It was suggested I try to write a MayuraXLoki. I think I'll be terrible at it, but here goes. So it's not a raging romance, (sure things rarely are), love has more than one form.

There is speculation that Mayura symbolizes Sigyn, Loki's faithful wife who, after Loki had been brought to justice for the killing of Baldor and bound with his own son's entrails, devoted her life to sparing him as much suffering as possible. That is as may be, and isn't necessary to the support of this piece, but thinking on it was the inspiration.


There was a word...

He turned his back on her coldly. "Go home Mayura."

"No!" The determination in her voice took him by surprise, as if somehow she had guessed that this time he might not be coming back. He stopped to look back over his shoulder at her.

"It's always like this." She explained haltingly. "Mayura go home. Mayura don't go there. Stay out of the way Mayura. Don't I always do what you say?"

"Uh no, actually, you don't."

"That's not the point!" She took a faltering step towards him. "I can't do it Loki...if you're really in so much trouble like Yamino and Narugami said I won't leave you. I...I want to help. Please. We're friends...more than friends...we're...we..."

The tears were starting to fall. She seemed to be searching for a word. Fruitless, he thought cynically, there was no such word.

Not that it would stop her. Mayura, with her big curious eyes, cheerful bubblegum pink hair and the ability to spout the absolutely most bizarre nonsense...but once in a while...once in a while she hit on a truth so unshakeable and pure it would never of been within his grasp.

She looked down, rubbing one arm with the other hand, twisting her foot like a child. Her breathing came in little gasps as if the air hurt.

Who else was there who would willingly put herself through such pain for him? It made him feel almost ashamed; a particularly difficult feeling for him. He was unequal to such innocent devotion. If she really knew him... "What I truly am, what I have done in life. The harm I have caused, and will cause again. It is my nature, the essence of my being. I can not change. If she really knew she wouldn't..." but that wasn't true and he knew it. Mayura accepted everything about him without fail, even the not knowing. It was the one mystery she didn't question.

She gazed at him, no longer even pleading, just faithfully waiting.

Devotion, acceptance, faith.

Well, yes, there was such a word.

He sighed and turned to face her fully. "Mayura, do you really care so much?"

"I...don't want to lose you Loki."

He closed the short distance between them as she knelt down to his level. He embraced her tightly. He could feel her tremble at first, slowly calming with their mutual warmth. He knew he would be back. He would always come back.

The word was Love.