okay so i had this idea for awhile, regardless of how ridiculously far fetched it is

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Little thirteen year old Jazmine Dubois smiled as she trotted over to her desperate looking coach who was literally biting his clipboard.

"I'm ready Mr. Magire!" She beamed. The coach looked at her and sighed.

"Just do your best, Jazmine,"

Grabbing her mit, she smiled at her teammates who glared annoyedly at her.

"She's gonna ruin the GAME coach!"

"Don't let her go!"

The coach shushed them both as the sweet, unscathed girl frolicked over to the pitchers mound. Bubble gum popping in her mouth and a ball held fast in her fingers. The other team snickered and started to shout to their next batter.

"Don't make 'er cry TOO hard!"


"Close your eyes, Andy! That'll be fair then!"

Huey, Caesar and Grandad sat in agony in the bleachers along with her parents who were nearly on the verge of crying. Riley was standing up, shouting along with the other team before Huey yanked him down and told him to shut up.

All eyes were on the small pitcher who finally made it to the small dusty hill and popped her gum once.

Let's explain what's happened up til now.

You see, Mr. Dubois coached Mr. Magire's sons in basketball and Jazmine begged and begged her father to let her play baseball. Well, since there is no softball program she got to play with the other ten year old boys. Mr. Magire figured he owed Tom some sort of favor.

Jazmine hasn't been in much, only as an extra runner if a batter was hurt and couldn't run but other than that she's been benched for most of the season.

Today was a game like most of theirs. It was the top of the ninth and bases were loaded. The score sat 11 to 12 with them in the lead but it didn't matter! One more stupid run and they were going to lose.

What was worse was that their last two pitchers had been creamed with the ball coming right off the bat. Jazmine was their last resort and she seemed itching to start.

Now brings us to right now. Taking a stance quite unusual for a pitcher, Jazmine tossed the ball gently in her hands. She then turned her hat around so the bill was behind her face, the hat wedged perfectly between her two pig tails.

"Batter up!" The umpire called.

Jazmine caught a glint in her eye, laughing as she wound up and



The ball was nuzzled sweetly in the catchers mit but the only two people who knew that was the catcher and Jazmine who smiled and hopped on one leg, giggling.

The batter turned a bit, only to lock a gaze with the catcher who looked equally dumbfounded.

"Uh…. Strike!" The umpire called.

Suddenly, the small crowd erupted.


"ALRIGHT BABEH GIRL! You show them boys whos boss! Yessur!" Grandad wooped.

"Damn!" Riley gasped, dropping his pack of sunflower seeds.

Jazmine giggled as the ball was passed back to her. Checking her left and right she picked up her leg to wind up again and then let the ball fly, not as fast as before but not slow enough for the batter to land on.

He swung but only a second too late.


Giggling, she spun in a circle and popped a bubble of her gum.



The ball was handed back to Jazmine who eyed the batter knowingly and let the ball fly one last time.


It was a hit.

It was a straight hit, too. Just like how the other pitchers were taken out. It collided with Jazmine's small body who fell back onto the dirt. The entire field and stands sat in silence.

"Jazmine!" Her mother shouted.

She coughed and sat up, revealing the ball tucked safely inside her little pink mit. A big smile was plastered on her face and she proudly showed off the ball.


Jazmine's team flooded out of the dug out and ran over to her. Her coach gave her a hug and a firm pat on the back.

"WE WON! WE REALLY WON!" He team shouted at different intervals. Jazmine just smiled and thanked them for their kind words. Finally, she was met with her parents running onto the field, collecting their daughter into their arms.

"Baby! I had no idea you were such a natural athelete!" Tom exclaimed, "You were amazing! Where did you learn how to do that?"

She giggled and gave him a kiss on his nose, "TV,"

The coach walked up to Tom and shook his hand, "Listen, we're taking the team to Pete's Pizzas to celebrate. Does Jazmine want to ride with us?"

"Yeah!" Jazmine exclaimed, hopping down and running to stand next to her team.

"I thought you was ridn' wit us!" Riley exclaimed.

