghhh... It hurts so bad...Like my heads being ripped apart by someones bare hands" Naruto replied, agony apparent in his voice.

"Then you yet still live..." mirror Naruto said emptily.

"How come now you're talking to me all of a sudden..?" Naruto asked through his pain.

"You have begun to understand yourself a little more..." The mirror said "Behold!" He pointed behind Naruto who turned around to see that once again his arms were chained to images of humans, demons and lost souls.

"Why... why do you keep showing me this...?" Naruto asked.

"The trial you just faced within the cave brought you more understanding of yourself... and you must first understand yourself, before you can understand your purpose."

"Yeah you said that earlier... it doesn't mean I know what your talking about. I understand myself just fine"

"No... you do not. You have only just begun to understand. The pain you feel is brought upon you by yourself"

"It's n-not like I hit myself in the head with a hammer in my spare time..." Naruto winced in pain as he dropped to his knees.

"Your mind, body and soul are at odds with each other and with that of your bloodlines... you must find a harmony between them..."

"What do y-you mean?"

"You are too concerned with your loved ones and with obtaining revenge... because of your bloodline, this has caused a fracture in your very psyche. It is ripping your mind apart."

"Well, SORRY for caring about my loved ones!" Naruto said. "You expect me to believe that's why I'm in so much pain?"

"Your power represents both the majesty of the heavens and the savagery of hell. You can not forsake one and expect your power to work for you... it will only work against you."

"Would it KILL you to stop talking in riddles?! Is a straight answer so much to ask for?! I've studied everything there was to study about the Shintengan, and nothing mentioned this!"

"You must live for a purpose that is greater than yourself, your friends, your enemies and earthly bonds..."

The throbbing ringing pain in the boys head began to subside once more. "What is greater than protecting the ones I love..?"

"I cannot give you all the answers... our time is up for now. Your sacrifice proves you worthy to continue your journey. Remember this; you are the fate of all..." The mirror image of Naruto faded away, and seconds later so did the image of the Shintengan diamonds.

"Wait... you can't just leave now..." Naruto said as a tunnel of light enveloped him.

A mourning group surrounded the lifeless corpse of the Jinchuuriki, all of them shedding tears of sorrow.

Sakura was still crying into Naruto shoulder.

Hinata sat on her knees just outside the circle of girls, her face buried in her hands as she cried.

Ino looked at the man she was too marry and she turned her gaze to wound in his chest. She noticed his blood pulling itself back into the gaping wound "Hey... look! whats going on?"

Everyone turned their attention to the wound as the last bit of blood was pulled into his wound and the hole sealed itself leaving Naruto's chest as though it had never been stabbed at all.

Suddenly Naruto gasped and inhaled deeply as he sat up, panting hard. His eyes immediately began glowing and he held his hand towards the large root "Oh seal of life and death, I yield my faith to you, reveal to me the path you conceal" He said in a monotone voice.

"N-Naruto..?" Hinata stammered, not knowing what to think or even do.

As if by some form of jutsu the root receded from the ground and into ceiling, just before a seal appeared on the dead end wall. The rock of the wall split evenly, opening up a doorway that light shined through.

"Whoa... How... did you do that?" Ino asked as Naruto shook his head, the light in his eyes faded.

"I don't know... it... just came out..." Naruto said as he stood up and took a few steps towards the doorway. "I don't know whats beyond that door... but its important..."

"How are you alive?" Tenten asked.

"It was a trial... I had to witness what all men must face" Naruto said as he inspected his chest. Just before he turned to the rest of the group.

Sakura walked up to Naruto with her head down. "Naruto-kun..." She reared her hand back and slapped him hard across the face forcing him to stumble to his side. Minato winced at seeing this "HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO US! You didn't even give us a warning!" She yelled angrily.

Naruto regained his balance and held his cheek, while he looked at her "Would you have let me do it otherwise?"

"NO!" The girls all yelled in unison.

"I don't care whats on the other side of that door, it wasn't worth that kind of risk... you baka..." Sakura put her hand over her eyes as she continued to cry.

"I'm sorry... but... whatever is in there... is more important than any of us. I know it..." Naruto said before he turned towards the door once again and began walking.

"Careful..." Minato cautioned his offspring.

Naruto walked up to the edge of the door way, he reached his right hand forward. Instead of his hand passing through the doorway it was stopped, as if a layer of glass separated the two sides of the entrance.

"The majesty of the heavens..." Naruto closed his eyes and lifted his left hand before he pressed it against the invisible barrier as well. "...The savagery of hell"

The invisible barrier cracked outwards from the spots his hands were touching... seconds later it shattered like glass and the blinding light emitting from the other side faded with the broken shards, allowing the group to peer inside to a large circular room with a pedestal in the center. Now the dripping water sound grew to its loudest.

Outside of the cave the 4 demons waited, when suddenly Daignmone's eyes shot open and his irises flashed a eerie red glow for a split second "Finally..." He said in a serious voice as he clinched his fist "It... is... time!"

