I'm still working on Numb and Because You Know How to Love Me but I'm trying to make the chapters a bit longer. I need to brainstorm to do that. I hope you enjoy this new one.


Sometimes, I'd sit there and just watch him. I'd hope he'd turn my way but he never did. He was too caught up in his own life, not that I could blame him. It is his life, after all. I just wanted to be noticed. He noticed me during the Triwizard Tournament. I questioned him, challenged him. Then there was the Order of the Phoenix. It WAS my idea after all to start an army againt Umbridge. He noticed that I wasn't all goody goody then. I know that it's wrong to think of him like that. It's wrong when Ron loves me so much. But there's nothing I can do about it. I'm utterly drawn to him. I'd even take his twin. Hell, I like his twin too. I might like him a bit more. I go the burrow every chance I get so I can just see him now that they don't go to Hogwarts anymore. I remember watching them leave on their brooms. I wanted him to come back and take me along. I just wanted to ride off into the sunset with him. Well, I have to go now.before I get caught writing this.



Ron sat beside Hermione in the Burrow and threw his arms around her as he tried to look over her shoulder at the leather bound book that was placed in her lap, "What are you writing, Mione?"

Hermione glared and shut the book quickly, "Mind your own business, Ronald."

Ron threw his hands up in a defensive gesture, "I was just wondering."

Harry chuckled as he plopped down on the other side of Hermione, "She's been very defensive over that book. She writes in it all the time."

Hermione shrugged, "There are some things that I need to get off my chest that I can't tell you. Even if I could, you wouldn't understand."

Ron looked flabbergasted, "What can't you tell us?"

Just then, two identical redheads appeared at the door way.

Fred laughed, "Leave her alone, ickle Ronniekins."

George grinned, " Yea. If she don't want to tell you everything, she has every right too."

Fred leaned against the door frame with his arms crossed while George leaned against the other side of the door with his hands in his pockets. Hermione blushed a deep crimson and stared straight ahead.

Ron glared at his brothers, "Why aren't you at the shop?"

George, who had moved over and sat on the sofa infront of Ron, grinned, "Easy..."

Fred had came over and slapped Ron's hand away from Hermione and took a seat next to George, "Free meal."

Ron stared, "Don't you two ever cook for yourselves?"

Fred chuckled, "Do you even know who you're talking to?"

George nodded, "We're busy. We're too tired most of the time."

Hermione glanced up long enough to see their faces and then looked back down.

Fred eyed her, "Something wrong?"

Hermione got her emotions in check and looked up with her usual demeanor, "No. I'm just thinking about exams."

George cocked an eyebrow, "School hasn't even started yet, Hermione."

Hermione shrugged, "I like to get started early on my studying."

Fred scoffed, "And worrying apparently."

Hermione glared, "Why do you care? If you had studied, you would've gotten more than 3 OWLS."

Fred chuckled, "But we didn't care about education."

George nodded in agreement, "We had a feeling we were going to leave since first year."

Hermione shook her head, "You couldn't of."

Fred smiled, "Au contrare..."

George chuckled lightly, "You don't know what we couldn't of did."

Hermione stood up, cast a last glare at the twins, and left. She thought she handled that pretty well. They just thought she was nutters at the moment.

Hermione went up the stairs to the room she shared with Ginny.

Ginny smiled when she entered, "Hi, Hermione."

Hermione managed a small smile, "Fred and George are downstairs if you want to go see them."

Ginny smirked knowingly, "Sooo...did you tell them?"

Ginny was the one person that Hermione had told about her long standing crush.

Hermione sighed, "You know I didn't."

Ginny shrugged, "I figured..."

Hermione glared but didn't say anything further. What was she supposed to say?

She just laid on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. She couldn't say anything.