Driving home that night, Huey yawned and looked at Caesar who was sleeping soundly beside him shotgun. In the back, Jazmine was sprawled out, probably also asleep.

"Damn," Huey yawned again. He felt his eyelids slowly start to beg him to let them lower and close over his very dry feeling eyes.

"Sleepy?" A cheery voice asked. Huey jumped to see Jazmine leaning forward, and smiling sweetly at him.

"A little…"

She giggled and sighed, "Need some company?"

"It'd help,"

She smiled and hiked up her dress so she could wedge herself between the dozing Caesar and the sleepy driver. As she did this, her heal accidentally scraped against Caesar's leg.

"Damn," Caesar muttered, getting angry. His eyes adjusted as he started crawling into the back seat, "Yall need to settle the…fuck down… shit can't even sleep in peace,"

Jazmine giggled but to Huey's surprise she didn't scoot into Caesar's spot like he suspected she would. Instead, she picked up her knees and tucked them gently under her. Her shoulder was leaned up against his as she unhooked his ipod from the radio and attached hers.

Rage Against the Machine stopped playing and Huey gave her a quizzical look, "Uh… yah go ahead. I wasn't listening anyway,"

She ignored him and tapped the controls of her pink sparkle ipod until she found the song she wanted. Huey sighed heavily as he heard the piano and smooth trumpet flow through the car.

"No, Jazmine," He told her, "No Zack Effron,"

"I love this song!" She protested and started to rock back and forth with the beat, "Now hush, we got to listen to Tom Morello "

They say it's a mans world,

Well that cannot be denied

But what good is a mans world?

Without a woman by his side

So I will wait until that moment you


That I'm your man and you're my girl

That I'm the sea and you're the pearl

It takes two, baby

It takes two

Huey's eyebrow rose as he felt his mind start to find similiarities to this song and himself. He tried to ignore it, after all, it was hairspray for god's sake. Jazmine was singing along, bobbing her head gently and urging him to sing along.

A king aint a king without the power behind the throen

A prince is a pauper, babe

Without a chick to call his own

So please darling choose me,

I don't wanna rule alone

Tell me

I'm the king and you're my queen

That no one else can come between

It takes two babe

It takes two

Caesar's head shot up, "Hey Huey! This song sounds like it was written for you!"

Huey nearly slammed on the brakes as he shot a shocked, but horrifying glare at his friend who was grinning. Jazmine blinked and looked up at Huey.

"Wait… Huey's got a girl?"

"Sorta," Caesar snickered, "Ya see, she-"

"Shut your mouth, Michael!" Huey barked. Caesar smacked him in the back of the head.

Jazmine stared up at Huey with a tinge of hurt in her eyes, "How long?"

Huey blushed and kept his eyes on the road, "I kinda don't wanna talk about it,"

She sighed and lowered her gaze to her knees, a single tear drop fell and splattered against the leather seats.

"I thought.. you were my best friend…" She muttered.

"Aw, Jazmine, don't-"

"Why wouldn't you tell me about this girl?" She asked, staring into his eyes angrily, "I thought you were my best friend,"

"Damnit, Jaz, I am your best friend,"

"Then why keep it a secret!?"

"because!" Huey barked, glaring at her intently. There were moments when the two would get into rather angry fights but the never lasted too long and neither would this one.

"NIGGAH! KEEP YO EYES ON DA ROAD!" Caesar shouted, reaching up and grabbing the wheel, veering out of the other lane and away from the large truck about to run them over.

Huey took control back over the car and drove straight on. He cleared his throat before addressing the situation, "I didn't want to tell you before anything was… serious," He explained, "I just didn't want you, ya know, getting all excited over something that may never happen,"

"Oh…" Jazmine said, understanding full well how she can overreact and how Huey tried to spare everyone of it. A smile grew on her face, "So what's she like?"


"Duh! Your giiiirl!"