"Let the girl ride with her team," Grandad scolded and smiled up at the wary girl, "Donchu worry, Baby girl. You aint hurtn no ones feelings,"

Her eyes fell on Huey who just stared back at her with slightly disappointed eyes.

"Did… you want me to ride with you, Huey?"

Huey stared at her. He looked at Caesar who was nodding urgently then back at Jazmine whos eyes nearly begged him to say yes.

"Your team wants you to ride with them,"

"Yeah, Jazzy! C'mon!" One of her teammates exclaimed. She turned to look back at Huey with a sad smile.

"Well… okay," She shrugged, "Yall are going to eat with us, right?"

Huey looked at Grandad who nodded firmly. Jazmine's smile soon grew as she followed the calls of her teammates and headed to the minivan in the parkinglot by the field.

Huey turned to Caesar and Riley who shook their heads at him.


"You so stupid, man" Caesar told him, "Why didn't you tell her you wanted her to come with us? She woulda!"

Huey ignored him and just headed to their own vehicle followed by Grandad who bid a see you soon to Tom and Mr. Magire.

Huey tried to ignore Caesar and Riley. But they were right. He knew he had a crush on Jazmine. He had come to terms with this about a year ago. He never understood why, though. She was so ignorant and happy all the time which were normally traits that annoyed him in people. But what was odd was that it was her happiness and ignorance that made her appeal to him. Those were personalities he found attractive in only her. He loved it when she was happy and he loved it when she said something ignorant out of innocence.

He had promised both Caesar and Riley that he would tell her how he felt that week, well, it was Saturday and the week was almost over.

He raced through some lines in his head. What would he say?

Jazmine, I know I'm a total jerk to you but, I have a crush on you

That's just stupid.

Finally they pulled up to the resturaunt. Grandad gave them the usual, "don't embarrass me or I'll beat yo ass," Speech before the boys ushered out.

They found the baseball team was already out and enjoying the pizza buffet and arcade. Huey scanned the room for Jazmine until he found her at the bop an alligator machine, not doing so hot on it.

She banged and banged but the alligators had her out numbered. He went over and banged on with his fist. She turned and smiled at him. He gave her a firm nod, indicating that he was here to help her conquer the evil alligators.

Together they took out mostly every alligator that crept out to take a fake chomp but if Huey had the left side taken care of and Jazmine had the middle, that left the right totally exposed.

Huey didn't mind so much, he was glad to be spending time with her.

But something happened, that boy who convinced her to ride with the team showed up and started banging off at alligators on the right side.

Huey glared. Jazmine smiled and he smirked.

The alligators were soon defeated and the tickets poured out like a flood.

"David! It's a good thing you showed up! Me and Huey were struggling back there," She giggled.

"We coulda handled it," Huey corrected her.

David gave her a smile and grabbed her hand, making the hairs on Huey's neck stand up, "Hey, Jazzy, wanna go in the ball pit?"

"Sure!" She exclaimed, turning to Huey, "Do you wanna come?"

Huey winced. The thought of playing in a ball pit seemed absolutely ridiculous. What was the point? He wanted to but couldn't bring himself to say yes. He looked around until his eyes fell on a large stuffed unicorn hanging from the prize racks.


"Nah. I'm gonna play the arcade a bit," Huey shrugged, "But when you're done come play with me, kay?"

Jazmine's eyes lit up like stars. Huey Freeman had just invited her to come play with him.


"C'mon, Jazzy!"

Huey growled a bit as she was dragged away by the young boy. And what was with him calling her Jazzy!? How lame was THAT!?

He looked back at the unicorn. It was 7000 tickets. Sucking in air, he looked at his watch, he only had 2 hours before the party was over. Not enough time. He ran over to Caesar and Riley who were both stuffing their faces with pizza.

"Look, I need you guys to help me out," Huey explained the problem and the new David.

"Ya want me ta take him outta tha picture, bro?" Riley asked, slamming a fist into his palm.

"No," Huey snapped, "Maybe later. Right now, I need you to play games that give out tickets and give me the tickets so I can get her a prize,"

Caesar and Riley looked at eachother then back at Huey.

"C'mon you guys!"

"You owe us one arcade trip," Caesar said sternly.

