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Flotsam and Jetsam swam slowly around Ursula's lair, making themselves useful and picking up the mess their mistress left from her latest attempt for a new spell. The eels didn't have to clean, but they felt it was the least they could do. The sea witch was out somewhere, probably to get more supplies. They intend to surprise her.

Jetsam grasped a half-empty flask in his jaws and swam for the cabinet which held the potions. Flotsam pried the door open with his tail and Jetsam carefully placed his cargo inside. Flotsam made sure the flask was in a stable position by nudging it with his snout as his counter part released it. These potions could be dangerous and they couldn't afford to get rough with one.

Before going off to retrieve another flask, Jetsam rubbed the length of his body against his twin's, strengthening and reassuring their brotherly bond. Flotsam smiled, following his kin to help speed up the work.

Unknowingly to them, the container Flotsam intended to pick up was dangerously sensitive, ready to blowout at even the gentlst of pressure. Not aware of the threat, Flotsam gripped it.

The moray didn't even know what hit him.

The flask burst in a liquid cloud that covered the eel's head. Flotsam hissed in surprise, unwittingly inhaling some of the potion. He closed his eyes tight and threw himself backwards. He collided with his stunned sibling, who was bewildered by the small explosion, and they both were sent crashing into the cabinet.

This made another flask, the one Jetsam carried up, crack upon impact. And as the duo floated to the ground, unconscious, the flask tipped over and crashed near the two. Another cloud engulfed them.

-Meanwhile, at the same time in Boston...-

"Hey Cody." Zack said suddenly as they lazed, bored, on the couch in their suite. Cody was lying down while Zack hung upside down off the edge. "Remember that machine Erwin made?"

"Which one?" his twin asked in an uninterested manner, too bored to act otherwise.

"The one that takes us to other dimensions." Zack clarified. Cody looked at him, sitting up. He didn't like where this was going.

"What about it?" he continued to ask. Zack stared at space with a vacant expression, nodding.

"How about we go again?" he suggested, much to Cody's dismay. His twim shot up, looking at Zack incredulously.

"Why?!" was the only thing he could say. Zack shrugged, not really paying attention to his brother's reaction.

"I'm bored. Besides, we can always come back before people know we're gone." he told him. Cody shook his head. Zack never learns. Before he could stop him, Zack rolled off the bed and ran out the door. "Race ya!"

"Zack!" Cody yelled out, not leaving the couch.

"Can't hear you!" Zack replied from down the hotel hall. Cody moaned and followed.


"I don't like this. Remember last time?" Cody said nervously as they went inside the Telephone Booth-like machine. Zack smiled.

"Nope." he answered readily, not exactly sticking to the truth.

"Well, I do. And it wasn't very fun after a while." Zack didn't listen to his rather cautious brother. Instead they turned on the machine.

They noticed instantly that something different than before was happening...

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