Huey scratched his head and thought for a minute, "Well…"

"I bet she's a genius! A total revolutionary feminist, am I right?"

"No," Huey snorted, a laugh escaped from Caesar, "But she is smart… even if she doesn't think so and a lot of people don't think she is either,"


"And… well… I guess she can be a little whiney but all women are so it's okay," Huey shrugged.

"Is she pretty?"


"Yeah, is she pretty? What does she look like?"

"Oh... ya know," Huey shrugged and left it at that. Caesar spoke up.

"Personally, I think she's a stone cold fox, but that's just me,"

"Oh she's gorgeous," Huey agreed, "but it's not like this is anything new. I've liked her for a long time,"

Jazmine turned to look at Caesar, "You like her too?"

"Nah," Caesar shrugged, "Home girl's nice but I like my baby to have a lotta back,"

Jazmine wrinkled her nose and giggled, looking up at Huey, "Well lemmie know when you're going to talk to her again. I wanna meet her,"

Huey glanced at her and then back at the road, "kay"


"Hey kids!" Mr. Dubois said, walking into the kitchen. They were all sitting at the bar, eating a very late dinner in their pajamas.

"Hey Mr. Dubois,"

"Hia Daddy!"

Tom walked over and gave his daughter a kiss on her head and unfastened his tie.

"Want some, Daddy?"

"Aw no thanks, hun," He smiled, "I already had dinner. Is your mom in her room?"

"I think so,"

"Kay. See you all in the morning,"

Once Tom was gone, Huey checked his watch and yawned. He glanced at his comrads who were currently involved in a debate over what hamster color was the cutest.

"Where's ma wallet?" Huey asked outloud, looking around, "Damn, I didn't leave it in the car did I?"

"Prolly," Caesar shrugged, "Aw dun sweat it, man, just go an' get it,"

Huey shrugged and pushed his chair away from the bar and hopped down and headed for the exit. Flipping on the outside lights, he made it out the door and popped open his car door. Just as he thought, the wallet was safely tucked in a seat.

"Hey," David said, walking over to him. Huey's eye brow rose and he shut the car door, tucking his black leather wallet into his inside coat pocket.

"Hey, David,"

"Can I...rap with you for a sec?"

Huey gave him a look but shrugged and turned to fully face him, crossing his arms over his chest and waiting to hear whatever David wanted to 'rap' about.

"Look, I just want to clarify who's Jazmine's boyfriend, okay?" David started, "I don't appreciate you showing up at her house half naked and sleeping over and...and taking her out to dinner and shit, okay?"

David's voice faltered a bit when he received a famous Huey Freeman eyebrow raise and hard scowl.

"I just... have her best interests at heart, ya know? I don't want her hurt,"

There was a pause, insinuating for Huey to speak.

"I'm Jazmine's best friend," He spoke simply and coldly, "If she calls me, I come. It's been that way for our whole damn lives and I'll be damned if some little scared uptown white boy thinks he can change that,"

They stood there, staring the other down. Huey was slightly shorter than David but no one would have been able to tell if his hair wasn't pulled back so nicely. If David was scared, he didn't show it. He just stared at Huey until Huey unfolded his arms and held out his hand offeringly.

"Look, you're important to Jazmine," Huey told him honestly, "And I guess Caesar and I haven't been very nice to you over these years. But, we're important to her too, and I think it'd be best for her if we all, ya know, got along?"

David looked at Huey's extended hand with disgust and then looked at his eyes, "I'll be damned if I shake hands with a nigger," And gave him a big punch in the eye. Huey steumbled back on step, his teeth clenching and his hand that was once opened up for peace soon balled into a fist and slammed against David's nose, a loud crack was heard and blood pooled freely from his two nostrils.


"Coulda been friends, David," Huey sighed, sticking his hands into his pockets and walking back to the Dubois door. The door opened before he got there. His eyes fell on a happy Jazmine who's happiness turned to shock when she saw her boyfriend bleeding on his knees in the grass.

