"Ratchet" said Clank. "Ugh" moaned Ratchet "5 more minutes of sleep please". "Sorry Ratchet you have bridge duty today". Ratchet rolled out of bed and got his armour on and started to walk to the bridge. He came to the lift got in and waited till it got to the other side of the ship and got off and walked into the bridge.

He walked in and it was loud as usually Sasha was barking order. There was talking all over the place. Ratchet got to his seat next to Angela. He asked "Angela anything new today" "No same old we can't find the general". She responded. Incoming transmission yelled one of the troopers. It's an emergency message from a unknown user yelled another. "Turn it on then" Sasha said. "Sir" respond the trooper. He turned it on.

What came up was a creature that looked like a less buff Qwark but had 5 fingers he was wearing a dirty camouflage uniform and had a small black helmet on. "This is Captain Jack Scoot". "I and my unit are held up in house on Main Street any unit near by we need assistants ASAP". "Sir" cried one of the men in the unit. "There breaking through". Right then the door blasted open by a robotic commando the ones the general used and the camera was blown to bits.

"Trooper did you get a trace on that video?" Sasha asked. "Yes madam, it's coming from the milky way galaxy but…." "But what trooper" Sasha asked. "It's 1 year old". "Ok people this message might be one year old but it are only lead on the general. So we are going to that planet. Trooper takes us to the planet" Sasha said. "Yes madam we will be there in about 1.5 days". The trooper said as he typed in the location of the planet and boom they went into light speed. Ratchet was excited everyone was they might of just found the general.

"Sergeant we can't hold out for much longer" said a worried private. "Private we got to hold on till Captain Watson's unit can support us or till that bridge is in the water don't forget we are special OP, we can do any job. " said Sergeant Jake Bennet. Right then a lot of enemies started charging across the bridge. "Here come those bastards, no mercy." Yelled Captain Teller. Jake picked up his M16 and dove behind a sandbag. He took aim through one of the firing slot and shoot at one of the robots. It took about 10 bullets but he brought it down. He quickly turned and asked Captain Teller "How long till Watson is here to reinforce us". "15 minutes" Teller responded. "Oh god" one of the soldiers cried. Jake looked over to see the solider have his arm blown right off. He hit the ground in a bloody heap died.

Jake took aim and shoot at another robot hit it in the fuel line and it blew up taking 2 others with it. But now they were getting close and taking shoots at them. Jake took another couple shoots and took down a ninja robot. Beside him a ninja had stabbed Teller. Teller fell to his knees. Jake took his colt revolver and shoot the ninjas head off.

Jake picked Teller up and ran out of the safety of the barricade and ran to the near by Truck where the medics were. He ran back to the line as he was dodging blaster fire, to see that they were in big trouble the enemy was past the bridge and was about 20 feet from the trench. Jake pulled out a grenade and pulled the pin and threw it at the enemy. It took out about 10 robots. Jake took his M16 and shot it at the enemy. He realised that with Teller down he was in command.

The enemy sent a second wave this time with a walker in it. "Where are you Rachel" Jake said to himself. The walker was closing and it was shooting it mini guns. Jake had no way to bring it down. The enemy was in the trench now and Jake had the retreat or lose the whole platoon. At the very second he was about to pull out. An Abraham tank turned the corner and shot the walker right in the center blowing it up. That seemed to stun the enemy and Jake used this to push the enemy out of the trench.

The battle had shifted now the Rachel's platoon was giving them support. They pushed them back to the bridge. That is when Jake saw it, it was small creature it was wearing green armour and it had a brown stripped face. Jake shot it in the torso with the M16 but it did nothing. The creature pulled out what looked like a cannon and blew off a soldiers head all that was left of the head was a fractured skull.

Jake heard the familiar sounds of a jet engine as a jet flew over the bridge and then he heard a whine of dropping bombs then the buzz of going deaf from the explosion as the bridge was blown up to nothing more than a pile of rubble. After every ones hearing came back everyone cheered at there success. But then Jake looked at the ground to see many dead bodies and body parts litter the streets.

Jake was poked from behind to see Captain Rachel. "Hello Rachel, one question" said Jake. "Ok what is it" she said. "What took you so long we were almost going to pull back" he said. "Well I thought you special OP guy could do any job" she said with a smile. "Well er you see ah that because… I got nothing." He said. "See you later" he said as he walked to the truck he brought Teller too. "How is Teller"? "He's going to live" said the doctor.