"And a lotta quarters," Riley added, digging into his pocket and walking over to a slot type looking game. Caesar went to work with his and started up at the ski ball.

When the boys met up again, thirty minutes til leave time, Caesar had 2910 tickets. Huey had 2985 and Riley had 1152.

"Aw hell yah," Huey said, counting the tickets, "We have plenty!"

"Sweet. Let's just cash these suckahs in fo' I change ma mind,"

Huey looked around the room for Jazmine who was coincidentally running towards him. She grabbed his arm.

"Huey! I need your help beating this game! I just can't do it by myself!"

Huey tucked the rattled up bunch of tickets in his hands.

"Yah, okay," He agreed, "But do you mind if I cash these in first? They're kinda a pain to carry,"

Her eyes widened at the sight of so many tickets, "Ohmigosh, Huey! You must be amazing at arcade games,"

Both Caesar and Riley coughed and wheezed and cleared their throats as loudly as they could. Huey glanced at them and then back to Jazmine who was still in awe.

"Yah… wanna help me pick something out?"


She followed him to the counter where a greasy looking teenager sat, playing with his phone. He looked down at both Huey and Jazmine. Huey handed him the tickets and the awkward youth shoved them into the ticket counter.

"Your total is 7047," the worker said, whipping his nose on the back of his hand, "Whaddia want?"

Huey glanced at Jazmine from the corner of his eye. A small spark of satisfaction lit in his mind when he saw her staring at the pink and purple unicorn hanging with all of the other stuffed animals.

"That one," He said in his casually cool voice. The teen took out his step ladder and picked up the stuffed animal. Jazmine's eyes furrowed in confusion as she turned to look at Huey who was looking right at her.



"I didn't know you liked ponies too,"

Huey nearly screamed, but luckily the teen had handed him the doll already and he, instead of screaming at her, jutted the toy in her direction, "It's not for me, it's for you,"

Her eyes lit up like diamonds and her smile was bigger than Huey had ever seen, even when she went to visit santa in the mall.

"OMIGOSH THANKYOU HUEY!" She exclaimed, hardly able to control her excitement, hugging the rather large stuffed animal in her hands, "You're the bestest friend anyone could have!"

"uh… Jazmine," Huey said seriously, his brows furrowing, "I actually… want to talk to you about that…"

"About what?"

Huey took a breath. He could feel his brothers and his best friends eyes on him from across the room but he tried to ignore them. Taking the girls hand in his own he swallowed and opened his mouth, "Jazmine… I don't want to be-"

"Jazzy! Jazzy!"

Huey was honestly gonna have to kill that boy.

"David, what's up?"

"Jazzy! I really need to talk to you!" He panted, looking at Huey, "Is this important?"

"Yes we were talkin-"

"Nope!" She giggled and with that, followed David away from Huey who could only curse the worse word he knew before kicking the closest thing to him, which so happened to be the unicorn he just got for her.

"Bro, don't sweat it," Caesar told him, "He prolly just wants her to throw a ball or something,"

"Yah, sure,"

Suddenly, Jazmine came bounding over to them, her face was flushed and her smile was growing larger and larger by the minute.

"Dang girl, what up witchu?"

"Can you guys keep a secret?" She whispered, leaning in. All three boys nodded their heads and she let out a muffled burst of giggles, "David has a crush on me! He kissed me and now we're boyfriend and girlfriend!"

She giggled and shushed with her finger, "But don't tell my Daddy, okay?"

The boys were silent but she didn't even notice, she took off right back from where she came. Huey was standing there, still and grey as a statue. Riley gulped and tapped his brothers shoulder.

"You gon be okay, man?"

"Whatever," Huey muttered and headed for the door.

Caesar followed, "Dude, chill. I mean… we're ten. It's not like this is gonna last for more than a day,"

"Ya think so?"

"I know so,"

Huey huffed and shook his head, "You're right. I dunno what I was thinking. The odds of a relationship working are slim enough as it is. They don't even really know each other! Ha! You're right. This wont last long, at all."


hm. poor huey :(

i love Caesar and Riley XD they be Huey's go to boys but i doubt Riley would help him much with this... oh well. He can be a good brother here for once