"Oh my God!" She shouted, running over to him and knealing by him, "Baby, what happened?"

"Ask your 'best friend'," David spat, glaring over at Huey. Her eyes widened and then turned to Huey in shock and then anger.

"Huey! What did you do?"

Huey turned to the door to see Caesar rushing through, worried by all the noise, "Woah..! What happened?"

"I broke his fucking nose," Huey answered them both and shrugged, heading inside the house.

Caesar stood there, wearing only his tuxedo shirt and vest (and slacks!!) his jacket was still inside. He went over to Jazmine and David.

"Hey, man, you okay?" he asked, putting his hand on his back, "Haha, I guess ya learned not to get in the way of a brothah's fist, eh?"

"Get off me!" David shouted, holding his nose, and pushing Caesar away "I don't need no damn darky's help!"

"Hey, man, chill!" Caesar barked.

"David!" Jazmine exclaimed, "Caesar was trying to help you, there's no reason to be so-"

"I don't like you having black friends, Jazmine!"

"Ex-cuse me...!?"

There was a long moment of silence as Jazmine took her hands off of him and sat back on her heal, shocked and pissed off by what he just said. Caesar was now standing, his hands on his hips and a very sour look on his face.

"Jazzy, they're no good!" David told her.

"Remember, I'm HALF black!?"

"But you don't look it," He told her honestly, "So it's okay,"

"Oh fuck no," Caesar muttered, pulling back his foot. Jazmine jumped up and pushed him back, shoving him away from David. She looked at Caesar sternly before turning to glare at David angrily.

"David, you better-!"

"Shut up, ya Bitch!" David shouted, back slapping her hard across the mouth. She fell back and he stood over her, "Ya think just cos your black friends are here you can talk to me like that!?"

"I... I'm sorry...I-"

Coming out of what seemed like nowhere, Huey grabbed him by his shirt collar and slammed him against his car. Taking a step forward before Jazmine clutched his arm and pulled him away.

"Huey, don't!"

Caesar put his hand on David's chest as he tried to get up and fight back, "You best count yo blessings while you can, Niggah,"

"I'm gonna calm Huey down," Jazmine told Caesar, pulling the afro boy inside, "You keep an eye on David,"



Huey stared at himself in the mirror, surveying the dark stain around his already dark eye.

"Huey?" Jazmine whispered, stepping into the bathroom, "You okay?"

"I'll live," He answered after a pause. Jazmine tiptoed over to him, gasping at his eye.

"Oh, God, Huey," Her voice was weak as she gently touched his cheek, "I'm so sorry. David just gets a little hard to handle when he gets mad is all. I'll go get you some ice..."

Huey raised an eyebrow, "Wait… you mean you arent breaking up with him?"

Her voice lowered as she gave him a duh look, "Huey-"

"No! Damnit, Jazmine!" Huey nearly shouted, "He hit you! He hit you hard across the mouth and you're not even gonna make him apologize!?"

"It didn't hurt that much,"

"That doesn't matter!" Huey barked, "And even if it did, Jazmine, why would you let anyone hit you? Especially trash like him,"

Her eyes softened as she lowered her gaze, her hair falling over her shoulders. Huey bit his teeth together as he waited for her answer. All she did was open her mouth to speak but nothing came out. The truth was obvious.

"This wasn't the first time, was it?"

She looked at him with wide eyes but lowered them again to shake her head "no." Huey cursed and slammed a fist on the sink counter, "I'm gonna go kill him," he spat, taking a few forceful steps. Jazmine placed both of her hands on his chest to hold him back.

"Huey, no!"

"Gimmie one reason, Jazmine!"


"No! You gimmie one reason why I shouldn't kill him right now,"

Her eyes welled up with tears and they spilled elegantly over her mocha light cheeks. Huey sighed as she grabbed his hand with both of hers.

