Hate That I Love You

( can't stay away from you )

& ; johnny & lulu

Disclaimer: I do not own GH, its characters, settings, etc. These words, however, are mine.

He always seemed to wind up at the same place. Always for the same reason, too. Lulu Spencer. She was stubborn and persistent, always pushing and pushing to make him believe she needed to become a part of his life -- that she already was.

To be his friend.

Maybe more, he grinned, scuffing his shoe on the wet ground -- concrete -- and leaning against the stone arch of the overlook. It was truly peaceful here, although tonight damn windy. It buffeted him and suddenly the image of a certain blonde looking windblown graced his mind.

Gods she was beautiful. Her laugh so contagious, making him want to smile even though he knew he shouldn't encourage her. And those eyes... So trusting in him for whatever reason and filled with... Something. Something that made his heart speed up ridiculously.

He chuckled bitterly; made his heart speed up, yes, but filled him with one hell of an opposite emotion.


Followed by the equally nasty fear.

What if someone knew? What if someone realized, found out that he was falling in love with her and she died because he'd finally found the one person he truly cared too much about?

He hated himself and this life that was forced onto him.

He hated that he loved her.

But he couldn't change any of it and even if he could, selfishly, he wasn't so sure he would.