Naruto stepped into the large room, its walls lined with luminescent vines, providing the light. The groupe slowly followed after him into the room

"It's... beautiful..." Hinata said as she looked around.

"Whats that floating over the pedestal?" Minato asked as he pointed to the object in question.

Naruto jogged up to it. His face went from one of interest to that of confusion. What he saw was a bird bath like fountain with a small elongated red crystal floating over it... every few seconds a drop of red liquid would fall from the bottom tip of the crystal into the fountain which was filled with the dark liquid.

The others came up to the fountain and observed the crystal "Well we found what was making that dripping noise" Temari said.

"What the hell..? Is that... blood?" Sakura said before gently tapping her finger into the water before looking at it and smelling it. "Oh god... yeah that blood..."

"What does this mean..? What is this crystal?"

"Perhaps I can shed some light on that..." An all to familiar voice came from behind them and they all turned to see Daignmone walking into the room, a look of stern determination on his face.

"Daignmone..." Naruto growled with ferocity, about ready to pounce the menace when Minato held his arm in front of his son.

"Don't..." Minato ordered.

"Hmmm... so this is my fathers legacy... that was so wrongly stripped from him and sealed here." Daignmone said darkly.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto demanded.

"Step aside mortals..." Daignmone pointed at the crystal "That belongs to me..."

"You expect us to just listen to you?" Ino growled at the demon lord.

"No... I expect you, to be yourselves..." Daignmone said before he swiped his index finger quickly, slicing a cut into Ino's left arm. The blond girl winced from the sudden pain.

Just as soon as he finished the swipe of his finger, he gripped at the air between him and Ino and suddenly she was pulled through the air towards him.

He stopped her approach inches in front of him, holding her body in the air with an invisible force.

"Ino!" Sakura and Naruto shouted.

"Ah-ah-ahh... Don't make any sudden moves... unless you want it to rain wet chunks of Blondie here" Daignmone waved his finger side to side.

"You... miserable coward..." Naruto growled with the greatest fury hes ever felt.

"Sticks and stone my boy... sticks and stones. Now if you intend to be able to see her tomorrow and every day after... you will step away from the crystal... now!" The madman demanded.

Ino winced and gasped for air as she struggled against the invisible force.

"Don't squirm Blondie... now that your bleeding from that fresh wound you're at my mercy... I could rupture every one of your cells with a mere thought. Last warning people... step away from the crystal"

"Why do you want it so bad..?" Minato asked as the group slowly stepped away from the said gem.

"When my uncle faced my father in their final showdown, my uncle's only hope of victory was to separate my fathers body from his power and soul, he then crystallized it and sealed it away in an attempt to hide it for eternity. Leaving my father as a lifeless... EMPTY HUSK!" Daignmone said with rage as he approached the crystal slowly.

"What? you think you can revive your father or something?" Temari questioned.

"No you mindless meat bag... my father is gone forever. However... THAT crystal is a repository for all of his knowledge and power. It's his legacy... and my Inheritance. The one thing that can bring peace to my mind and the one thing I have searched for all my life." He said, finally reaching the pedestal.

"Finally... our dreams will at last come to fruition father" The Blood Angel tossed Ino through the air towards Naruto who caught her in mid air.

Daignmone reached his right hand out and latched on to it tightly, suddenly a shockwave of red energy rippled outwards sending everyone but The winged demon flying into the walls of the room with hard thuds.

Red lightning bolts peeled from between his fingers and scratched at the surround walls. "AAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHHHHH!" Daignmone yelled as if in agony.

Naruto began struggling to push himself off the wall but to little avail. "Daignmone..." He growled. "I won't... let you... have your way..."

Naruto began to gain a little room between himself and the wall as his Shintengan activated. His eyes and arms began to glow their respective colors once again. "Raaaaaaggghhh" He roared and with one final push the force that seemed to hold him against the wall faded and he dropped to the ground on one knee and both hands.

Naruto looked up at Daignmone, gnarling as the energy in his eyes blocked out everything but the Shintengan irises. The energy seemed to take on the traits of fire as it poured from his eyes.

The blue fire-like energy began to crawl down the right side of his head and the energy began bursting from beneath his skin as it traveled down his arms and to his finger tips and as if it burned away his flesh and left only his bones visible beneath the energy.

The red energy repeated this process down his left arm. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH DAIGNMONE!" The boy shouted, before holding his hands out in front of himself and a bright light blasted out from his hands, filling the room.

Neruneia, Kumoyomi and Sorayomi awaited their masters return outside of the cave. "I wonder whats taking him so long? Those humans can't possibly be delaying him this much..." Neruneia remarked with irritation.

Just as soon as the demon finished his sentence a massive beam of white light blasted out of the top of the mountain, releasing a shockwave that sent the demons flying back as dirt and loose rubble followed suit.


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