"Did you... I mean..." He paused and took a breath, "Sleep with him?"

"What? Never," She exclaimed quickly, "Why would you ask that?"

"You're inlove with him,"

"No," She whispered, a smile appearing and then fading as she pressed the back of his knuckles to her now wet face, "The opposite, Huey,"

Huey stared down at her in silence.

"I…love you, Huey,"

Huey's eyes widened as he stared down at her in shock. The words lingered for what felt like hours. As time went on the more not real they seemed and both parties were starting to wonder if they had even been said at all.


"I know!" She sobbed, "I know you don't have these feelings to me but you have to know that if you beat him up and have to go to prison I'll die! I swear I will die if you leave, Huey Freeman,"

Huey felt his breath go ragged as everything he ever wanted to hear was being said to him at that moment.

"I'm selfish…" She whispered, leaning up to him with her lips slightly puckered, "But… I don't care what you think of me anymore," she laid a sweet tender kiss on his lips. Huey, too shocked to react felt her pull away just as soon as she pushed in, "I'm sorry…" just as she turned to leave, he grabbed her hand and twisted her around into him.

"I never, ever, want to hear you say that again," He told her, nuzzling her with his nose in the crook of her neck. She gasped as he placed one hot kiss on her collarbone, "You're the furthest thing from sorry…"

Arms wrapped tightly around his neck as he slammed the door shut by pressing her body against it, sandwiching her between him and the hard wood (the door, you perverts, the door XD)


"What was that?" David asked, still sitting at the bar with Caesar who smiled.

"What was what?"

"That thump," David asked. Caesar gave him a look and took a sip of his beer.

"You're hearn things, niggah,"

Three more loud thumps were heard and David gave him a hard look.

"You mean to tell me you don't hear that!?"

"Nope," Caesar shrugged. David stood up and started for the stairs.

"I'm gonna go see what's taking Jazmine so long," He barked.

"Woah, there wife beater," Caesar said shoving him back into the chair, "She said she'll come down when Huey's calmed down and we will wait till that times comes,"

"You must be kidding,"

Caesar stuck his bottle down on the bar top and gave him a Huey Freeman look. David sat back in his chair and waited, cringing at every thump he heard… and there were a lot.


Jazmine and Huey were both breathing hard and still against the door. She smiled and kissed him on the nose. He smirked and gave her a light peck on her lips.

"Tired?" He asked.

"If I say yes will you come with me?"

Huey smiled and nuzzled her again, letting his whiskers run over her collar bone and neck line, "Even if you said no,"

He picked her up and carried her out of the bathroom and into her bedroom where he placed her down on her bed and snuggled himself in with her.

"Duncha think I should get rid of David first?"

Huey shrugged, "I'm waiting for him to come up here," He gave her a wicked look, "Lets see what kinda noises you can make,"

She giggled and tapped his nose, "Uh, sorry, buddy. But you have to give me a ring before that can happen,"

Huey's eyes narrowed and he gave her a smart look.

"We could improvise..."

She laughed, throwing her head back and letting out a loud moan.

"Oh God, Huey! Huey! Huey!! Ugggghhhh!!!"

Huey bit his lip and shook his head, "Damn..."

"OH! PLEASE! GOD! AHH!! Fuh...Fuh...FASTER! AH! Huey!! Hu---ey!!"

Huey let out a fit of snickers, "Am I raping you or something? Shit, I'm gentler than that,"

She supressed laughing as she continued, "OH GOD! Ah! Oooh! You're TEARING me! AH!!"

Huey clamped a hand over her mouth and leaned into her, kissing her forehead, "You're doing that too well, Jaz,"

Realization hit her when she felt the hard item poking her gently on her thigh. She giggled and shook his hand away and giving him a kiss.


"No you're not,"


Caesar was down stairs laughing his ass off, sitting down on David who was trying frantically to get up.


"What? Sorry, man," Caesar laughed, "Can't help you,"



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