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Helga hated the cold. Hated it! She hated the way it made her shiver and shake like some abandoned kitten on the streets, she hated how it managed to spread to every part of her body in seconds, but mostly she hated the way it sunk into her bones and stayed there. It seemed that no matter what she did she couldn't get warm. The fact that she was outside in the freezing cold wasn't helping matters either. No, not al all.

'Crimany! It has to be about 10┬░out here!' she thought as a lock of yellow hair was thrust into her face by the icy wind.

Gloved hands pulled the black jacket tighter around her lithe frame as she climbed the stairs to her home. Her hands shook violently as she desperately fumbled with the door handle, which was so cold, she could feel it through her gloves. She finally succeeded in opening the door when a particularly strong (and very cold) gust of wind ripped the door handle from her numb finger and sent the door flying backwards.

Suddenly the wind changed directions and the door was sent (with startling force) into her poor, unsuspecting back. "Shit!" she cried and spun around to kick viciously at the storm door. Still cursing beneath her breath she wrenched the front door open.

A gust of warm air hit her face as she walked into the house and she gave a sigh of relief. Moving towards the stairs she let her hat, gloves, scarf and jacket fall unceremoniously onto the floor beside them.

She was about to turn make her way to the couch when a thick, warm blanket suddenly draped itself over her cold and most likely bruised back. Strong arms would themselves around her shoulders and a cup of steaming hot coco was pushed into her frigid hands.

"Kinda cold out there, isn't it?" said a deep voice from behind her.

"'Kinda' cold?! It was like the Arctic out there, football head!" she retorted

There was a resounding chuckle from behind her the next thing she knew she was being dragged backwards onto the couch and into Arnold's lap, the coco lay forgotten on the coffee table.

"Your skin is icy!" he exclaimed upon taking her hands in his.

"Doi! It was practically below zero out there!"

"Well I'll just have to warm you up then, won't I?" He whispered, warm breath blowing onto her frozen ear.

Cocooned in a blanket, with her beloved's arms wrapped around her slowly warming body, Helga found herself thinking that perhaps she didn't hate the cold so much.

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