Everyone knows how sorry I am, right? Writer's block is hell. I've had it all this time. I'm going to try and get more chapters in for my other fictions as well. :)

Air seemed to escape Hermione's lungs so she opened her mouth in an attempt to breathe in some oxygen. Fred and George exchanged glances.

She felt a hand lightly rub her back, "You alright, love?"

She reconized the voice as Fred's and tried to block out his concern. He was just being concerned because he wanted to take advantage of her, yea, that was it. But they didn't try anything at the moment. She must look sick to them, even repulsive. She tried to stand up but fell back down.

George chuckled beside her, "Maybe you should lie down. You look like you're about to kill over."

Fred smiled, "I hope it wasn't something we did."

Hermione held her head in her hands and took a deep breath as she struggled to find her voice, "What are you two doing in my room?"

Shrugging, George said casually, "Just to see what you want us to teach you."

Hermione stood up this time but her legs wobbled a little, "Get out."

Fred stood with her, making sure she didn't fall, "Come on, love. We're not here to corrupt you."

George grinned widely, "We're bigger than that."

Hermione bit her lip to hold back a sarcastic comment.

Fred sighed, "We were just teasing earlier."

Hermione scoffed, feeling slightly better, "Then are you here to rub it in my face?"

George and Fred exchanged glances, "Never."

Hermione raised an eyebrow, "I don't believe you."

Fred let out a deep breath, "We just wanted to ask.."

George finished, "Why us?"

Blushing a deep shade of crimson, Hermione squeaked, "What?"

Fred repeated, "Why us?"

Hermione glared, "I don't have time for this."

George stood from the bed and moved to stand behind Hermione. He leaned down to kiss her neck, "Sure you do."

Hermione moved away, "I just heard you were.." she paused, blushing, "experienced."

Fred and George exchanged glances and then started laughing, "Really?"

Hermione gaped, "So, it's not true? You're..virgins?"

Fred stopped laughing and shook his head, "I wouldn't go that far."

George stopped laughing as well, "But we're not man whores."

"We've only been with about 5 girls each."

George shrugged, "We just liked to have fun back at Hogwarts."

Hermione reddened. She was inexperienced..a virgin. They couldn't want her so her hope died. Why would they want some girl who had no idea what she was doing? Starting to feel dizzy again, Hermione walked unsteadily to the door and opened it, "I need to lie down. Can you please leave?"

Fred and George let out a deep breath and nodded. They didn't want to push her too far. Hermione fell in bed after they left and tried to go to sleep. Her head hurt and she could of swore that the room was spinning. She didn't go to sleep all night.

The next morning, Hermione had black circles under her eyes and her hair was a mess. When Mrs. Weasley called everyone for breakfast, she skipped out because she didn't feel up to facing everyone like this. She stayed in bed most of the day until she finally got so hungry that she had to go to the kitchen. She walked quietly down the stairs. Everyone was out in the yard either playing quidditch or just to get out in the sun. Hermione reached the kitchen and found a basket of rolls on the counter. She took one and started to nibble at it.

She froze when she heard a voice behind her, "You're up late, love. Where have you been all day?"

She turned around to see Fred extremely close to her.

She tried not to get tongue tied as she said, "I wasn't feeling very well."

Fred eyed her up and down, "I kind of believe that, love."

Hermione glared, "I should back up to the room."

As Hermione tried to move past him, his hand wrapped around her waist and stopped her. He easily lifted her onto the counter.

She gasped at the sudden movement, "What are you doing?"

Fred cocked an eyebrow, "I just want to talk."

His hand reached to feel her forehead. She jumped at the skin on skin contact. His skin was warm and she loved the rough texture of him.

Fred muttered, "You don't have a fever and yet your face is beat red."

Blushing even more, Hermione stuttered, "Yes, well, I should go."

She made to leap off the counter but Fred stopped her as his lips collided with hers. She froze but he didn't mind. In fact, he suspected it. He didn't ask for entrance to her mouth just softly kissed her, a mere meeting of lips that left her weak kneed. His hand gently reached up to cup her face. Just as she was about to thread her fingers through his hair, he pulled back.

Grinning, he said, "Nice chatting with you, Hermione."

With that, he left a flustered Hermione on the counter wondering where George was at and why he didn't come to talk to her too.